We have chosen Royal Jet Aircraft Company for our undertaking in which we analyze how this company expanded outside the original country, Abu Dhabi. Through our analysis we will place the marker schemes in footings of market cleavage, market program and selling mix. The company has been analyzed from different constituent of taging direction that shows the ability of successful enlargement in another Emirate like Dubai and Sharjah. Royal Jet stands today as an outstanding company which provides an excellent aircraft services.

2. Overview

a. Royal Jet profile

Today Royal Jet becomes an award-winning international luxury flight services supplier based in Abu Dhabi. Founded in 2003 and on 4th May 2003 operation started. It is jointly owned by Abu Dhabi Aviation 50 % and theA Presidential Flight Authority 50 % .

In acknowledgment of service excellence, Royal Jet has been voted the World ‘s Leading Private Jet Charter by the WTA for three old ages running. They have besides achieved other esteemed awards including Business Jet Provider of the Year, which was awarded at the Aviation Business Awards ceremonial in Dubai, and they have twice been awarded the Middle East ‘s Leading Private Jet Charter.

Royal Jet ‘s chief offerings consist of luxury VIP Aircraft, A Medical Evacuation Service, Fixed Base Operations ( FBO ) / VIP Terminal at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Aircraft Management and Acquisition Consultancy.

The current fleet of 10 aircraft includes five Boeing Business Jets, which makes Royal Jet the universe ‘s largest individual BBJ operator.

Merchandises and Servicess

Royal Jet is the universe ‘s best private jet operator and is recognized for its flawless and unambiguous services. The services it provides comprises of VIP Aircraft Charter, these services are inclusive of a Fixed Base Operation at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Aircraft Management and Consultancy, and the really first specialized Medevac service called Medical Evacuation Service was besides started by Royal Jet.


Through its established place in the market royal Jet lays high accent on client satisfaction, luxury, security, safety, privateness and service unity, regard for every person and besides planetary citizenship. Their vision is to go a well-liked private air power trade name in the universe by offering a service that goes beyond the better chances of our crisp clients, Royal people, Heads of State and other VIP ‘s, and delivers the vital in safety, comfort, and luxury


Royal Jet has a really simple but immense mission at manus. It has a mission of doing the people realize their dreams, aspirations and set them to working. The company besides has the mission to suppress the Aviation Industry by supplying the best epicurean private charter planes and jets.

Why Expand in U.A.E. ( Dubai and Sharjah )

The enlargement scheme comes from the construct of capturing the whole effectual market or market portion. At the same clip Dubai and Sharjah has great rapid development in aircraft service. From the informations base below shows the impact of success in these two parts. Besides, Dubai stands as a multicultural though the demand becomes really high. Therefore the determination becomes right to aim these countries for the enlargement of the company.

3. Market Analysis

Market Features

Market Size

As the commercial hub of the UAE, and one that is turning quickly, Dubai is pulling of all time more visitants. There is considerable development underway at Dubai International Airport to get by with the enlargement, bring forthing chances for UK companies.

Dubai ‘s economic system is over 90 % non-oil based. Its economic growing derives from its strength as a touristry and commercial hub for the part. This has meant that in recent old ages the authorities has poured important investing into pulling record Numberss of tourers and concerns, non least in footings of airdromes and associated substructure.

With Dubai taking to pull 10 million visitants yearly by 2007 and 40 million by 2015, farther airdrome investing is planned in order to suit the lifting Numberss. Similarly, Abu Dhabi is looking to pull three million tourers yearly in the following 10 old ages. It is looking to construct around 50 new hotels and significantly increase its athleticss substructure.

With Emirates, the national air hose, spread outing merely as rapidly, in January 2005 farther enlargement programs were announced, with the building of Jebel Ali Airport City, a monolithic new cargo and rider airdrome, situated 30 stat mis from the bing airdrome.

Jebel Ali Airport City, next to Jebel Ali Port and Jebel Ali Free Zone, will cover 54 square stat mis and will include non merely an airdrome but besides several smaller metropoliss providing to the fiscal, industrial, service and touristry industry ‘s demands in relation to the air power industry. It will be surrounded by a strategic route web straight associating the airdrome to the different emirates and neighboring Gulf States.

Recent Tendencies


The United Arab Emirates political systems are a alone combination of traditional and modern political mix, this will enable the state to heighten the development of a modern administrative construction yet guaranting that the best of the traditions are maintained, adapted and preserved.


