Many old ages over, executive helpers ‘ functions, duties and accomplishments may hold varied with altering clip and the rapid ascents of engineering. Harmonizing to Wise geek, defines executive helpers as “ professional ‘s who functions every bit Plutos to corporate executives while the duties associated with work as an helper of this type will change depending on the corporate civilization that prevails within a given company. ” Executive helpers work for a company officer and possess the authorization to do important determinations impacting such organisations, and are hence a resource in determination devising and policy scene.

The executive helper performs the usual functions of pull offing correspondence, fixing research, and communicating while besides moving as the “ gate keeper ” , understanding in changing grades, the demands of the executive and with an ability to make up one’s mind upon the most of import scheduled meetings and events. They may besides stand for executive at meetings. Executive helpers should be able to actuate and act upon people and mange undertakings. IAM survey usher 2011 by Kathleen Stalker“ In some instances, the executive helper delegates work to the administrative helper based on competency, experience, and cognition of the context, confidentiality, precedence, urgency and handiness ” harmonizing to may besides be drawbacks or jobs that will tie in themselves with executive aids.

Examples for this appraisal will be drawn from the Ministry of Finance of Trinidad and Tobago. It is an organisation that prepares one-year budgets and carries out the authorities ‘s fiscal minutess. I have been employed under this Ministry for the past two old ages.

The accomplishments of an Executive Assistant:

Executive helpers in today ‘s ‘ universe demands are immense. They must possess outstanding accomplishments that every executive wants for the success of their concern. As an executive helper at the Ministry of Finance, the accomplishments that I pose do me alone. These accomplishments are: planning, directing, organizing, forming, budgeting, holding a broad scope of proficient, analytical and assertiveness accomplishments, struggle direction accomplishments, leading accomplishments, being an outstanding job convergent thinker, efficient and effectual determination shaper, first-class communicating accomplishments, interpersonal and dialogue accomplishments whilst at the same clip cognizing the civilization of the organisation and the concern scheme.At the Ministry of Finance, I use all these accomplishments on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing when bombarded with the challenges faced.

For illustration, being able to analyse a given state of affairs and do the right determination that will guarantee it is lending to the overall success of the Ministry. With this type of state of affairs your communicating accomplishments are in usage in conveying information to stakeholders, leading accomplishments are polar so that the staff does non see fear, this manner you can actuate them to travel frontward. Problem work outing accomplishments are imperative for state of affairss that pose serious menace to the organisation.I besides possess accomplishments such as being able to train e.

g. preparation, leting for development of staff, and holding a accomplishment to train when necessary. One major accomplishment that I have is the ability cope with different personalities in the work topographic point. This was shown through the handling of three executives work amongst other employees at the same clip.

This in bend brought with it different manners of direction that I had to follow myself to.Another accomplishment that stood out for me as an executive helper is my ability to undergo uninterrupted professional development. This in bend aids me in pull offing the challenges faced.As an executive helper there are many duties that are associated with its portfolio. These include:

Functions and Duties of Executive Assistant

There are many functions and duties that are associated with the executive helper. At the Ministry of Finance, as the Executive Assistant, I must be able to help the Chief Executive Officer expeditiously and efficaciously. The major duties that apply for most executive helpers and myself are, scheduling, which will be to the full, discussed subsequently down in diary direction, travel agreements, an built-in duty that executive helper must maintain up to day of the month with.

At the Finance Ministry, our Chief Executive Officer ever on board meetings in and around the Caribbean, hence, his travel programs is ever updated.Administration, that is, maintaining an first-class path record of all paperss at the ministry, liaisoning and pass oning with other executives in the edifice. There are besides the demand for taking command and pull offing his twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours correspondence. I besides prepare Management Information Systems- answering mails both electronically and via postal, prepare, edit and distribute paths, letters, memos and run intoing proceedingss and maintain path of for events and meetings doing certain that things are non overlooked. ( See Appendix for full occupation description of Executive Assistants- inclusive of functions and duties )

Executive Assistant in Supporting Systems and Processes

A system is “ a group of related maps, elements and process which work together to guarantee that undertakings are accomplished and objectives met ” . Procedures are “ processs that convert resources into consequences which have a valuable for the organisation, client and stakeholders ” IAM survey usher 2011There are many accomplishments that are engineered for me, the executive helper in back uping systems and procedures, these include ; being able to accommodate to altering engineering illustration, computing machine literate, Information Communication Technology, first-class communicating accomplishments, being able to take and motivate staff, managing immense sums of files at a individual clip with its procedures, good filing techniques, control, planning, forming, organizing, actuating etc.

