World Travel Services Limited, established in 1947, is Thailand ‘s oldest and largest travel bureau.

We have more than 500 employees and a fleet of more than 100 modern route vehicles. 80 qualified bilingual and multilingual ushers speak fluid English, French, Spanish, German and Chinese. Company provides many day-to-day manager Tourss and 2-6 yearss Tourss throughout the state such as River Kwai Tourss, Phuket, Krabi, Samui, Pattaya, Trang, Hua Hin/Cha-Am, and Chiang Mai and besides including many particular bundle Tourss to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar ( Burma ) and Vietnam.The company has its ain circuit desks in taking hotels at all of Thailand ‘s chief resorts: 23 hotels in Bangkok, 3 in Chiang Mai, 1 in Chiang Rai, 8 in Pattaya, 4 in Hua Hin/Cha-Am, 3 on Koh Samui and 4 in Phuket. In extra, the company besides arranges booking for steamer companies, air hoses and rail travel. Through its affiliate Air Transport Service Ltd, it acts as General Gross saless Agent for United Airlines.

It is besides a BSP/IATA agent.


“ To be the top of Travel Agent in Thailand ”


Better the quality of transitsHaving more connexion with travel agent around the universe.Expanding our circuit desk to all taking hotel in Bangkok and some other in tourer finishs.Organization Chart

SWOT Analysis


Challenging of pull offing touristry concern successfully

Rapert and Wren, ( 1998 ) discussed about the challenges of pull offing touristry concerns successful, the company must supply fulfilling experiences for tourers and invitees while gaining their proprietors. During the past 60 old ages, World Travel Service is exists in touristry concern which has proved itself about the successful in doing concern scheme and policy. One of those scheme is functioning the invitees with most standard service circuit throughout the state, our Tourss are standard because the invitees will hold the plan mentioned by our staff from the circuit desks about what are they traveling to see on that peculiar circuit and how many halt that the circuit are traveling to do and they will cognize about the clip that the Tourss will complete and what clip they should be back at the hotels.

The circuit ushers are non allowed to sell any other plans that does n’t mentioned on the Tourss. All above approximately standard service is related to Laws ( 2004 ) which reference as Standard Service Quality in touristry is really of import, The degree of service which direction squad sets might be higher ( or lowers ) than the client ‘s expectancy of service criterions and the Quality Systems might non command services criterions in ways which matter to clients.

Quality of Staff

GOmez-Mejia et Al ( 2004 ) discuss on taking the right individual for a occupation can do a enormous positive difference in productiveness and client satisfaction. Sharpley ( 2005 ) described choice is really of import enlisting and choice processs that identify possible employees who will non merely have a natural temperament towards service commissariats, but who will besides suit in with and react to the organisation ‘s service civilization.

So, these above 2 thoughts are related to the manner how World Travel Service selects and enroll their employees. Presently, most of circuit ushers graduated from Fine Art Department, Silapakorn University, who know information about Thailand really good. Some other graduated from abroad can talk English fluently which make our circuit guides become one of the most standard tourer ushers of the state.

Focus on premium and luxury circuit

Eleri Jones and Claire Haven – Nip ( 2005 ) explained that tendency of the luxury market have been raising and it will go the most of import portion of touristry industry. Now, World Travel Service does their selling scheme on high-end market which focused on premium and luxury circuits by supplying extravaganza trips around Thailand. And it is more valuable than mass touristry which holding merely measure but no quality of clients.


Centralized Management

Pieniazek ( 2007 ) explained that power being consolidated at the top of the organisation, hazard is high if the top of the organisation becomes incapable of taking the organisation ( decease, unwellness, or monolithic organisational size doing a weak span of control ) Employees besides will experience less motivated to execute for the organisation as they will non hold an avenue for sharing their thoughts on how to better the organisation. World Travel Service utilize Centralized Management manner since their first operated in 1947 which continuously doing determination by merely one Thai proprietor of the company, Mr.

