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Tempest Character Analysis

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William Shakespeare & # 8217 ; s last drama The Tempest is a narrative about Prospero ( the rightful duke of Milan ) . He is betrayed by his brother Antonio and left on a ship with his girl Miranda to decease. Lone things are non traveling harmonizing to program and Prospero and Miranda arrive on an island. Prospero is seeking his retaliation. Coming back from a nuptials in Africa a ship incorporating Prosperos enemies is attacked by the storm and scatters its riders about the island. Prospero exhibits three major character traits: strength, protectiveness and forgiveness.

Prospero is a really powerful individual and utilizing his enchantment books he is able to raise up some mighty thaumaturgy. Possibly the most powerful thing he controls is Ariel ( a spirit ) . An illustration of this is when Prospero says & # 8220 ; Hast 1000, spirit, Preformed to indicate, the tempest I bade thee & # 8221 ; . ( 718 ) Ariel had the power to make a great sea storm and Prospero had the power to command Ariel which gave him great power. Another ground why Prospero is powerful is because of his cognition of Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculos secret plan to kill the male monarch. So when Prospero reclaims his topographic point in Milan once more he & # 8217 ; ll have some mighty blackmail merely encase he needs any favours or they try any thing stupe. This manner they & # 8217 ; ll believe twice earlier traveling against Prospero. Particularly sing that Miranda will go queen. These are the grounds why Prospero is powerful.

Prospero is protective of those who are close to him particularly Miranda. Throughout The Tempest Prospero easy makes certain Ferdinands and Mirandas love habit faid rapidly. Prospero even called Ferdinand a treasonist merely to do Miranda look harder to acquire. This manner the twosome wouldn & # 8217 ; t go a lost cause. When Prospero says & # 8220 ; They are both in either & # 8217 ; s powers. But this fleet concern I

must uneasy do lest excessively light winning make the award light” ( 726 ) he is uncovering his true program to Ariel that he wants to do Miranda harder to acquire. This is because Prospero feels their love will be stronger if it is harder to obtain. Prospero is besides protective when he says “the strongest curses are straw to th’ fire I’ th’ blood” ( 764 ) this was said to Ferdinand after Prospero makes him assure non to hold sex with Miranda before they are married. He is stunned to see that after his promise Ferdinand is playing around with Miranda. Prospero merely wont have any of this. This is how Prospero is protective of Miranda.

Prospero is a really forgiving adult male, because near the terminal of the narrative he forgives the two people who hurt him the most Antonio and Caliban. An illustration of this is when he says to Caliban & # 8220 ; As you look to hold my forgiveness trim it handsomely. & # 8221 ; ( 781 ) Prospero forgives Caliban even though he tries to ravish Miranda, turns against Prospero, and attempts to kill him. This was particularly hurtful, because Prospero raises Caliban like a boy. This was likely non every bit hurtful as the treachery of Prospero & # 8217 ; s brother, Antonio. Antonio was the 1 who casts Miranda and Prospero out on a ship to decease. Merely they end up on an island for 12 old ages. Still Prospero forgives Antonio when he says & # 8220 ; for you most wicked sir, whom to name brother would even infect my oral cavity I do forgive thy mistake all of them. & # 8221 ; ( 777 ) These are the grounds why Prospero is forgiving.

Without being powerful, lovingness, and forgiving Prospero might non hold of all time gotten off of the island. Even though he must give his thaumaturgy his girls felicity is more of import so his retaliation. So he forgives his enemies. In the terminal Ariel is set free, Prospero regains his dukedom, Miranda and Ferdinand are acquiring married and everyone except Caliban got on the bos’ns ship and headed place.

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