The aim of this paper is to show a brief conclusive dissection of the strategic planning of Ahmedabad, its sustainable development steps towards a rapid socio-economic development and happening a planetary individuality for better direct investing policies and quality of life. The study addresses few cardinal issues: economic development, public lodging, public infinites, H2O direction and climatic alterations, transit upgrading and industrial substructure and taking the cardinal success factors responsible for Singapore ‘s dramatic transmutation as a instance survey.



Ahmedabad, the metropolis of great historical significance runing from the generation of Hindu land of Karnavati in the early fifteenth century to the comfortable administration of Sultan Ahmed Shah ( from which it derived its name in 1411 ) , laterality of British East India Company to the coming of Mahatma Gandhi in 1915 and so after station independency marching towards a comfortable economic spinal column for India under the leading of Narendra Modi, has been able to prolong through clip its enormous possible image as the industrial estate of India.

This success narrative of its image has been one of the benchmark in set uping an economic stableness of Gujarat in the last decennary within the frame of planetary economic crisis but has besides been the country of concern to keep and carry through its immense urban demands and be competitory. This is where a long term strategic planning comes into its being, to ship a vision of sustainable growing way, to make an environment of homogeneousness between different authorities governments and accomplishing the trust of the people and for the province growing w.r.t the state ‘s growing.

Ahmedabad City Growth: Issues and constructive steps

In 2010, Forbes Magazine rated Ahmedabad as the fastest-growing metropolis in India, and listed it as 3rd fastest-growing in the universe after the Chinese metropoliss of Chengdu & A ; Chongqing. With a population of 6.2 million, Ahmedabad has witnessed an addition of 19.17 in its growing in this decennary. In footings of its spacial growing, the metropolis of Ahmedabad has been able to maintain it compact and immediate therefore congratulating the aim of the earlier Master Plan/City Development Plan to maintain the metropolis growing compact ( Beginning: ) .

But over the old ages with rapid urbanisation the metropolis has been subjected to scattered and sprawl population growing conveying in fresh demands of heavy substructure development and making new urban composites. In this demand of the hr, the authorities of Ahmedabad with the be aftering board has commissioned the ASPSP advisers to explicate a comprehensive Strategic Plan for the metropolis of Ahmedabad which can convey a better penetration to few cardinal issues like:

High demand of public substructure and individual functional public public-service corporation services.

Missing in societal and public infinites.

Increasing in traffic jobs.

Lack of control over policies and regulating organic structure in edifice building and polluted industrial activities

Imbalance development in the metropolis dominated by private builders

Abandon post-industrial infinites


An Overview

The squad of advisers presented a really comprehensive and airy strategic program for the metropolis on the footing of the bing issues of physical environment and socio-economic factors of Ahmedabad. Along with these the adviser squad brought into visible radiation the instance of the dramatic transmutation of Singapore. Singapore is a unrecorded illustration of how a strategic program filled with a intent and a long term vision of carry throughing demands and demands if decently implemented can further good economic growing, provide choice life and ever tag a presence in the planetary scenario. Though imitation does n’t supply true solution but larning from Singapore ‘s planning procedure and crystalline methodological analysis of implementing a far-sighted urban planning can supply a better solution for undertaking the issues that has been prevalent in Ahmedabad. This has been good narrated by the advisers as few cardinal success factors of Singapore ‘s dramatic transmutation. They are

Visionary and inventive attack supported by strong authorities policies

Strong lodging policies in supplying public lodging

Well-connected public Infrastructure & A ; transit system

Focus in diversifying cardinal sectors that contribute to national economic system growing

Effective and organized system

Concerted and hardworking citizens

Reserving natural resources and supply public infinite & A ; green infinite for societal usage

. The cardinal aims that they were able to construction are:

