If you asked Lemon Brown if he had a hoarded wealth. he would react. “Every adult male got a hoarded wealth! You don’t cognize that. you must be a sap! ” This is one of the subjects in “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” by Walter Dean Myers. I chose to compose a response to this narrative because I liked the subjects and lessons I’ve learned from it. Some of my hoarded wealths are one stuffed animate being and a kind of action figure I put together when I was younger. In the beginning. Greg storms out of the house after having a talk from his male parent. an action I can associate to. The first thing I thought when I read this was “Wow. this kid’s got some backbones. to go forth in the center of the dark. in a storm. ” I can associate to his ramping out of the house to when I roll my eyes after my ma lectures me. lock myself in my room. and lose myself in music. I frequently slam the door shut. I thought of many different scenarios as he reached the tenement.

He could be kidnapped. shooting. acquire lost. anything could hold happened to Greg. As the narrative progressed. I learned with Greg that I should value my household and friends while I have them. When I was younger. I didn’t truly believe anyone near to me could decease. Now. that I’m older. I know that my grandparents’ life could stop any twenty-four hours ; that my household or friends could be killed in a auto clang ; that I could be murdered. I learned with Greg that. if a war aroused. my brothers or male parent could be sent in to contend. I know now to value my household and friends. I think I’m like Greg a batch in one manner. He asked Lemon Brown many times if he’s O.K. . When person near to me gets hurt. or looks injured or like they’re feeling bad. I ask a batch of times to see if they’re O.K. . If they answer that they’re O.K. . and state me non to worry. I still worry. I look over at them a batch to see if they’re O.K. . to seek to see how to do them experience better.

To me. “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” has two subjects. The first 1 is to value your household and friends. The 2nd 1 is that every adult male has a hoarded wealth. I like these two subjects because I can associate to them. I ne’er valued my household much earlier. In fact. before I lived a whole continent off from the bulk of my household. As for the 2nd subject. I’ve ever had a few playthings that are really particular to me. For illustration. there was this one plaything I had every twenty-four hours and I took everyplace in the house until I lost it when I was about five old ages old. It was a immense sitting aureate retriever fluffy plaything. Then I got a plaything tiger. which I called Cheetah. I still have it and value it greatly. There was besides a plaything tiger that neighbours were throwing out. It was immense like the aureate retriever. but it was a tiger lying down. My parents made me throw it out once more. and I remember one image. which made it look a spot like it was a existent tiger. Overall. I wholly adored this narrative.

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