The United Arab Emirates economic system has passed through difficult times in the last few old ages by the decelerating down in sectors like the existent estate, building, touristry besides some practical holds in loaning. The authorities of United Arab Emirates forecasts that Dubai economic system might stay in recession in 2010 which is the 2nd twelvemonth in a row that Dubai has experienced negative growing. However, the prognosiss of Abu Dhabi ‘s economic system different is it expected to turn up to 4 % this twelvemonth, Abu Dhabi is known to be comfy with their oil monetary values it is besides seen as the chief engine behind recovery of the 2nd largest Arab economic system this twelvemonth, as Dubai restructures its immense debt. When the big construction development in Dubai collapsed at the terminal of last twelvemonth, it was Abu Dhabi that helped with the deliverance of $ 10 billion.


Dubai ‘s population growing will decelerate down and change by reversal over the following twelvemonth, which means immigrants will diminish and many exiles will go forth, harmonizing to a study. most of Dubai ‘s population who are employed in the existent estate and building industries faced some fiscal jobs. And because of this the Numberss of occupants decrease by 8 % in twelvemonth 2009 and a likely 2 % in twelvemonth 2010 in United Arab Emirates, harmonizing to computations by UBS, the Swiss bank. Population growing continued in some other emirates, like in Abu Dhabi, and that would equilibrate the overall blow for the United Arab Emirates.


As we know, the universe is come oning enormously towards the growing in Aviation section. With this thought, many Airline companies are modeling or instead synchronising themselves with the fast demands of the society. Market besides comprises of rivals like Air Arabia, Aria Air, AVE.com, Daallo Airlines, Dolphin Air, Dubai Air Wing, Eastern SkyJets, Abu Dhabi Aviation, Air Cess, Al Rais Cargo Royal jets Airline and many more giving a tough battle to Royal jet. Every air hose company is endeavoring to consolidate its place in the Aviation Market by implementing new selling schemes and even promotional and advertisement techniques. As with coming in engineering and the gait with which universe is come oning, this air power market has a bright hereafter. The president Ali Al Naqbi, of the Middle East Business Aviation Association ( MEBAA ) – organisation behind Middle East Business Aviation ( MEBA ) show, which was held this November, his statements was that the growing rates in regional concern jets market is predicted to be 15-20 % and it is besides predicted that by 2012 entire worth in the Aviation section UAE will be $ 1bn.

Talking about Airlink, which is a major rival of Royal Jet, the figure of jets possessed by the company is much higher than Royal Jet. Airlink and similar air passages like Air Arabia believes in peep service providing and better market capturing. Royal Jet on the other manus believes in capturing luxury market sharing. Air Arabia has 5 times aircrafts than Royal Jet. It has more capacity aircrafts excessively.

Palm air power is much concerned towards long distance comfy circuit bundles. For promotional activities, bigger houses like Air Arabia, Aerovista usage telecasting ads while smaller houses uses print media for advancing their services. Institutional selling and coaction with other houses is besides employed as a selling maneuver.


Market Cleavage

The company as supplying high monetary value service and aiming the high income people should see and make carefully research in four cleavage degrees to pick and cognize their mark clients needs really good and the possible 1s. For illustration every company that provides high quality service like the Fairmont hotel in San Francisco, US, which offers room rate of $ 10,000 per dark, wanted to be certain that client will come once more because he has received a high criterion of service and he is satisfied. The four degrees to be considered are listed below:

Geographic cleavage:

Royal jet has targeted Dubai and Sharjah because of uninterrupted monolithic undertakings that have taken topographic point in Dubai like Palm Island and other substructure undertakings that have been done by large companies which are located originally outside Dubai like Jan De Nul, Belgian company and Van Ooord, Dutch company. Business work forces who are working in these companies in many undertakings around the universe will go often a batch from one location to another to run and supervising undertakings. Second issue under geographic is that Dubai location as known is linking the Far East Asia part with Western parts of Europe and USA by being a halt zone for them since 1970s and utilizing both Dubai and Sharjah free zone countries to hive away and piecing merchandises. The importance of location that the two Emirates are really neighbors that they separated by concealed line and people who are working in Dubai life in Sharjah and frailty versa.

