blustery wind howled as rain battered everything that came in its way in the
dead of the night. The booming sound of the thunder was everywhere and from the
dark clouds perilous lightning struck here and there, lighting up the sky for a
moment before vanishing. The ship began to rock violently from side to side.

lone man stood on the deck of the ship completely drenched to the skin. The
raindrops stung his eyes and made him squint. Suddenly the man’s eyes snapped
open momentarily. The look on his face was one of absolute horror. He glanced
around in dread and despair. Anguished people surrounded him.  He turned in a circle barely able to stand,
taking in his surroundings and as he did, he could just vaguely make out the
figure of a distressed girl gripping on to the railings of the ship. The sea
swells rose once more and the ship jolted and shuddered. As if driven by
instinct, he slowly made his way towards the girl.

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furious waves rose once more violently and threatened to capsize the ship. For
a sickening moment it seemed as if the girl would meet the imminent end. He
reached out in the nick of time, extended his hand, held on to her hand and
refused to let go. Gathering all his strength he pulled her towards him and lifted
her up just as the icy brine loomed over. It lashed his face and slammed him to
the creaky floor.

seemed suspended and he opened his eyes wide. He sat up with a jolt gasping for
breath and sweat trickled down his face.

flooded in as he felt the comfort of the blanket covering him. He slowly turned
to his side and glanced at the sleeping figure next to him and breathed a sigh
of relief. He briefly looked at the clock kept on the table next to him. The
digital figures in bright red proclaimed that it is 5:50 AM on the 22nd of May
2016. He resolved to go back to sleep when suddenly the phone lying next to the
clock buzzed. His first instinct was to ignore it and go back to sleep but the
phone buzzed relentlessly. He picked up the phone and checked the number and
immediately sat up. He slowly uncovered the blanket making sure not to wake up
the sleeping figure next to him. It was still dark inside the room and he
tiptoed his way to the window. He stood next to the French window in his night
clothes and received the call.

voice from the other end had an excited pitch. “Eda, this is Jaison. I know it’s still wee hours of the morning
there but I couldn’t wait to share the news with you. I am getting married on
the third of next month.”

he could acknowledge, the enthusiastic voice on the other end continued. “I
will have none of your excuses. You have to be here at any cost. I will send
you all the details shortly. You have to be there and bring her along too.
That’s it.”

before he could respond, the voice at the other end, concluded as abruptly as
it started. He let out a sigh and looked at his phone. He then reached out to
the thick curtains and slowly pulled the drapes apart. The early morning light slowly
permeated the room through the window and fell on the face of the sleeping


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