Kusa Phunyarachun, 92 old ages old. In some pressing state of affairs, proprietor can non response instantly that why sometimes it can do of failure and dissatisfaction.

Old Building and Old Facility

In cordial reception industry such as hotel, travel agent, the geographical visual aspect is of import.

ICRA evaluation, ( 2009 ) discussed that the quality of company ‘s belongings is straight consequence to the image of concern. It ‘s non merely to pull the clients, but besides create the trade name trueness. The head office of World Travel Service has ne’er been renovated since its first operation in 1947. Customer first feeling can be impacted by the company ‘s environing such as response country, furniture manner, ornament, parking country, Vehicle.

Technology ( E-Tourism )

Galloway, Mochrie & A ; Deakins, ( 2004 ) discussed that online engineerings within the touristry industry have significantly impacted on communications, minutess and relationships between the assorted industry operators and with the clients, every bit good as between regulators and operations. World Travel Service besides making the e-tourism such as web based engineering, on-line reserve, etc.

All of this are play the of import function for e-business if the company can maintain making good, it will convey a batch of benefit to company. In the other custodies, the company can non manage to hold the first-class operation system and updated web site, the company will lost more addition.


Low-cost Winter Travel Ideas to get away the Cold

Christakos ( 2009 ) explained that many of tourers ca n’t afford the luxury Hawaii or Bahamas holiday but if they want to loosen up and bask themselves while get awaying the blustery winds of the North, there are plentifulness of things they can make. Thailand stays warm all twelvemonth unit of ammunition, and it is most comfy during the winter months. It ‘s an progressively popular finish for Australian and East Asiatic travellers who want both beautiful beaches and exciting modern metropoliss like Bangkok, but there are frequently some really good trades for flights from the U.

S. They do n’t come around every twenty-four hours, though, so you have to snap them up when you find them. World Travel Service can derive net incomes from tourers who want to loosen up in Thailand.

Thailand Rank Best “ VALUE FOR MONEY ”

Thailand has once more emerged as the universe ‘s best “ trade name ” in footings of value for money, harmonizing to the 2008 Country Brand Index ( CBI ) , the 3rd back-to-back twelvemonth it has won this award.

Thailand ‘s ranking as the “ Best Country Brand for Value for Money ” was announced on 11 November, 2008, at the World Travel Market, the prime one-year exhibition of the planetary travel trade. The same Brand Index besides ranked Thailand tierce in the class of “ Friendly Locals and Authenticity ” . ( International Public Relation Division Tourism Authority of Thailand, 2008 ) . Thailand is the 1 of tourer attractive force which is valuable for the money. This thing will do us go the favourite pick for the tourer who has bound money for their vacation. So that is show about how much Thailand touristry industry could entice on the client semen to see and some of them might utilize the service from World Travel Service.


Global Warming is endangering Thailand ‘s clime

The norm of the universe ‘s temperature additions and the serious natural catastrophe happens doing negatively effects on people ‘s wellness.

The tourers are cancelled Tourss of World Travel Service because Thailand faces jobs about natural catastrophes and disease jobs such as depression, inundation, H1N1 grippe and etc. Climate besides influences environmental conditions that can discourage tourers, including infective diseases, wildfires, algal blooms, insect or wateraˆ?borne plagues ( e.g. Portuguese man-of-war ) , and utmost events such as hurricanes, inundations or heat moving ridges. It is besides a important determiner of tourer decisionaˆ?making. Seasonal climate fluctuations at touristry finishs and at major outbound markets are cardinal drivers of touristry demand at planetary and regional graduated tables.

Weather is an intrinsic constituent of the travel experience and besides influences tourist disbursement and holiday satisfaction ( UNWTO, UNEP and WMO 2008 ) .