Demographic cleavage:

Dubai has a population of about over 1.5 million ( 2006 ) which 1,073,000 of them are males and 85 % of the population are exiles who are from Asia, Westerners, and Africa. Sharjah has a population of over 800,000 ( 2008 ) and their combined of most Asiatic. Population for both Emirates combined of more than 2.5 million without burying the regular visitants. The company has targeted high income people, concern work forces like, and transporting patient to outside infirmaries. Royal jet has offering private flights packaging for vacations to high income people, holding a contract with Al Habtoor group to run particular air trade for them and supplying flights with particular equipments to transport patients to outside infirmary.We can detect that those sections sharing clip as critical issues for them. As consecutive forward scheme of supplying high quality service throes marks are afford to utilize Royal jet service.

Psychographic cleavage:

Royal jet has to clear up the three constituents personal traits, life style, and values of their client to function them will because the company will cover with different nationalities in Dubai and Sharjah. Previous researches in deep demographic survey will assist to specify how to supply a service better to the people who have a assortment of different civilizations. Personal traits, life style, and values have to cover with that every group may portion the same constructs and those constructs may be differing among them. For illustration in one organisation all employees may hold deliver certain sum of merchandise at their clip displacement and they may have oning the same uniforms but outside the organisation everyone will be warring otherwise from each other. From clients perception the company has to cover with people how is non sharing the same values and that may be conceder in client relation direction. The company is supplying different types of jets with different capacity of riders and assortments of finish bundles for clients to take from.

Behavioral cleavage:

The company has to maintain carry oning a uninterrupted information method on the service that it provides for its clients to acquire notice if any alteration occurs and why to modify it. Royal jet has a profile for each client to cognize how frequently they travel with them and at what phase of trueness they are. When cognizing that client fly ‘s at summer holidays the company will direct him the new finishs bundles that have been added to take from. Besides the company would give price reductions to clients who are regular travelers and to maintain in touch with them to acquire feedback from utilizing the service.

Market Cleavage:

This is a construct of selling and economic sciences in which market is divided into sub sets that have the similar features. Due to these features the divided parts demand for similar merchandise or services. The demand may once more change on the footing of merchandise specifications and monetary value among different subsets.

A subset or section should be distinct from other sections, have similar behaviour in the same section, reaction to a stimulation should be same and it should be a rational section to which one can near.

Sometimes cleavage is done to present the same merchandise but with different monetary values for different sections with same features. This is done to look into the positive or negative application of same thought or for the research intents.

Common footing for Airline Industry Cleavage:

It was a tendency in air hose industry to section the market on the footing of milage. This tendency has changed now due to ineffectiveness. There are three chief features of community which show the demand tendencies of air hose industry. These are as follows:

Economy and Safety are the most wanted features in this industry. Lifestyle is would be our chief characteristic to do cleavage for the Royal Jet Airlines.

Potential Target Market:

Royal Jet exists in Abu Dhabi already where it is turning good. The future market of Abu Dhabi is already really comfortable. Abu Dhabi Airport touched the mark of managing 1 million riders in July 2010. The hereafter vision 2030 includes the mark of managing 40 million riders per twelvemonth at Abu Dhabi Airport.

There is no uncertainty that on Geographical footing Abu Dhabi is the biggest Emirates of UAE but on the population footing Dubai is non far behind. But on the footing of riders going to Dubai are much more than that of Abu Dhabi. That is why the remainder of the market of Dubai and Sharjah are the most possible markets for Royal Jet.

Market Trend Analysis of the Potential Target Market for Segmentation:

Market growing of rider in UAE is increasing with an tremendous rate. Following figure shows the combined tendency of this industry.

Figure: Screening combined growing of riders

Our geographical country of concentration for cleavage is chiefly Dubai and Sharjah for Royal Jet as it needs to spread out to these countries of UAE. Merely in Dubai upto July 2010, 26.4 Million riders have been handled. While in Sharjah in Year 2006, 4.26 million riders were handled. This has made these markets full of possible for Royal Jet.

Note that, we can non do segregation on the footing of population because the population is difference between Abu Dhabi and Dubai but the figure of riders going to both emirates is different enormously.

Economy of Target Market:

Wealth in the mark market is non concentrated merely towards the royal household in the mark market because the per centum of oil GDP is less instead Dubai GDP is 99 % non oil based. The undermentioned figure shows the GDP per centum.

