structure and absoluteness of fate and belief in destiny/fatalism: The
novel “Kerr” makes reader think about fate on the meaning of a complex network
of relationships. The
novel reflects the idea that life is a circle of constant repetition and
reflects the thought that people turn around and come to the same place.
Especially If we think that fatalism in the frame of Kay?p ?ah?slar Albümü and
Kerr, we can see that it depicts this issue very well.



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crocodile: the
crocodile motive which emerged in the middle of the novel, depicted as an
animal escaped from the circus. It has spread fear to the whole community and
has never been caught. It represents the fear of uncertainty and the
possibility that anybody may be in danger. Whenever the crocodile motive emerges,
the events are mingled and people are taken to their homes.

sleep: whenever Cezmi
Kara gets stuck and finds himself in the center of the events, he goes home and
wants to sleep. The sleeping reflects Cezmi Kara’s apathy and indifference to
the events.

court: in the novel the court has moved to
an old hammam because the court-house flooded. The passage of the hammam-court represents
that how serious the case is and how rigorous that time’s government affairs.
It has been revealed in an absurd manner that the
government’s work was not done professionally at the time.

underground tunnels: the
neighborhood tradesmen meet there.
It describes their characters and their intentions that
people hide behind their normal lives. The core truth underlying the known.



Cezmi Kara’s desire to sleep continuously suggests
that the indifference of the society becomes an illness in all the individuals
of the society. Sleeping
is the way to escape from his problems. Meryem says that “you are only cold and sleep, don’t
see the truth and sleep”

The crocodile
symbolizes the situation of the country. Throughout
the novel, people have fear of crocodiles while at the same time there are
crimes and murders that do not result. It
is a criticism of the perception that the events that should be given great reactions
are perceived as ordinary.

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