Thailand ‘s political crisis

Ten Kate ( 2010 ) emphasized the economic costs from a long-running crisis have so far been mostly confined to the touristry industry, consumer sentiment is worsening and concerns are aching. The crisis was hitting assurance, touristry, private ingestion and investing. The United States, Britain, Australia, Japan and other states have warned citizens to reconsider travel programs to Bangkok.

World Travel Service is largely concentrating on the alien tourer so the company besides hitting by this state of affairs. The client ‘s engagement for this twelvemonth is really different to last twelvemonth. Many tourers cancelled flights, hotels, auto rental engagements and other touristry activities. This resulted in another two quarters of a quiet period for Thai touristry. Ryu, S. JR.

( 2005 ) explained that political instability can increase the perceptual experience of hazard at a finish and generates negative promotion, which consequences in an inevitable lessening in tourer reachings. Risk perceptual experience can act upon tourist decision-making and finishs can be badly affected.

High Fuel Monetary values Affect Tourism

The fuel monetary value is increasing, so it ‘s consequence to all industries.

World Travel Service is straight affected by fuel monetary value because all activities of company use the vehicle for transit. The elevation of fuel monetary value additions the cost of the company but they could merely somewhat put on the monetary value of their merchandise. So they have to fix themselves for grip this thing.

Hupp ( 2008 ) explained that hotels, sails, air hoses, travel agent and others in the travel industry are affected negatively by high oil monetary values because transit costs are higher, and consumers are passing less because of emphasis on their budgets.


Update company web site.

The web site of WTS is far more out of day of the month, The Company have been operate as the largest and oldest travel bureau of Thailand but somehow about the company profiles is merely four paragraph long which some clip make to company non derive more trusts from the client.

There ‘re many things that we can set on the web site such as images from the past until nowadays, which transportations they were used from the past to now and besides the figure of tourer who utilizing the company service. As now E-tourism is really popular, people would wish to seek from the cyberspace about the company and monetary value and the circuit plans before they make a determination to purchasing it. So it ‘s really necessary to develop the company website instantly. Mason ( 2008 ) explained that information about touristry merchandise is critical to help the consumer in doing pick. Electronic signifiers of messages about touristry merchandises have certain advantages over printed beginning.

Electronic signifiers can be more up-to-date and therefore topical, they can be more ocular and in relation to computerized systems. Increasingly, consumers are utilizing cyberspace sites for planning, seeking, reserving and buying touristry merchandises.

Improve more installations in Guest Lobby Area.

The installations around the response country are really hapless, for illustration the chairs are non nice and uncomfortable and there is merely one couch for invitees to sit.

Those who come early grab a good place and for those who came tardily sometime have to sit outside or place on a little chairs which is non suited for our invitees who really have a big organic structure. Besides for our invitees who spend over 2,000 tical for a full twenty-four hours circuit and around 1,000 tical for a half twenty-four hours tour, this is expensive and I think the invitees are looking frontward to hold a best of their clip in Thailand by taking the Tours with us started from a first minute when they arrived until the terminal of the circuit. ICRA evaluation, ( 2009 ) discussed that the quality of company ‘s belongings is straight consequence to the image of concern. It ‘s non merely to pull the clients, but besides create the trade name trueness.

The betterment of transit

The company should better their fleets to catch up with tendency in order to remain as a taking travel bureau of Thailand from illustration the figure of the company fleets is about 100, and half of that includes the old series of Toyota Camry and Mercedes Benz coach are really old. Particularly for the coach that have been utilizing for over 20years old, many times it has break down while utilizing on the Tours. This is a large job for us to work out this jobs such as happening a local cab in order to convey the invitees to the closest finish to wait for other transit that come from Bangkok to pick the invitees.

This procedure takes long clip for everyone and of cause doing dissatisfy to the invitees that they have to be waiting for so long which after all affect our company trade name. Lamp and Davidson ( 1996 ) emphasized that the buyer of touristry merchandise must see the trip to entree the merchandise, the quality of the transit experience becomes an of import facet of the tourer experience and, hence a cardinal standard that enters into finish pick.

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