The first similarities are centered around the temple which include, the priests, sacrifices, and the temples. In both religions, men and women could be priests, and they also served one specific god that was the same sex as them, but in egypt the priests were put through training before serving, while in Greece anyone could be a priest and were not religious experts. In Greek religion sacrifice was carried out, outside of temples by butchers. The animals were usually pigs, sheeps, goats, or cows and they were also the same sex of the god they were being offered to. In egypt, it was against their religion to sacrifice animals except for sheep, bulls, calves, and geese. The Egyptians also had human sacrifices called retainers which were done by the pharaohs, where the pharaohs would have servants killed so that they could serve them in the afterlife. Greek temples were often simple alters in a sacred site that were thought of as areas that belonged to specific gods, but as time went on they came to be huge temples which had enormous statues of the gods they housed. Smaller temples for less popular gods sprouted up around the temple as time went on. The temple was also separated from the rest of the city by a gate and recieved many donations of, money, land, and statues from faithful followers and larger temples had caretakers. Egyptian temples were homes of of the gods that they worshipped much like Greek temples, but unlike Greek temples the egyptian priests were the ones that took care of the temple and they were also the only ones allowed to be very close to the gods while in Greek anyone could go into the temple and give praise to the god. The Greeks also had mysteries  which were between closed groups who believed doing certain things would give them benefits, and some temples also had oracles and these places became insanely popular. The second similarities are festivals, and the afterlife. Greek festivals were often very lively and included, theatre, music, and games. The playwrights often included the gods and their myths. The games were athletic competitions devoted to certain gods. Egyptian festivals were not as lively as Greek ones and included oracles and also the moving of the statue of the god from the temple to meet members of the community. The festival also included visiting the shrine of the god and leaving offerings, there was also the destroying of votives to show devotion to the gods. Both the Greeks and the Egyptians believed in the afterlife and believed that based on your behavior  on earth you could either go to a good afterlife or a bad afterlife. In greece, if you were good and remembered by the living you would go to Elysium, but if you were bad you would go to Tartarus. If you were forgotten in the Greek religion you would just wander around Hades. For the egyptians, once you died you were judged by the gods and if you were deemed good, you would go to ‘the field of reems,’ If the gods did not deem you worthy however, then your soul ceased to exist.

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