The gods were very important to the Egyptians.

They had spent most of their time taking care of the god’s temples. They had many temples and priests for the gods. They also had many myths but there are two really important ones. They also had many gods but had main gods that they believed were the most important. The gods were an essential part of Egyptian life.   The Egyptians had different gods for different purposes.

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Thoth is the god of wisdom and scribes. He is usually seen with a head of an ibis bird or baboon. When the soul is judged in the afterlife he records the result.

Isis is the mother of Hours and is the god of medicine, magic, and grain. Hathor is the goddess of love and is pictured as a cow. Taweret is the goddess of childbirth and protects children. She is pictured as a hippo. Amun is the first king of the gods in the New Kingdom and is the god of Thebes. Sekhmet is the goddess of war and is pictured as a lioness. Ma’at is the goddess of justice, order, truth, and morality.

Aten was the only god when Akhenaten ruled. He also was only a god when Akhenaten ruled. After Akhenaten died the people in Egypt went back to believing what they believed before Akhenaten ruled.

Ra is the sun god and is one of the most powerful gods. He is seen with a ram head, falcon or beetle. Geb is the god of the earth and was one of the first gods to appear at the beginning of time. He is seen as a man of the earth with forests, rivers, and hills all over his body. Nut is the goddess of the sky and is seen as a woman with skin like the night sky. The people of Egypt had diverse gods for different reasons.

 The priests in Egypt did many different jobs. The number of priests depended on how big the temple was or how important the god was. Some jobs the priests did was protecting the temple, taking care of the temple, prepared for festivals, cooking meals, scribes, astronomers, manage funerals, giving the god offerings and write religious text. The king was usually the high priest or picked the high priest. The high priest did the most important rituals.

Priestess did ceremony dances and rituals. They also played instruments by shaking sistra an instrument the Egyptians used that had a metal frame and rattles when it is shaken, played harps, tambourines and sang. Every day at dawn they took the god out of the temple. Priests washed the statue and gave offerings to the god. They undressed the god and cleaned it with water. Then they redressed it in clean linen.

Before the statue went back to the temple jewelry was put on it. During this ritual, there was usually chanting and singing. They also had festivals to celebrate the gods.

Unlike rituals for the gods, many festivals were open to people that are not priests.The priests in Egypt had multiple jobs.

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