The importance of quality service bringing in the cordial reception industry is really important due to the fact it has to make with touristry ; touristry is one of Jamaicas most foreign exchange incomes so it is imperative that the industry provides quality services.

The finish would merely accomplish its stigmatization purpose, which states ; to do Jamaica the figure on premier finish it has to set quality of service at the top of its precedence list.

One of the requirement of being a sustainable and successful finish is the quality of service it delivers to its clients. Even though ( notes, 2012 ) services is a physical grounds which is intangible, clients look for these physical hints to steer them when looking for quality. Peoples are a major factor, in how public presentation influence the quality of service is delivered and perceived.

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In order for Jamaica to prolong growing, development and maintain competiveness within the industry more accent must be topographic point in good client service, different programs could set in topographic point for preparation of individual within that field.

The more trained forces the industry has the higher quality of services will be given, the service is frequently times the ground for a individual to re-visit or urge to person else is the quality of services they have experience.

The difference between service bringing, in the cordial reception industry and service bringing in other concern.

The service bringing in the cordial reception industry is frequently clip better, even though that should non be the instance. The quality of service is to be every bit distributed. Within the cordial reception industry, the quality of service is more apparent than that of other concern.

It must be taken into history that it can non be generalized nevertheless the nature of each concern could set it service to fit its concern, I think one the major difference between to the two is that touristry is geared towards merchandise service, even though tourer will get service from other concern.


Identify the pros and cons of community based touristry and discourse the deductions on the state as a whole.

Harmonizing ( Class notes, 2012 ) it is said that the industry should be an inclusive one and non an sole 1.


The engagement of the community on a whole is that the locals should be involved in the planning and development before the determination procedure, for major undertakings in order for a successful sustainable program.


The engagement of the community within the touristry industry plays a really of import function, as said that the

Planing should be from bottom up and non top-bottom. This confirms the importance of locals into the planning, whenever they are issues most frequently times developers or stakeholders may non cognize of what is truly happening, because they are non at that degree and can non see into it. Sometimes there are-underlying factor which they do non see every bit good, but with the constitution of community based touristry jobs may easy place to extinguish future jobs and loss of investings every bit good as negative impact on the state as a whole.


The proviso of occupations is indispensable to the individual of the community, so the habit feel left out, this will make a sense of pride knowing that are excessively profiting from the tourer as good. This besides helps to cut down torments and force towards the tourer and even stakeholders.


This can convey alterations and betterment to the people of the community life and life manner, the community becomes developed where as they can now benefits from these merely to call a few ;

New Roads

Upgraded Infrastructure

Sport Centers

Health Centers

Transportation system

Shoping Promenades


Harmonizing ( notes, 2012 ) the locals feelings should be taken into consideration when doing major programs for a community.

The deficiency of engagement of the community in the planning and development procedure can take to displacement of household, relationship, tradition, civilization and alterations of life manner. These things truly have a negative impact on the community and the state at big, as consequences of this causes uncertainness and instability within the community, which sometimes causes strain on the authorities that frequently times do trickle down effects to its citizens.

Harmonizing to ( notes, 2012 ) states the entire experience of a tourer depends on the welcoming of the host state. The deficiency of engagement gives the locals of the community a feeling of deficiency of ownership ; this may lend in them taking less pride of the merchandise offered to the tourer that can impact the visitant ‘s experience.


Harassments frequently clip go on when the local are being left out of non being a portion of the experience and merchandise that is offered to the tourer. They frequently clip experience invaded or striped of what they felt that belongs to them, which leads to the torment of tourer.

The alterations of civilization within a peculiar can be classified as commodification this takes off the ethnics and reliable valve from the occupants of the community. This truly takes topographic point when the satisfaction of the tourer topographic point above the occupant ‘s civilization and cultural, because they adjustments has to be made to basic values. New things will be introduce to them, where standardisation takes topographic points merely to fulfill the demands of the tourer. Adapting to the alterations that been made can present existent job for the people of the community. The clangs of civilization seems inevitable due to the demand of touristry nevertheless when this occurs through of the phases euphoria. At some point, annoyance can take topographic point.


The assorted Caribbean states has diverse of factors which leads tourer nevertheless the chief factors of travels to these finish are ;






Scenery / Vegetation

Exchange of civilization


It is said that touristry can non be touch, so one time the money is spent it has gone, you will merely hold the experience to bask or retrieve. Once a individual has an experience, the memories stay for a long clip or even a life-time particularly if it has sentimental values related.


