The fact that the POPIA effective date is some way down the line does not mean that you should not be starting the process of complying with the POPI Act. There could be a few (if any) new regulatory requirements in the regulations but most of it will remain the same.This is not a case where you can say better late than sorry; the penalties should be reasons enough to make you feel sorry if you are late.Assess: Run an extensive organizational program to check existing processes, identify any gaps or leaks which might prevent you from becoming compliant.Plan: Once you assess your existing process, look for ways to modify the existing processes or bring in new ones to plug the gaps.Act: Start implementing new processes, or the changes to the existing processes so that you can be complaint sufficiently ahead of the end of grace period. Review – Further, set up a continuous review system to ensure that you not just become compliant but also stay compliant. How will ManageEngine help you comply with POPIA?  POPIA seminar in Johannesburg  ManageEngine will conduct a seminar on POPIA in Johannesburg this February or March, to explain the provisions of this act and how to comply with it.   Simplify POPIA compliance with ManageEngine’s Log 360, a comprehensive SIEM solution helps you to comply with POPI. Log 360 Ensures accountability in data and incident handling with its exhaustive reports and dashboards on user activities and security incident alerts. Manages log data from sources across network to quickly detect or pre-empt data breach attempts. Audits Active Directory changes in real-time to identify critical changes to AD components—security principals, GPOs, OUs, users— to prevent internal security attacks.Monitor personal data continuously to ensure integrity and confidentiality of personal data.Learn how Log 360 can help you with auditing and compliance 

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