The informational pregnancy website I
used and explored was the American Pregnancy Association website. This website
provides a lot of valuable information for all stages of pregnancy. The first
section I looked at was Trying to Conceive. This section is also split into
many different subsections: Getting Pregnant, Infertility, Adoption, Planning
and Preparing, Prenatal Testing, and Preventing Pregnancy. All of these
different subsections provide information related to that topic area. One thing
I like about this website is that it is not just for women who want to get
pregnant and are able to. It is also for those women who may struggle getting
pregnant or want to adopt a child.

The next section on the website is Your
Pregnancy. The different subsections in this category are Your Developing Baby,
Pregnancy Wellness, Multiples Pregnancy, Week by Week, and Naturally. The one
specific subsection I explored was Pregnancy Wellness. In this subsection, it
gave a lot of useful information on what different types of prenatal vitamins
there are, how air pollution can impact pregnancy, eating seafood during
pregnancy, and many more useful topics. Within each topic, there is research
based information allowing the readers to understand the facts behind that
specific topic. Not only is there just words under each of the different
topics, most of them have topic specific visuals as well. This allows the
website to look more visually appealing than just having an overwhelming amount
of words. The other three sections on this website include Pregnancy Concerns,
Birth and Beyond, and an About section. One thing I really like about this
website is that it doesn’t just include the information on when a pregnancy
goes right. It includes the risks and unexpected things that might happen so
every mother is able to prepare.  Last
but not least, this website also includes life after pregnancy. It includes
information about the Birthing Process, Breastfeeding, and Women’s Health. The
Women’s Health subsection includes topics that discuss different infections and
diseases that could harm a pregnancy. Not only is this website accessible for
the people who speak and read English, but it can also be translated to people
whose primary language is Spanish.

The American Pregnancy website also
provides the readers with other helpful tools in the pregnancy process. First,
this website has an ovulation calendar. On this calendar, the reader can plug
in the first day of her last menstrual period and average length of cycles.
When this information is plugged in, the reader will be able to see around what
times she will be ovulating. The one part that was the most entertaining to
explore was the Baby Names Directory. It gave any possible name parents could
think of under each of the letters. There is also a discussion section where
members can ask questions and concerns they may have. I am not sure if being a
member allows you to access more information and resources, but I do know that
it allows you to post in the discussion section. Last but not least, on this
page there is also a donate section. This is where people can donate any amount
of money to the American Pregnancy Association. This would allow the
association to further their knowledge in order to help women learn and
understand more about pregnancy. Overall, this website provided me with a lot
of valuable information that I will be able to use in the future. I can
definitely see myself using this website if I need help or tips about
pregnancy. Though this page is extremely helpful, I think it is also important
to consult a doctor if you are able to. This page was very accessible and easy
to navigate for the most part. I can’t think of one thing I would change to
improve this website.


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