The SWOT analysis from DATAMONITOR shows that Harley-Davidson, Inc. has strengths in holding a strong market place and trade name image ; they maintain a broad scope of selling and distribution webs, have kept a high stock list turnover ratio. Harley gets their strong market place from holding the largest portion of the US heavyweight bike market since 1986. Their strong and alone image trade name come from their merchandises being marketed under multiple trade names such as Harley, Blast and Riders Edge. This has enabled them to make a broad scope of people ; from purchasers to new investors.This leads into their following strength of broad selling and distribution webs.

In the US, Harley-Davidson sells their merchandises through a web made up of about 686 independently -owned full service Harley-Davidson franchises. Out of that 686, 306 of them are combined Harley-Davidson and Buell franchises. In Europe, they have 5 independent distributers and 383 independent franchises.

Of that 383, 56 are Harley-Davidson merely dealerships, 323 of those franchises are combination franchises and 4 of them are Buell merely dealerships. Harley even has distribution webs in the Asia/Pacific country and Latin America. This all has built a strong web base for Harley that helps them run into the demand for their merchandises in multiple parts in a cost-effective manner.This all can factor into why they have such a high stock list turnover ratio. Because their turnover ratio is significantly higher than their rivals this reduces the exposure of the company to stock list obsolescence due to rapid technological alterations happening in the automotive industry. This all signifies the efficient direction of the stock list by the company. Overall from these strengths I would state that they are enduring 1s that have evidently been working for this company good and has allowed them to spread out their range across the universe.The DATAMONITOR SWOT analysis shows Harley-Davidson failings being that they are weakening in fiscal public presentation and holding unfunded employee station retirement benefits.

In the financial twelvemonth of 2008 it was recorded by Harley that the grosss of the company had declined at a CARC ( compound one-year rate of alteration ) of 2 % from $ 6,185.6 million in FY 2006 to $ 5,971.3 million in FY 2008.

A 2.3 % diminution was found in all of the key concern sections and 9.4 % diminution in fiscal services. This state of affairs has of class causes investors to see drawing their support.On top of this, it is mentioned that Harley-Davidson has a important unfunded pension duties. The capriciousness of fiscal market led to this diminution in pension fund plus values. These duties have forced the company to do regular hard currency parts to bridge the spread between pension assets and liabilities.

This causes force per unit area to be put on the liquidness place of the company. These failings are factors that direction needs rectify every bit shortly as possible for if their fiscal public presentation does non get down addition they could non merely lose investors they could get down losing what makes them strong such as their strong market place. However the fact that they are holding to utilize hard currency to maintain the employee retirement benefits is perchance merely as critical for they are seting themselves in a place where a batch of their financess will be tied up and non easy liquidated if necessary. There should be something in the scheme to happen a new beginning of financess for both issues.The DATAMONITOR SWOT analysis shows Harley-Davidson chances are establishing new theoretical accounts and turning planetary bike market. Merely in the past two old ages, Harley/Buell introduced nine bikes. In 2010, they plan to establish nine more theoretical accounts.

Harley is let go ofing these theoretical accounts to remain with the of all time altering market flow. The release could perchance increase Harley ‘s merchandise portfolio and grosss. This will be rather good to any programs to turn the planetary bike market. This peculiar market has shown important growing late. It has been forecasted that the public presentation of the market is traveling to speed up which will drive the market value to a value of $ 122.4 billion by terminal of 2012. It can be said that spread outing terminal market will probably drive demand for the company ‘s merchandises. This chance is one that Harley could capitalise on and spread out its grosss and net incomes.

These chances can perchance diminish the before mentioned failings if non do them nonexistent. There is decidedly a demand for a scheme that would utilize these chances to the fullest.The DATAMONITOR SWOT analysis shows Harley-Davidson menaces as being regulative conformity, labour issues, and forecasted recession in North America and Europe. On the topic of regulative conformity, because EPA ( US Environmental Protection Agency ) along with other entities started to implement rigorous ordinances on applicable emanations and noise criterions this is seting force per unit area on companies to accommodate their merchandise portfolio. These new regulations will increase costs and duties on the company ‘s operations.

