The narrative is all about valuing every small thing around you. In this narrative there is a Grandfather who wants his Grandson to larn how to value things around him that’s why when his Grandfather passed away his Grandfather give him series of gifts: * The Gift of Work – in the narrative the gramps wants Jason Stevens to larn how to work for his ain demands.

He wants him to cognize how difficult it is to gain money. Not merely doing money he will ne’er run into any adversities in his life if he faces jobs because he can already make anything. * Learning:I may non be working now but in the hereafter I will work for my ain demands. At first. for certain it would be so difficult for me but after a few hebdomads or months either It would be simple I think… Hope so.

* The Gift of Money – this gift wants him how to cognize how to pass his money wiser. Yes he has everything here but he must besides cognize the value of it there are excessively many people working hard for this merely to hold nutrients for their household. his gramps wants him to cognize its worth. * Learning:Money is the beginning of immorality. We can conceive of that money can be greedier for one of us. If we have a batch of money our life would be excessively hazardous. Money is non our beginnings in our life that we consider to hike our self-esteem into more avaricious affairs.* The Gift of Friends – this gift thought him how to value or cognize the worth of friendly relationship.

At first he doesn’t even attention of the things he made or state to person he merely thinks of his ego but afterwards he so realizedhow of import it is to hold friends. * Learning:
A smart individual is known by the good character and traits as a friend. A friend that a shoulder to shout on. A friend who would be with you no affair what. A friend so.

A friend take me who* Gift of Learning – this gift made him recognize how of import those simple things to his gramps like a simple library though it doesn’t truly of import to him on his childhood. * Learning:Learning is ability to make so. Learn how to be with yourself to stand up for your rights. In ability to do yourself more confident in many ways. This can do you smarter.

* The Gift of Problems – this gift was all about on how to get the better of holding nil in life no money. no shelter. and no nutrient to eat. This gift wants him to get down over once more to cognize how difficult it is on losing everything he has. He must confront every challenge for him to be brave adequate and be more winning in the hereafter. * Learning:God will ne’er give us a job that we can non work out. We struggle and battle.

And if we choose the right you don’t have a job in your life.* The Gift of Family – the gift wants him to cognize the existent significance of household. In the narrative Jason and his household had a Thanksgiving that he thinks would assist them to be more united but so it doesn’t even alteration anything with his household. In the terminal he found the existent household with Alexia and her girl Emily they make him recognize how of import it is holding a household and it is besides of import on how you’ll make determinations sing to your household. * Learning:Family that prays together stays together.

Family is our foundation of good moral values. Honor your household by maintaining a good attitude even when you don’t want to. A good attitude includes stating good words about them you can make it. it’s worth a long life and win large points with your household is a great gift of God.* The Gift of Laughter – this gift thought him how to express joy at jobs. In life we face different jobs but we must non bury how to express joy because this might decrease the difficult feelings that we have.

* Learning:The best manner to hearten you is to seek to hearten yourself is to seek to hearten person else up. This gift is person who can express joy with you in times when you have a job.* The Gift of Dreams – in this narrative Jason is some like in prison of his ain ego but even if he don’t cognize if he has a dreams he learn how to make full up the dreams of others. * Learning:Dreams are our greatest way in our life. We dream. we achieve our end. dreams for me is a gift of God that even a kid is want to woolgather beautiful.

I am a dreamer with so much religion in life. because to woolgather is non impossible for as to accomplish.
* The Gift of Giving – this was all about sharing what you have to others. Yes. Jason has everything here but he must cognize how to portion his approvals to others that in demand so much. Alternatively of passing it to non-sense things he merely helps Alexia and Emily. * Learning:Giving each other is a heartwarming.

gift of giving can be more thankful and good determination likewise it is better to give than to have. portion your approval by giving it to person who use to cognize.* The Giving of Gratitude – This was about how to mentality of things people did good to us. It is of import to thank people who helped us it’s non difficult to thank them but through this they would experience better and happy without anticipating something in return simple thanks would make. * Learning:Gratitude is doing our self-pride more loath you find yourself more consider in your life as a gift of God. We are proud to be in a positive manner.

* The Gift of a Day – this gift was about care foring every 2nd and every minute of each twenty-four hours with your loved 1s. Life is excessively short to pass to non-sense things ; we must measure or give worth of the things we make with our household. * Learning:For me this is a gift of God that we can ne’er be burying in mundane life. Day is our greatest twenty-four hours every minute and hr. Think of positive twenty-four hours so that your life can be more meaningful and full of love be happy and be beautiful because God is our visible radiation in a twenty-four hours.

Be grateful for the twenty-four hours that life’s worth it.* The Gift of Love – love is the most of import thing. If you know how to love you’ll be happy. But you must larn how to love foremost yourself before everything else. * Learning:Life sees no bounds. no secrets.

no bounds but if you love through adequate for your love 1s you consider your self-pride more positive in any ways don’t love excessively much because we might be afraid to free person we love.
“Life is excessively short. so better be wiser disbursement it with your loved 1s. ”

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