The stock market is where investors electronically meet to  purchase stocks and  decide how many stocks they want to invest in. The ultimate goal of the stock market is to buy shares  to make money by buying stocks in companies you expect to do well on a wide value scale. If the company you invested in loses money, so do you. You want to make a wise choice when purchasing stocks to ensure you make more money then you put in. Most people aren’t financially stable to make simple errors dealing with the stock market.During my 6th period economics class our teacher asked us to select a variety amount of stocks and purchase a number of shares we wanted to invest in that stock. My method was to select popular successful businesses that are known around the world. I chose the following stocks for my project: ACN(accenture plc) Qty:11AMZN(Amazon) Qty:1GS( goldsman) Qty:10MSFT(Microsoft) Qy:30NFLX(Netflix) Qty:10The(ACN) is Accenture PLC is a global management consulting and professional services company that provides a strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations services(cbr). The abbreviated  name is short for accent on the future. This company has  more than 246,000 employees, offices and operations in 53 countries around the world.they have generated about $21 billion in cash and have returned about 91% to shareholders through stocks they bought back. During the time i purchased this stock i’ve noticed it gained more than it lost.i seemed to me that this stock was smart investment. It gave me back $139.52 and i only paid $135.33 for it. Yes its not alot alot but the market value gained to be 10times the amount i paid for. I wouldn’t have chose a different stock. I was pretty impressed with my selections.The (AMZN) is abbreviated for amazon. Amazon is a global site in which you can purchase multiple items such as electronics , music, furniture, and apparel.If you are familiar with ebay , it’s almost exactly like that. Amazon also holds its own warehouses such a fedex. Users can purchase items but they can also sell things if they chose to do so. I chose amazon because i personally used amazon all the time when i go online shopping. I also know a lot of people who recommend using amazon. It is a successful stock to invest in. I noticed that I only made $213.11 off the stock which isn’t bad. If i was smarter i would of purchased more shares through that stock. Maybe i would have got more money. I paid $963.64 for the stock and at the end of the trial it came out to be $1,176.75.The (GS) stands for Goldman Sachs Group Inc. It is a is an American multinational finance company that engages in global investment banking, investment management, securities, and other financial services. I am not very familiar with this stock but my choice for making this selection was very successful. I paid only $246.03 and although  only made a profit of $16.10, the market value raised enormously. It went from $246.64 to $2,476.40 which means this company was making a lot of money.The (msft) stands for microsoft. Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company. It develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and services(microsoft).its one of the most successful businesses in the world. Microsoft is the world’s sixth-largest information technology company founded by multibillionaire Bill Gates. This stock is really successful. I only paid $74.31 and made $295.80 profit off it. The market value grew enormously to $2,525.10. This was the best stock overall the stocks i have purchased. The (nflx) stands for netflix. Netflix is a app used to browse the latest movies or shows that have been broadcasted over a variety of yeas. It has all the genres you can think of. You can purchase this app anywhere on your tv, game systems, cell phones, laptops, etc. They also do dvd on demand as well. Over a million providers use this app so it’s pretty successful. I purchased this stock for $183.99 and received $35.90 in profit. The market value raised to be about $1,875.80.To save for retirement you can sign up for bonus checks from social security offices or you can start making a budget plan to save for when you become old and fragile. From competing in the stock market  know now to read more about the stocked before purchasing them.

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