It is my responsibility to guarantee that everything is unafraid because of the huge valuable information that is prevailing. At the Ministry of Finance, as an executive helper, I still use the paper base or difficult transcript filing system. Filing in every organisation is of import and it serves as a path record for the organisation. At the Finance Ministry, the filing system is functional and easy to utilize. The files are simple and speedy to recover. It is done in an alphabetical order and executive helpers has a more efficient and effectual usage of this system. However, there is a variable drawback to this Ministry with respects to its security. It ‘s safe but if a natural catastrophe to hold work stoppage, for illustration, a fire, so the job may originate of loss of all difficult transcript information.

There is besides room for betterments within our system, for illustration the debut of technology-computerized systems. This manner paper would be saved. The executive helpers have many functions and duties. When back uping a procedure, my occupation is dependent upon the construction of the organisation. If the organisation has a specific section for illustration Human Resources, so the executive helper undertaking would be limited.However, in an blink of an eye where the organisation needs to use Managers, Chief Executive Officers for the strategic degree, so it will be assisted by the executive helper for the executive director.

In this instance I will be enrolling and advertisement of the vacant station, short listing and acknowledging of the selected campaigners of the day of the month and clip of their interviews and maintaining of the forces records of the staff.

Executive Assistants and the Office Environment

The environment is the physical layout of an office or its infinite, edifice construction and its contents within its construction. There are many accomplishments that are needed for the executive helper such as ; should be cognizant of the Health and Safety Legislation, be able to budget and costing, there Human Resource and there comfort, hazard appraisal, describing etc.

I have a duty on reding my line directors on how suitably they should develop an office environment to guarantee that staff is satisfied and comfy for work. Before any recommendations can be made, I must be able to separate the type of edifice that is present and so measure my work force. Employees want a safe and healthy work environment, so I need to take those factors into consideration when taking an office environment. Normally, at a new age edifice, I would urge with the new engineering steel columns and trusses and reinforced concrete frames have liberated infinite which can be, if necessary be partitioned but lend themselves to open program office layouts.However, at my office at the Ministry of Finance, our section is one of an unfastened program, where everyone work in one immense unfastened infinite regardless of position and grouped together in logical work groups. At the Ministry of Finance, being an unfastened program, it brings everyone together, communicating and determination devising is improved. Teams absorbs cognition across the country, music is played doing work comfy and gratifying. It is really cost effectual for the Ministry and all noisy equipment are placed at one corner of the section, illustration photocopiers, facsimiles etc.

However, the disadvantages to this type of work environment is the traffic flow, people like their ain infinite to personalise, there is the idea of no privateness and the lighting or warming they have no control over. An executive helper needs to look at this to guarantee that they create the right environment for their employees.

Executive Assistant Managing Meetings and Events

An executive helper has one of their many responsibilities, the function of forming meetings of all sorts for their executive director ( s ) .A meeting is “ an event affecting a group of people acquiring together to discourse and or make up one’s mind, ” an event “ is a planned occurrence that occurs in a certain topographic point, at a certain clip and day of the month ” IAM survey usher 2011. The meeting will change in size, but for its success or non, it will depend upon the efficiency and effectivity of the executive helper. A important sum of accomplishments I would necessitate when comes to pull offing meetings and events are my strong planning, implementing, monitoring, measuring with leading accomplishments.

There are many different meetings that can happen within the organisation. It is the executive helper function to place which 1 is most of import with respects to the state of affairs at manus, For illustration, there are board meetings, one-year general meeting, inaugural meetings etc. The executive helper at the Ministry of Finance ensures that the undermentioned qualities or properties are present at all events or meetings.A budgetWho will be go toing the eventmeetingAn docketWhat paperss will be neededThe localeHow many attendantsWhat equipment will be neededThis type is done internally and externally within the organisation. This manner the executive helper occupation function has been expanded, go forthing no room for mistakes.

Executive Assistant Project Management

In order for me to back up my line trough in the planning and conductivity of undertakings independently, they must foremost understand what a undertaking is? “ It is a impermanent project to bring forth a alone merchandise, service or consequence ” IAM study guide 201l.There are many accomplishments that are associated with executive helper that will be required to execute their occupations. These accomplishments include ; clear aims, able to get by with hazard, first-class planning, good preparation and an amazing squad, clear range and aims, good communicating accomplishments, and good control of clip and budgeting.All undertakings have four phases for its lifetime which include ; get downing the undertaking, forming and fixing, transporting out the work and shuting the undertaking. Undertakings have four controls that I know when designing, implementing and organizing undertakings. These include, clip, cost, range and equipment.