Figure: Showing GDP per centum of Dubai Market

Sharjah ‘s GDP has increased to Dh 71Billion upto 2008 with an one-year addition of 11 % per twelvemonth since 2005 ( Dh 41Billion ) . Sharjah is anticipating 3.5 million tourers by the terminal of 2012. ( Beginning: UAE Interact ) .

Cleavage of Target Market:

The cleavage of this market can be done on the rider footing including going through Dubai and Sharjah Airports. These riders include the tourers every bit good as the occupants of UAE. Hereunder, I have explained the features of this cleavage.

Footing for aiming from this cleavage:

From the above cleavage I have targeted out the possible clients on the undermentioned footing.

Economy: is non concerned for the cleavage of Royal Jet because the mark market is merely high category people.

Convenience and Safety: is required by all riders whether they are from elect category or economic system category.

Life style: Elect Class from the riders is footing for cleavage for Royal Jet.

Segment Features:

The features of this cleavage are as follows:


The distribution of wealth is non concentrated to some people in Dubai. The people utilizing concern category are more than Abu Dhabi. Royal Jet will aim these people in Dubai and Sharjah who use the concern or first category of Airlines.

Percentage of gross revenues:

Out of 30 million people who traveled last twelvemonth ( To Dubai and Sharjah ) if we take merely 10 % people going by concern and first category that would be 3 million. From 3 million riders Royal Jet would be aiming merely 50 % riders.

What they want:

The mark market of Royal Jet wants luxury and elect convenience. Their life manner is so much busy that they want to salvage the clip convenience instead than waiting on the airdromes for cheque INS and take OFFS.

How to make them:

As this mark market all converge on a individual topographic point i.e. airdrome. That is why it is really easy to make selling and making out to this section.

Monetary values sensitiveness:

Target clients from this cleavage are non really monetary value medium. They can pay for their clip convenience and luxury.

SWOT Analysis

Royal Jet is outstanding and luxuries services for their clients. While viing and spread outing their operation in the market, there are some strengths, failing, Opportunity and Threats to Royal Jet. SWOT is one of the cardinal corporate schemes to put the way of the concern. However, harmonizing to our analysis the SWOT for Royal Jet is as follow.

Royal Jet Strength

RJ has a immense capital and can carry through and can besides convey any new find in jet engineerings.

There will be no any linking straight nearing to the finish.

Good and good educated staff

Incomparable services with the other Airlines

Leaderships in the market order to follow new finds

Gulf Area is the largest market for the Royal Jet as Arabic people have good spend wonts.

Better atmosphere in the Jet

Smooth Flights

Separate agreement for reaching and going


Royal Jet has high paid employees which are taking to raise the cost of operation.

Royal Jet is nearing to the chief metropoliss which limited the gross

For handicapped really high cost and most of the clip garbage to take them on the board.

There is no any economic system category.


If Royal Jet direction addition the advertizement and supply information about the installations being provided, they can increase their gross.

Royal Jet must near to more finish and spread out their operation.

Royal Jet must present some inducements for the frequent circular in order to be a loyal client of the company.

Royal Jet must look at the monetary values of the ticket to capture the more market.

Royal Jet must besides present some CORAL Class for the riders.


The market is excessively much competitory

High Price of Royal Jet can deviate the client to other air hoses like Etihad Airways etc.

No any CORAL & A ; ECONOMY category

Limited Destination and limited gross

Business & A ; Marketing Schemes:

No uncertainty the Royal Jet has got figure international awards for epicurean air hoses. Royal Jet besides voted by WTA for the operation of three old ages. Royal Jet has grasp from the universe ‘s prima personalities.

However, except of these things, we suggest to the direction of the Royal Jet to spread out their operation to the Dubai and Abu Dhabi market and must loosen up their footings and conditions. As mentioned on the web site of Royal Jet that there is “ NO ORDINARY SERVICES ” the direction must look after about the current market and reconstitute their policies as good because their figure of pudding stones from India, Pakistan, European and other states are going and looking for the luxuries services.

Harmonizing to our cognition we suggest as below.

Pricing Schemes

It is obvious that it ‘s a Royal services and monetary values can be compared with other air hoses but before get downing operation in the market of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, they must loosen up the monetary values as other national air hoses like Emirates Air Lines and Etihad Airways are offering.

