The South Since 1865 delivers an entertaining history and position on the drastic alterations in the South. This book is an first-class resource to pupils. pedagogues and history partisans. In reexamining the book. the chief standards included content. organisation. and mention beginnings. While redacting mistakes and organisational incongruousnesss plague some of the latter chapters. these are merely minor distractions to the narrative being told.

Get downing with what the South was in 1865. The South is described as consisting of the provinces below the Mason-Dixie line. the 15 authoritiess in which bondage was legal in 1860. or the 11 member of the Confederacy. Ezell explain why bondage helped the south economically and why they were so unwilling to get rid of it. finally get downing the civil war. “Of all the books about the South there is no terminal. Nor will at that place be so long as the South remains the part with the most typical character and tradition” ( 5-6 ) Meaning it is non geography that makes up the South it is a province of head.

John Samuel Ezell. March 9. 1917 – Jan. 8. 2001. John Samuel Ezell was born in Louisville. Kentucky March 9. 1917. He was educated at Wake Forest College. where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. and at Harvard University. where he earned his Ph. D. in history in 1947. He served in the United States Naval Reserve forces during World War II. seeing combat as a Deck Officer on assorted ships in the Atlantic and Pacific. including functioning every bit Captain of the minesweeper YMS 8. He was besides a Beach maestro for the planned invasion of Japan. At the terminal of the war. he was made Historical Officer for the Third Fleet. for which he wrote the logistical history. He was made a David Ross Boyd Professor ( 1965 ) and he received legion instruction awards. the Superior Teaching Award ( 1954 ) . the Newby Teaching Award ( 1963 ) . and the University of Oklahoma Student Association Teaching and Service Award ( 1986 ) . During his academic calling. he was actively engaged in re hunt. authorship. and printing on subjects covering with the societal and cultural history of the American South and West.

Ezell’s premiss of the book is the instruction of the South and the new function that it is taking in society today. The south sine 1865 allows the reader to easy follow the development of the South. The book is divided into 23 chapters. Opening with The Southern heritage. the book progresses through the defeated South. Southern agribusiness. the rebellion of husbandmans. and the southern Black. the faith of the South and eventually the patterned advance the South has made over these twosomes hundred old ages. The appendices conclude with a bibliographical Essay. and an Index. This format limelights how far the South has come but besides how much farther they need to be.

The building of the book meshes good with its organisation and lends itself successfully to the survey of different clip periods in history gazing with 1865. Each chapter is filled with images. colourful quotation marks or graphs. The image. and graphs gave first manus histories to supply deeper penetration into what most history books is merely a listing of factual information. When one of Marcus Garvey protagonists described what he was to the black community. the book becomes alive. “So at this clip. God has sent a Daniel after us to take us back place to our fatherland in Africa whose name is Marcus Garvey who is one of the greatest leaders in the universe today. and we Negroes ought to experience proud of him everyplace even in the four corners of the universe for he has stood the trial and is still standing it yet. ” ( 190-190 ) Comparison

This books compared to others is different in that it gives an in depth range of one peculiar portion of the state when other books will speak about everyplace. It is a book to read if the history of the South is that involvements you. Ezell wasn’t born in the 1800’s so it is clear that many old ages of research was done earlier composing this book.

I enjoyed this book. It gave me in deepness apprehension of the South and the manner that they interact with the remainder of the state. As a adult female from the West seashore I merely know of the great migration of African Americans from the South to the North. But now I understand it was non merely because of the hapless manner that they were treated but for many more grounds. The couldn’t get work because they were thought of as inferior. and it was made harder for them to vote people of the long lines and the vote revenue enhancement. ‘The southern Negro’ had to be my favourite chapter. The lone thing I disliked was how the book justified why the South wouldn’t free the slaves. The engaged looked at in more of an economic job.

I wouldn’t needfully urge this book to person because it’s more of a mini text edition than a normal reading book. But to bookmans who are really interested in this portion of history I would. because it is really educational. Anyone who reads will larn something new about the South in 1865 to the present.

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