The difference between two images on vector images is used mathematical formulas to make up of lines and curve whereas bitmap images come up with little squares called pixels. The digital image is called as pixel file known as bitmapped images.

Pixel is known to be a small squarer this means the grid is exactly the same size in the image. This means the rectangular squares is positioned in horizontally and vertically to form a grid.  When it comes to zooming into the image will see one by one pixels which creates an image. These tiny pixels of colour which they came together to create the images, in this case, most of the computers monitors display maximum as 70 to 100 pixels per inch, usually the actual depend on you monitor also the screen settings. As vector image as they render the best quality because there are known to be device independent also not photorealistic.

As their colours are filled with gradient and solid which has negative impact lack in depth and appearance on colours with the continuous tone image.       As in vector image it can be changed as many objects without losing the quality, usually the object can be easily modified but also not changing trait it can be done on shaping and modifying it on using point and nodes. They are described as a position in the x- and y-axes on work plane which is the direction of the path referred as stroke colour, shape curve, thickness and fill.

 This will bring the vector images easily scalable and the quality of the image will not be ruined as it scaled up or zoomed in. The disadvantages on vector images if the image expands to certain levels this can influence of losing the detail on the images.    But the bitmapped image will not be the case because the quality will be ruined as it scaled up this means will see pixels usually will be a blurry image.

The bitmapped image is a colour of every bit of pixel in the image in which displayed realistic photos easily. Also bitmapped is easy to create by taking a picture from your phone, this has very high accuracy when the image is displayed including the shadings, complex and smooth places. And another advantage of the bitmapped image it can be used as a universal format.

 Also, you can take the picture or scan drawings which also easily show either on internet or email.  As a disadvantage on bitmapped images there known to have an amount of digital storage and higher resolution, this can mean the files will be much larger size, and it can slow down the reading and rendering process.  

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