Strengthening substructure

Administration system betterment

Maximizing public infinite

Environmental betterment

Strengthening Infrastructure

The demand for public substructure is really high in Ahmedabad. Taking this into history precedence has been given for beef uping public substructure like mobility and handiness. Rapid development is ever supplemented by connectivity. So, it ‘s highly of import to link the full transit system in such a manner that it can be expeditiously accessible non merely in the metropolis but besides its fringe and dislodge few issues like traffic clogging, route accidents, holds and low travel velocity. Ahmedabad has AMTS providing the demands of public conveyance but recently it has non been able to provide public demands due to increasing demands. This has resulted in public misgiving so, more and more people are choosing for individualized vehicle increasing traffic sufferings and environmental concerns. Ahmedabad ca n’t afford to make this. Hence, Ahmedabad BRTS was introduced on October 14, 2009. This web of coachs developed by Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board ( GIDC ) are based on the rule introduced by Curitiba’sA Rede Integrada de Transporte and Bogota’sA Trans Milenio. The thought of spread outing this bing web from 12.5 kilometers to 74.5 kilometers with 75 new Stationss and be aftering to catch about 1/3 of the population denseness is a really constructive propaganda. A metropolis ‘s image is connected with its advanced transit system. Not merely it fulfils the demand of the common people but besides attracts investor to spread out their concern policies in a good connected metropolis substructure. The vision of this strategic program for the metropolis has been able to back up this thought by revitalizing BRTS with a new and progress MRT system which will cover about 100 kilometer of web by 2015. How a metropolis ‘s mobility can be bloomed with the aid of MRT can be understood from Singapore ‘s mobility and handiness program. Singapore has a progress MRT and LRT system which improves the status of handiness and proper networking. Another illustration that can be perceived from Singapore ‘s web system is how they have energised the hub created in efficient intersection to big scale mix used developments and public infinite activities. This hub creates chances for employment, acts as a view point for the community and standardize the life status of the people. With the new MRT system being proposed in Ahmedabad in the strategic program, such hubs can be exactly located and be transformed into good origin of chances therefore work outing one of their cardinal issues of occupation scarceness. This combination of BRTS and high tech MRT can alter the metropolis substructure and do public transit an efficient manner to cover day-to-day distances.

But challenges are many. In a huge state like India which has multi-tier authorities ( rather contrast to individual tier authorities ) and a sensitive environment undertakings of such magnitude take excessively long for its execution because of many political grounds, corruptness and co-ordination job between different authorities organic structures. Example being Delhi MRT, though the consequence was satisfactory but it had to bear clip, fiscal troubles, pending determinations on bing land usage, proficient dislocations etc. GIDC should set all these into history and come up with a more elaborate strategic program of implementing such of import development win the trust of the people on the authorities which plays such an of import function in a democratic state. Added to these what was missing in the strategic program was the planetary connexion between the ports of Gujarat and the metropolis which is an available chance for the metropolis to concretize their docket of industrial development.

The advisers ‘ proposal on presenting H2O cab as an alternate manner of transit can be critically discussed as it lacked lucidity in its workability. Sabarmati and Khari rivers are of import assets of Ahmedabad running through its Centre. Sabarmati got the differentiation of being the 3rd contaminated river in India but on the other manus has the maximal potency of being a fantastic riverfront. ( Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . It is soon traveling through an environmental betterment, societal upliftment and urban greening undertaking by the Sabarmati Riverfront Development Corporation Limited ( SRDCL ) . How can H2O transit manner be introduced in its strategy is a inquiry to be asked? Though the proposal is filled with optimism, but optimism does n’t ever means execution, so a elaborate feasibleness survey is required about its whereabouts and handiness.

The thought of heightening bike web with proper substructure, bettering prosaic web, presenting shared bike and shared taxis is so necessary and was punctually proposed in the strategic program. Such manner of transit are making ripplings in other developing metropoliss like France, Copenhagen, New York etc and Ahmedabad is in the right place to accommodate such efficient ways of transit which will non merely affect public engagement but besides will add plangencies and new dimensions to the metropolis environment. Ahmedabad is already under the survey of Low Carbon Society Vision 2035 ( Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // ) and I feel that these proposal if exactly implemented can accomplish their vision of Low Carbon Society.

