The government usage is extremely important in every single aspect of living. The choice of government affects things like how much power we have, our rights, taxes, and decisions we are allowed to make and choices the government makes for us. There are 3 main governments that are used around the world, confederate, unitary, and federalism. The usage of government also affects stability. The first government is unitary and is similar to the monarchy system. In the unitary government, one main person is in charge of the country. For example, the person that would have been in charge of the United States of America, would be our current president, Donald Trump. Unitary government is both a positive and negative government. For example, it can be a positive thing if the country is looking for stability since this government only takes the nationals opinions on issues. However, this can easily become a negative thing because the states and individual people will have no say in what goes and how they would like to run their country. Unitary government is also a negative way of governing because the American Revolution was fought in order for Americans to have freedom from Britain’s ruling, not to become independent and then have the same kind of monarchy way of governmenting. The second way of government is confederacy and is not very commonly used anymore around us. This government became a thing when the Articles of Confederation was created in the last 1700’s. The reason it was created in the first place was because the new country realised that it needs a higher power in order to function and not collapse. The Article of Confederation gave more power to each individual state. This was both a good and bad thing. Giving more power to the smaller states made them satisfied and happy since they were getting the same say as all of the bigger states got. However this got the bigger states upset because now their say was equivalent to much smaller populations and states. This also gave every state a lot of power because if one were to disagree then that law or rule would not get passed at all. This was not a very smart rule since one single state determined rather something was passed for all the other states. Confederacy was also not a fond idea because the smaller states got as many votes or seats as other states that had twices their population. However, later this was changed and it became fairer for bother the small and larger states. Lastly, when confederacy was used in the early America, each state had their own currencies. That meant you could easily make a copy of one states copy and use it in another state without getting caught. It would be difficult to get caught because there were so many different currencies that not everybody knew and memorized each states.   Federalism is much more commonly used around the world since isn’t a combination of the parts that were successful from both the confederate and unitary governments. With the federalist government, both the states and one single higher power make decisions and justifications. In the United States of America, federalism is used and it has been successful. The states get their own rights like deciding what schools are built and what the students learn in school. Each state also gets to regulate trade in the state, and even get to place laws on what jobs need certain licences. The national level however, takes care of more important issues like regulating trade between different states, creating a stable army, and declaring war on another country. While each state and national level get their own rights and regulations on what they cant and can do, they also share some rights like enforcing laws and raising taxes. This makes it fair for both the states and the higher branch levels. With federalism, it is very hard for any conflicts to occur since each state is getting power based on its population and size. However, some issues that can be caused are states not making changes. Each state must actually have a “mind set” of wanting a change. Today, an often issue is that not enough people actually make a change for what they believe and want. Other then this single issue, federalism is a well government and hasn’t caused many issues through the time it has been used. Unlike unitary and confederacy, people in each state and the national branches both get a say in decisions will staying at a peaceful place.

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