Many times throughout a person’s life their sentiments are ever altering ; as we grow and develop our thoughts. our beliefs mature as good. As a kid person could state their favourite Television show is Arthur so when they get older it could be CSI.

In The Secret Life of Bees Lily’s apprehension of race is altering throughout the whole book. At first she sees race as a political issue. Then. toward the center of the book she notices that African-Americans are non the lone 1s hurt by racism.

Last. at the terminal of the book Lily does non even mind what someone’s race is and merely is unconcerned with race.At the beginning of the book Lily is populating with T. Ray in Sylvan. South Carolina. With the new president.

Sylvan was get downing ignore broad rights. When Rosaleen stands up for her rights she gets in problem ; hence. she and Lily run off.

They end up in Tiburon. South Carolina which was a topographic point where her female parent lived for a rather a spot. But on her travel there she had to happen person on the main road to drive them as near to Tiburon as possible. While seeking to catch a ride Lily noticed. “…every auto on the main road sped up the 2nd they saw us. ” ( Kidd 50 ) .

But a coloured adult male offered her a drive which shows that race was a political issue so. Once she gets at that place she notices people are non as racialist. When she goes into a shop to purchase some nutrient though she sees a image on a jar of honey merely like the one her ma had. The shop clerk says. “A batch of folks won’t purchase it ‘cause it’s got the Virgin Mary pictured as a coloured adult female. …” ( Kidd 64 ) . This is merely one of the many cases in which Lily sees that others do non wish coloured people and even though she knows that. she goes against it.

In the center of the narrative. Lily has moved in with Boatwright sisters. May.

June. and August ; they own a honey devising concern. at this point she is being hurt by racism excessively. One twenty-four hours when she meets their assistant. Zach. he says “August told me about you being here and assisting us out. but she did non state anything about you being…white. ” ( Kidd 116 ) .

A small spot after the quotation mark. it seems like Lily is believing being white could be a bad thing because August did non state Zach at all and she seems injury. Besides June does non acquire along good with Lily and Tells August how could she allow a white individual stay in their house. During that portion of the book.

Lily seemed pained that June would state such a thing when Lily’s mom stayed with them. Which is another ground why Lily could hold seen being white a bad thing. At the really terminal. Lily does non even see race as a difference she merely wholly ignores it.A police officer told her that she should non be populating with a colored household and it was incorrect but she ignored it and still lived with the Boatwright’s. She besides was seen different or Wyrd for life with a coloured household but she did non mind.

Besides. she learned to love other races more than her ain about because many Caucasic people in her life she disliked. had a struggle with them. or was non liked by them.

At school she ne’er made friends or Ever since her female parent died T. Ray treated Lily below the belt and would non be a good parent. He did non demo he cared about her but alternatively showed how he did non care. T. Ray did non purchase her new apparels. made Lily kneel on grits. and loved a Canis familiaris more than his girl.

Not merely did Lily hold a trouble with her pa but besides with her ain ma “My female parent had left me. “I hatred her. ” ( Kidd 251 ) . Sometimes people say they have the psyche of another race and after reading The Secret Life of Bees Lily is an exact representation of that phrase. In the beginning of the book she sees race as a political job.

so she notices there is more than one side to racism. and in conclusion she notices she is Lily non white.

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