Administration System Improvement:

This is doubtless one of the most of import aims that the squad of advisers highlighted in the proposed strategic program. At present disposal system in the province degree every bit good in the state degree lacks lucidity and ever has been camouflaged by unethical practises like corruptness and its inability to complete of import bend around undertakings in the calculating clip slot. This creates tenseness in the life environment and finally obstructs development procedure. Initiatives taken in this program to do the system more crystalline and affect public representatives for policy devising is deserving appreciating. Often it is seen in any planning execution in India that the engagement of a 3rd party reappraisal commission is really limited and restricted. They merely come to the image when there is an tremendous allegation of work moralss. The better solution would hold been traveling manus in manus with work procedure and guarantee smooth execution of the policies and proposals by changeless reappraisal and review. AUDC should take this nonsubjective really earnestly and larn from the old cases. The Third Party Review Committee proposed should non be merely a mere group of people but should be allocated adequate authorization and power to subject intensive reappraisal, have a control over the undertaking and guarantee proper execution of the policies. Overall they should bridge the spread between client, undertaking adviser, local governments and public commissions for proper execution.

Public Private Partnership after its success factors in states like Britain, Canada and Australia is moving as a paradigm for development in many other states late. The measure to increase undertaking efficiency with the private and the populace sector through Public Private Partnership is so of import and has the potency of bracing economic activity and carry throughing infrastructural demands in sectors like Public Housing, Riverfront Development MRT Stationss of Ahmedabad City. Successful penetrations can be learned from advanced undertakings like The Golden Quadrilateral under National Highways Authority of India and Midday Meal Scheme under Akshaya Patra Foundation in India itself. ( Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // % E2 % 80 % 93private_partnership # cite_note-9 ) .

Maximizing Public Space

A metropolis image is non merely reflected by the installations and infrastructural development it has but besides by the presence of its quality public infinites. Harmonizing to the analysis submitted by the advisers, a sum of 129 hour angles are under quality unfastened infinites in the full metropolis which ends up as 0.37 sq.m per individual unfastened as against a specified criterion of 8-10sq.m per individual ( UDPFI Guidelines ) . This is an country of concern and demands immediate intercession. Ahmedabad has a hot and semi waterless clime and less rainfall than required for a tropically savannah clime.

The conditions get worse during summer. Green public infinite and green connections can move as a external respiration infinite and a reprieve for the people of Ahmedabad. When we are speaking about sustainable development and environmental concerns this is an of import issue which needs to be addressed with great urgency and sensitiveness. Ahmedabad is a historical metropolis with monumental edifices being the assets since clip immemorial with lash green Parkss like the Law Garden, lakes like The Kankaria Lake and Sabarmati Riverfront. All these topographic points attract public for different activities and do the metropolis lively. The Government organic structures should be encouraged by these events to widen such green corridors and make more such packages of green infinites in the proposed development.

A metropolis will turn with clip because of high demands but a metropolis besides needs to prolong itself, people need unfastened infinites to interact, host events, drama and maintain them fresh. As for case the instance of Singapore can open our eyes. Singapore has the biggest menace for land. But with the limited land it has Singapore has conquered the acclivitous undertaking of accomplishing the ticket of Green City in malice of its high denseness development. If Singapore can why Ahmedabad ca n’t is a inquiry to be asked? With copiousness of fresh Industrial land lying wastes in the metropolis, beautiful universe heritage site and incorporating new proposals, AUDA and AMC should come up with more concrete steps of accomplishing the criterions set by UDPFI. The advisers ‘ proposal besides lacks domination in their program for supplying green infinites. Their vision of associating the river basin with the vicinity is though intimidating but is non sufficient for a metropolis of such graduated table and with the proposed substructure development. Rigorous bye-laws should be administered by the edifice commission where in for devouring maximal floor infinite index a developer should relief countries specifically for recreational activities and public comfortss. Possibilities like

Rain Water Harvesting Park

Urban Gardens

Recreational countries & A ;

Public Amenities can merely be achieved if precise land usage Torahs and rigorous guidelines are formulated for future development.

Environmental Improvement.

