The four managerial functions known as POLC are important to ensure organisation and productivity. (Samson, 2017, p. 12). The four functions are Planning, organising, leading and controlling. Planning is the process in which the company or a department within the company will follow to ensure task completion and the achievement of set goals as well as the resources needed to achieve the tasks the duration of these plans can differ depending on the managerial level a Strategic manager would create a long term plan averagely set for five years a Tactical manager would produce medium term plans generally sent for one year

And a Line manager will produce monthly, weekly and daily plans. (As discussed in class).  . (Samson, 2017, p. 12). Organising involves the distribution of tasks and duties to different departments ensuring that the plan and targets are achieved. (Samson, 2017, p. p12) Leading-how one uses there influence to motivate employees and to guide employees. Controlling is overseeing the completion of tasks and ensuring that errors are corrected. (Samson, 2017, p. 12).There are a number of skills that managers require including conceptual skills, Human skills and Technical skills. The importance of each of these skills varies on the lever of the manager. (Samson, 2017, p. 17). Human skills will be most valuable to strategic managers and the CEO as they are conceded as the face of the organisation and must have the ability to engage with there employees, investors , key industry leaders and representatives ,general public  and to maintain a provisional standard of communication to ensure the organisation maintains a positive brand image (as discussed in class). (Samson, 2017, p. 17) . Conceptual skills for middle and upper management are second to human skills as they must have the ability to understand the entire organisation and the relationships between the internal department. (Samson, 2017, p. 17) Were as line managers must have higher technical skills as they are employed to ensure the organisation continues to run from the bottom and to ensure that technical malfunctions in the field are dealt with promptly. (Samson, 2017, p. 17)

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