TheCelebration of EidEidis a celebrated time for Muslims around the world. There are two Eid events ayear which Muslims celebrate. The first Eid is called “Eid al Fitr” whichtranslates to ‘celebration of breaking the fast’ and it happens after the monthof Ramadan. The second Eid is called ‘Eid al Adha” and it translates to ‘feastof sacrifice’ and it happens after the annual pilgrimage to Mecca millions ofMuslims make.

The two Eids recognize, celebrate, and recall two importantevents that are significant to the story of the Muslim religion. Bothare considered a joyous, family holiday. Every Muslim family celebratesdifferently, and it is often with tasty food, games, and music. The timing of Eid is based on sighting of the moonaccording to the Islamic lunar calendar. Muslims can find it to be difficult topinpoint when Eid will happen exactly.

While some Muslims wait to see the moonthemselves, many base it on the predictions made in Saudi Arabia which theyhear on the news, and online. The Islamic calendar year is shorter than the regular calendar year byten days. Therefore, Eid changesthrough the calendar and can be celebrated during different times of the year.In 2017 Eid fell on June twenty-fifth; in 2018 Eid will fall on June fifteenth.Every year it goes back ten days.

SomeMuslims celebrate Eid for up to three days. In countries with large Muslimpopulation, it is a national holiday.              The celebration of Eid sometimes includes carnivals atmosques for the children. The carnivals include rides, games, andentertainment. The mosques also brings animals for the children to play withsuch as horses and bunnies.

The mosque supplies everyone with a variety of foodand treats. The variety of food includes ‘falafel’, ‘hummus’, and ‘shawrma’.The treats include ‘baklava’ and candy. All these foods and treats are middleeastern tradition. Six flags day for Muslims is also an Eid tradition for many.Usually it falls on a weekend so everyone is prepared. Muslims from all overthe cities get together with their families and spend a day at six flagsenjoying the rides and festivities.             The Eid traditions vary from countryto country, in western countries people have to improvise and create activitiesfor Eid.

In the middle east, such as in Jordan, Eid is an event that is knownthroughout the whole country. Everyone is off of work and school. Familymembers visit each other’s households and spend time with each other while drinkingtraditional Arabic coffee and enjoying sweets. In Jordan, Eid is more familyoriented whereas in western cultures Eid is celebrated by strangers who cometogether as friends as well as family. The evening in the middle east isconcluded by a giant feast that everyone in the family helped cook. Giving and receiving gifts from family is also a bigtraditional part of Eid. Similar to Christmas, children receive gifts that theyasked for throughout the year.

Parents decorate the houses with lights, banners,and moons and stars. Some children prefer money over gifts which is also a normaltradition. Children love Eid because all family members give them gifts ormoney. Adults also exchange meaningful gifts with each other. Muslims also givegifts and donations to the less fortunate. These donations are importantbecause the Islamic faith stresses its followers to give to charity every Eid. Oneof the five “Pillars of Islam” is charity so it is taken seriously amongstMuslims.

During Eid al Adha many people chose to sacrifice a lamb or goat andfeed the less fortunate. In Western countries this practice still occurs, but itis most common to donate money.                                                            The day of Eid is a process in itself. Theday begins early in the morning where children and adults head to the mosquefor Eid prayer. Eid prayer is crucial part of the day because Muslims believethis prayer absolves the past sins and purifies the soul. It is a way foreveryone to come together and worship God in unity.

After prayer, families havelunch together either at a restaurant or at home. The day is spent with familycoming and going. At night dinner is a huge gathering. Afterwards games areplayed with the children or everyone heads out to movies, golf, bowling orarcades. Throughout the day the words “Eid Mubarak”are said to family and strangers.

It translates to “blessed celebration.” Itserves as a greeting and wishing of blessing upon another person. Eid is the mostexciting day of the year for Muslims of all ages. The two Eids mark the end ofthe Holy month of Ramadan and signifies the end of the pilgrimage to Mecca. Thereare many different types of ways to celebrate Eid.

As long as families aretogether, they are happy no matter what they do. Different cultures andcountries all celebrate in their own unique way. The significance of the Eidholiday dates back millions of years ago. Today, these traditions are passedalong from generation to generation and everyone puts their own twist on it.

Theimportance of Eid is that it is an event that signifies happiness, love andfaith.  

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