The Skeleton is flexible and gives the body its shape and also has muscles around the bones that enables the skeleton to be able to move. The skeleton also has 206 separate bones in the human body. The skeletal system is the skeleton with all of its bones, the skeletal system works with a lot of different systems like the Muscular and Nervous system.

The real question here is why and how do these two different systems work with the Skeletal system? Starting things off with a bang is the Muscular system because it pairs with the Skeletal system just right. The first way this body system helps the Skeletal system is that the Muscular system helps blood flow through the body, enables motion, and generates heat to maintain body temperature. Secondly, your bones are surrounded by blood vessels and tissues that contract (stick) to your bones that enables motion throughout your body. Lastly, the Muscular system provides us with a brain that regulates the position of bones by controlling muscles.

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To finish this article up is the Nervous system. To start things off, the Nervous system provides the bones with sensory receptors in joints between bones sending signals about the bodys position to the brain and a skull that protects the bones  from injury. Secondly, our Skeletal system is made up of cartilage and calcified bones that work together, they help the process of movement happen in a smother manner. Thirdly, the Nervous system helps the Skeletal system by protecting internal organs and producing blood cells.

Lastly, the vertebrae protects the spinal cord from injury. In conclusion, according to these founded articles, the Nervous system works with the Skeletal system by providing bones with sensory receptors in joints between bones sending signals about the bodys position of the brain. And to finish things off, the muscular system works with the skeletal system by blood vessels and tissues contract (stick) on your bones and enables motion in your arms, legs, head, ribs, basically everywhere.

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