Harmonizing to the survey done by Sarath Guttikunda, laminitis of UrbanEmissions.Info who besides developed statistical tools for the undertaking told TOI, “ Ahmedabad has a high degree of PM10. Here, pollution comes from a assortment of beginnings – power workss and brick kilns environing the territory. We frequently believe that vehicles traveling in immediate milieus contribute to the pollution in metropoliss. However, a works or a kiln off from the metropolis can besides impact Ahmedabad sing the air current way. ” This is an country of concern for Ahmedabad City Development. No development can be sustainable if it does n’t turn to cardinal environmental issues and take stairss to better them. The full universe is under the concern of planetary climatic alteration, green house consequence and inordinate C emanation. Based on a survey conducted by human-centered administration DARA, ”More than 100 million people will decease and planetary economic growing will be cut by 3.2 per centum ofA gross domestic productA ( GDP ) by 2030 if the universe fails to tackleA climateA alteration. ” So, before explicating a strategic program an statement has to go on based on the fact that whether Ahmedabad is ready to take such tremendous stairss towards development which will add excess burden on environmental issues or more of a conservatory maestro program attack is required where in maximal accent is given on environment? Both of them have its ain advantages and disadvantages but I feel precedence should be given to environment betterment as it contributes to the planetary phenomenon.

Ahmedabad is an industrial estate lending to the province economic system but there have been many cases of industrial wastewaters being released to the Sabarmati River and Khari River fouling the H2O vastly. Besides the sewerage from CETPs which are non functional being released in the river is doing affairs worse. The strategic program seems weak disregarding such of import environmental issues and steps for its betterment. Though Ahmedabad ‘s development is badly dependent on the third sector but via medias can non be made with the environment which is the psyche of the metropolis. Examples should be taken from Copenhagen Master Plan wherein maximal concern and importance is given to environmental issues and sustainability. ( Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . Environmental Sustainability should n’t be treated as a load to a metropolis development but a new definition for the image of the metropolis.


After carefully analyzing the above aims highlighted in the strategic planning of the metropolis development of Ahmedabad what I found was overlooked was the issue of Public Housing, Conservation of their rich heritage and Water Management.

A metropolis with deficient public lodging has to confront many barbarous effects. Like

Development of Slums

Health Risks

Squatter Growth

Political issues

Waste of resources



Shackles the image of the metropolis

It is an country of concern for Ahmedabad that about 40 % of the dwellers of the metropolis lives in slums and chawls based on the census study of 1991 and expected to travel high because of the inflow of migrators from nearby provinces. Good public lodging substructure plays a major function in the development of a metropolis. Ahmedabad is missing behind and ironically even in this strategic program the fulfillment of such a basic demand of the people was ignored.

A lesson should be learnt from the public lodging in Singapore. 85 % of the entire population of Singapore owns a house managed by the Housing Development Board of Singapore. This is non merely an accomplishment but a statement of how with so limited land and resources the basic demand of a occupant of a metropolis can be fulfilled. This is one of the cardinal factor why Singapore has been able to travel in front and be among the top most states in the universe as because now after giving houses to the public and following the docket of Estate Renewal Strategy they have the chance to heighten the quality of life of the people and transform the metropolis into a livable metropolis. Ahmedabad City Developments dream to maintain the growing compact will be shattered if planning is non done for the urban hapless and low income group. In a democratic system people has the exclusive power and if people are deluded of their basic necessities a political instability will originate doing great hinderances. AMC and AUDA with all other local lodging development boards should take the figures as a mark of warning and take equal steps to incorporate them.


A strategic program should be based on precedences and indispensable demands. As a rich metropolis Ahmedabad has all the potency of being one of the most livable metropolis in the state but for that ‘image ‘ , carry throughing demands of the society and bordering out solution of the bing issues are the coveted standards. Development is non about make fulling up a topographic point with objects which are non at that place. Development is about understanding the metropolis, its indispensable demands, esteeming its environment and resources and conserving its psyche and civilization. The strategic program therefore presented has all the ingredients of giving Ahmedabad a new dimension if it prioritizes environmental betterment, enhances public lodging state of affairs, bettering quality of life and making plenty green infinites. Along with the

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