Some other costs that have been steady increasing over clip are labour costs across the universe for Harley-Davidson. In the US, the costs come largely from the addition in minimal pay. This addition has adversely affected the bottom-line in the US. In add-on, brotherhood contracts will be run outing shortly. With how things are come oning presently, there is no warrant that the dialogues with these brotherhoods will travel good for the Harley. If a new understanding is non settled on this could do work arrests or labour breaks. This will so flux over to do job with client relationships and general operations.With a prognosis of recessions in North America and in Europe, Harley is decidedly in for a unsmooth clip this twelvemonth.

With most of their concern here in the US and the profitableness of automotive concern is tied to the public presentation of the economic system in which the company operates, the prognosis is n’t excessively surprising. To add on to this bad intelligence, it is reported that the consumer assurance in the US is expected to worsen. Once assurance starts to fall, disbursement will get down to fall besides. This so signals that there is a depression in the economic system since consumer disbursement histories for 2/3 of our GDP. Of class this all causes a challenge for Harley with the lessening in the demand for their merchandises since people merely are n’t passing. With these menaces, I can see how they affect all the other facets of the analysis. Each portion is interconnected. These menaces of class demand to be neutralized.

But how to make that is of class ever the inquiry when it comes to doing a scheme. I would propose get downing with the chances, so strengthen the failings, maintain strengths and from at that place extinguishing menaces might be easier done.2 ) The ground why a good apprehension of the forces driving the industry is necessary is because strong cognition of the five forces will assist find the net income potency in an industry by happen out what influences the monetary values, costs, and required investings of businesses-the elements of return on investing.

To place the of import structural characteristics of your industry via the five forces, you conduct an industry analysis that answers the inquiry, “ What are the cardinal factors for competitory success? ”When sing the bargaining power of providers one must inquire inquiries such as how much power do the providers have, what affects their power and how to cut down their bargaining power? The terminal consequence of inquiring these inquiries should be to somehow form good partnership where both parties are ideally equal in power.When looking at the dickering power of the purchasers one should see, how much negociating power the purchasers have, how much power they have over the company, and what factors influence the purchaser ‘s power and cut downing their bargaining power. When faced with this force, one must be cognizant of exchanging costs, who your purchasers are and if there are many or few, and do certain that quality and measure of information is good. Besides with this force 1 must seek to keep a good relationship between the two. When concerned with the menace of new entrants, this will be reduced if entry into the field is high and there are strong alone barriers in topographic point to maintain competitory force per unit areas good.

The force of the menace of replacements should be kept a close oculus on because replacements can come in many signifiers and they can impact the market by perchance doing monetary value ceilings to be put in topographic point. The last force to be considered is that of competition between rivals. It ‘s ne’er a bad thought to maintain an oculus on the competition. Knowing how intense your competition is and how intense the competition between others in your industry is a wise thought.

This is all really of import for an industry analysis.


Purdue Extension. ( n.d. ) .

Industry Analysis: The Five Forces. Retrieved March 5, 2010, from hypertext transfer protocol: //www.ces. ) After graduation, I am sing following a scheme of distinction. From these four old ages of college, I will utilize the cognition and experiences I have gained here with any cognition and experiences I have get over the 21 old ages of my life to do myself stand out in the sea of college alumnuss. I will utilize my experiences and know-how to mount above all the competition. My work and my accomplishments along with my accomplishments will assist do me be a worthy campaigner for any type of place in my chosen field.

A I plan on being precisely what a book retail company like Borders would desire in a director. Which would be: passionate about the concern every bit good as being a leader in presenting superior client service.4 ) Some factors that would bespeak a director is a strategic mind are that they think factually. Puting it merely, they try to take how they feel about a state of affairs and utilize the facts to do determinations. They consider the effects. They think about the scope of possible effects that may ensue from an action by naming them out.

This type of director weighs the hazards and wagess without every bit much prejudice as possible when believing in front. They do n’t merely presume that the face value issue is ever the existent job ; they try to spot what the existent job is. Besides a strategic-thinking director would be good at symptom-cause analysis. This is cognizing the difference between what the cause of a state of affairs is and what the symptom of the cause is. The biggest index of a strategic thought director is his/her determination doing ability.

If the director is able to make all the earlier mentioned things, than the possibility of him/her doing the best determination possible is more likely.

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