The clip is when the undertaking will present, the range is what the undertaking is expected to present with a description, and the cost is the sum of money needed to finish the undertaking.For illustration at the Ministry of Finance, I have undertakings such as organizing athleticss yearss, conventions, making histories for the annual financial budgets with squads, and making little external undertakings such as repairing the pavings in forepart of and around the edifice. It ‘s my responsibility to develop and apportion its clip ; cost and what will be delivered in its well-thought-of sums.

Few undertakings may hold failed due to the deficiency of clear aims, the deficiency of hazard direction and senior direction, no squad edifice, unostentatious range, unrealistic resources, no alteration control, hapless planning, no preparation and most of the times because of hapless communicating. This is prevailing within organisations and most times with the executive helpers. The executive helper must maintain those aforesaid hazards in consideration ever for the bar of undertaking failure.

Executive Assistants Pull offing Diaries and Events

Harmonizing to Sue France 2009 “ Executive helpers back up their executive director by non merely pull offing and forming their ain clip but that of their foremans ” .

Keeping journals is really utile for an executive director and it is indispensable that the executive helper does this.Diaries can be difficult transcript or the normal old fashioned manner or more modern twenty-four hours manner of electronic journals. Electronic journals have many advantages that are associated with it that will let executive directors and there helpers work more efficient and effectual. I can entree electronic journals with Microsoft Outlook which makes the handling of multiple entries easier and shared with executive directors and other staff.

Advantages associated with electronic journals include ; the handiness from any computing machine or nomadic device, sends reminders of meetings, be easy edited, one time involved in any undertaking can track the undertaking position, entries can be shared, information can be integrated with other informations proportion.However, at the office that I am soon employed, the Ministry of Finance, I presently use the difficult transcript journals that are on their desks. It is my duty to guarantee that my line director attend all his meetings on clip as scheduled. Throughout undertakings, for illustration, scheduling day of the months for director to go to budgets be aftering, to guarantee that the executive gets there with all the necessary paper work up to day of the month and on the specified day of the month and clip.

Executive Assistants and Communication

Although there are all the aforesaid functions, responsibilities one of the major accomplishments of an executive helper is their ability to pass on efficaciously.I communicate via telephone, cyberspace or even face to face.

Harmonizing to Sue France, she says that an “ indispensable standard of executive helper with respects to communicating is their ability to web. ” She describes networking as “ about hearing and strong cognition and assisting each other achieve their several ends ” . Executive helpers should be able to measure the most appropriate communicating channel or tool to guarantee the effectual passing on of information.At the Ministry of Finance I am able to pass on efficaciously and expeditiously in order to acquire the occupation done. If communicating is non done decently, so the work will non be up to standard for the accomplishment of the organisational ends. In order for this to go on, I am able to place qualities such as, organic structure linguistic communication, how people interpret information, composing right manner of electronic mails, usage of Information Communication Technology and accommodating to different civilizations.Skills will besides be needed from the executive helper for the usage of telephone etiquette, being able to listen, and being able to pass on throughout the organisation signifier strategic degree through to the operational degree both horizontally, vertically and diagonally.Poor communicating can shatter or convey down a concern to a loss, for illustration, with the instance from the IAM survey usher entitled “ Communicating with stakeholders ” Bernard Mathews did non talk up to support his Meleagris gallopavo bring forthing industry against the bird flu disease.

Therefore, ensuing him and his company to lose gross revenues by 35 % and went into a loss place. Since so in 2008 the company went into a turnaround communicating position that gives the consumer more attending.


In decision, Executive Assistants functions and duties go a long manner in fostering the success of the concern. It is non merely back uping systems and procedures, keeping an appropriate office environment, forming meeting and events, undertaking planning or managing journals and communicating. It is all of the above and many more associated with this portfolio of the executive helper that the selected officeholder must possess.Now that the function, duties and accomplishments of an executive helper have been examined, it shows what attributes are required for an efficient and effectual executive helper. For the person to be able to get by with all challenges faced within the organisation he or she must accommodate to alter and let room for uninterrupted professional development.

In this manner the executive helper would larn new and better techniques to get by with state of affairss.BibliographyIAM Level 4Diploma in Business and Administrative ManagementQualification Handbook ( 2011 Edition )Administration for Executive AssistantsWritten By- Kathleen StalkerFrance S ( 2009 )The unequivocal Personal helper and Secretarial HandbookPublished by- Kogan Page LtdMullins, L.J. ( 2007 )Management and Organizational Behaviour8th EditionHarlow, Financial Times Prentice Hallwww.wikipedia.comInternet ServiceDefinitions and other beginnings of stuffs that were neededwww.wisegeek.comDefinitions and other beginnings of stuffs that were neededwww.hewlett.orgFor the transcript of the Executive Assistants Job Description and Specification

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