They are altering their monetary values clip to clip and juncture to juncture which helpful to keep their grosss harmonizing to the direction schemes.

Pricing IDEA

Step – 1

Step – 2

Step – 3

Payment through Credit Card or Members Accounts and publish the Flight Detail.




Royal Jet has different circuits bundles for the undermentioned metropoliss.

Egypt Cairo




We suggest to the Royal Jet that they must present more metropoliss and must near to the other universe celebrated metropoliss and tour bundles must be executable and in the scope of pudding stones. Cities like


New York

Los Angles

Los Vegas




Irish republic

New Zealand


Offices Locations:

As they do n’t hold job for the capital so, we recommend to the Royal Jet that they must choose the locations for their offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the Business category country in order to easy entree for the concern category clients.

Distribution of Ticket and flight item must be available online and all services must easy accessible to the clients.

Advertisement & A ; Marketing Schemes

United Arab Emirates is a dynamic concern hub and universe leading and transnational companies are nearing this state to offer their merchandises and services through different Medias.

In the UAE there are figure of exhibition and conferences and events which are being attended by universe celebrated personalities. Therefore, we can propose to the Royal Jet Management to follow these events and do n’t lose the opportunity to give consciousness about the Royal Jet Flight Services. Events are includes as ;

Dubai Air Show

Large 5 Show


International Exhibitions

Dubai Airport Show

And many more.

Magazines, Newspapers and Print Media ;

In the UAE, Numberss of magazines are being published on day-to-day footing, so, for the Royal Jet direction it is good manner to aware the concern category people.

Electronic Media ;

Electronic Media is most dominant portion of the advertizement like web sites, Television and CDs & A ; DVDs etc.

Now, Television and Websites – are every twenty-four hours use of each and every individual so this the best media to explicate the Royal Jet characteristics and installations to the concern category users.

Aims for Advertisement and Marketing ;

Each & A ; every activity of the concern corporation has an aim, decidedly, advertizement and selling aim is to increase the gross revenues and gross volume

Give consciousness about the Brand and company

Give consciousness about the services offered

Give thoughts about the best use of services

Give thought to pull off their concern programs and Tourss with Royal Jet.

Marketing Mix

Our companies approach within the two metropoliss, Dubai and Sharjah, is a selling mix strategic method sing the full satisfaction of our clients. Our merchandise is the first thing that should aim our clients. It should be a alone service where the qualities of our Royal jet planes combine with really alone high category seats, screen telecastings, alien nutrients and really comfy bathrooms with shower installations. All the quality facets are our ain design guaranting the service and quality degrees of our clients can non be reached with any other air hose service supplier.

The chief importance is the handiness of planes for our clients, where the assortment of planes in multiple sizes must be available at all times, so the trust of handiness should be in the client minds all the clip. We must besides be prepared to cover with cancelations at any clip by our high category clients. These cancellations should be accepted without any inquiry as good allowance and guarantee of any inconvenient state of affairss. The packaging service should be available for our clients to reassign and transport their properties door to door sing the comfort and prestigiousness of our clients fulfilled door to door. Because our concern is oriented as a market mix monetary value is one of the sensitive facets for the clients. This is true even though our clients are looking for a prestige service but monetary value can still be a factor doing them to switch to other rivals. The monetary value must be listed for our clients leting them to hold the cognition every bit good as a clear image about our monetary values including particular price reductions, up to twenty per centum, direct from the client service without necessitating direction blessing. Payment and recognition cards should be in our clients control with their convenient manner or clip with assortment of payment methods. Promotions should be advertised via wireless Stationss, telecastings and posting boards on the hot topographic point roads. Customer service should see the concern work forces in their offices to publicize our company with a power of merchandising and discounting authorization.

One of the of import issues we need to look at is topographic point of our service. Unfortunately, our location is fixed in Dubai and Sharjah airdromes. However, VIP transit should be available for all our clients within a really limited clip. Buying tickets should be available everyplace, including cyberspace sites as another signifier of advertisement. Our scheme is to hold a channel everyplace concern people go to or topographic points where they utilize such as airdrome relaxation sofas, java stores, etc. Common understandings will take topographic point with all our marketer channels to advance and administer verifiers to our clients to utilize their services on our disbursal.

Customers needs come foremost before our net income this should be our mark, where gross will come with clients satisfaction this should be our logo to perforate Dubai and Sharjah markets.

5. Decision

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