The Trojan War was between the Greeks and the people of Troy. a war that was to influences people in literature and humanistic disciplines for centuries. The two powerful Gods. Zeus and Poseidon attempt to coerce sea-goddess Thetis to put with them. Themis or Prometheus warned the Gods that any boy Thetis borne would go greater than his male parent. and in Zeus’ instance. would likely one twenty-four hours regulation Olympus. Zeus decided to rapidly get marrieding Thetis off to a person. Pelus. boy of Aeacus. was chosen by Zeus as the most worthy of persons. Feeling slighted. Eris threw a aureate apple in the mist of the weeding inscribed “For the fairest” . cognizing that it would do jobs when three powerful goddesses wished to claim the award as the fairest: Here. Athena and Aphrodite. The three goddesses asked Zeus to be their justice. However. Zeus directed Hermes to mention the arbitration to Paris. a Trojan prince. the immature boy of Priam and Hecuba.

Each goddess offered to honor him if he chose her. Athena offered to do him go a great hero or general ; Hera offered to do him ruler of the richest and powerful land ; while Aphrodite offered him the most beautiful adult female in the universe in matrimony: Helen of Sparta. Paris unwisely decided in Aphrodite’s favour and awarded her the aureate apple as the fairest of them all. Troy was to endure the hostility of the two most powerful goddesses. Paris was populating in Mount Ida with his married woman. Oenone. a mountain nymph. but he abandoned her for Helen. He had been warned by his brother and sister that he would do the ruin of Troy if he sailed on this journey but he would non listen. Paris became the invitee of Menelaus and Helen. Aphrodite made Helen autumn in love with the Trojan prince as agreed. When Menelaus went to go to his grandfather’s funeral in Crete. Helen ran off to Troy with Paris with most of the hoarded wealths in Sparta. The events that caused the Trojan War.

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