Most Caribbean has some of the most beautiful beaches, as a consequences tourer gravitate to these locations for diversion, relaxation and enjoyment, whether in groups, household individual or twosome. The ambiance of the beaches and Sun enhance he victors experience to the finish.


The different resorts cater to the demands of peculiar persons ; these resorts normally provide the different comfortss, adjustments and amusement that suites and fulfill their demands. Sometimes their place state does non offer these types of merchandises.


Most Caribbean states has warm conditions for most portion of the twelvemonth, most individual tends to travel to these Caribbean state due to the clime in their place state. A perfect illustration of this is when the visitants visit when its wintertime.


Most Caribbean has fantastic and beautiful scenery and exuberant flora that creates a magnificent atmosphere ; Jamaica is a premier illustration of this luxury. This type environment helps to make peace and repose that most travellers seek to happen when holidaying. Example of these is:


Flora & A ; Fauna




As said, people travel for many different grounds, in which civilization is one of those peculiar grounds. Most Caribbean to hold really interesting and diverse heritage in which individual normally wants a gustatory sensation of, nevertheless it sometimes is for researching intents.

Some of the Caribbean moral force characteristics




Art Galleries


Peoples ( Attitude, Values )

Particular Events

Sometimes tourist visits the Caribbean state for particular events such as


Jazz & A ; Bluess

Reggae Sumfest

Food Festivals






Car/Bikes shows


Tourism Summit

Health Seminars

International Foods Awards


The Travel and Tourism Sector

Name: Stacey Maye

School: Colbourne College

Lector: Ms. Branch

Date: October 27, 2012


This undertaking is a demand of the Colbourne College that entails the tailing of a director ; this research will supply the research worker with more cognition of day-to-day pull offing a organisation in the cordial reception industry. The cordial reception industry of pick was the Tropical Chinese Cuisine, the constitution came in being in ( ) which is located in Kingston in the busy street of Changeless Spring Road. A household consisting of three ( 3 ) members operates this organisation, which prepares purely reliable Chinese repasts, they offer Take out, Dining and Delivery service to in and around the cooperate country. The operation of this concern is rather different from the typical operation of a concern, because Chinese are alone people, they have different values and beliefs particularly when it comes to working ; they are a strong truster of multi-tasking and working under utmost force per unit area.

With this mentally the groups is placed in strategically point within the organisation, for illustration Mr. Fred Chai the laminitis, Head Chef and Executive Manager, Mr. Christopher Chai Managing Director, Mrs. Chai, Cashier, and Overseer.

They are unfastened seven yearss of the hebdomad, 10: am-10: pm every twenty-four hours all twelvemonth about except on Good Friday and Christmas Day, it has a sum of ( 14 ) staff members.


How would you des depict your occupation in one sentence

How many staff are employed to the organisation

What is your organisation construction like

What are the per centum of clients you have on a day-to-day


Who are your major rival

Is this eating house diversified

What are your major challenges in this signifier of concern

Is the location plays a major function in the growing of the concern

Are there publicity available in the organisation

What your day-to-day duties

What method is used of cost control

Are you satisfy with the degree at which individual leave these establishments

What measures can be taken to prolong the industry quality

What are your future programs for the cordial reception industry

What do you like best about the occupation


The location that was chosen was the Tropical Chinese Cuisine, located at 134 Changeless Spring Road store # 6, 7. This eating house offers Take Out, Booming and Delivery Service this eating house operated by three household members and consists of 4th adolescent staff ( 14 ) and 3 chefs ; the staffing is separated in to different groups. There they have the dining staff, kitchen staff, the dining is consisted of seven people which includes three waitress, one server, one return out forces, a carrier and a bringing force.

The kitchen is dwelling of two homeworks, a washer, a Jamaican chef and two-kitchen assistant. It besides has two head and the teller, which are the directors of the eating house

During the period of clip I spent the it seems to be a really cool topographic point where most individual come to hang out, clients could be seen in and out both take out booming and bringing the phone could be heard pealing off the hook.

How the Restaurant Function on a Typical Day

On day-to-day footing the eating house is unfastened at nine 30 in the forenoon to staff members this allows the staff to do all the necessary readying for the yearss occupation, at about elven o’clock the eating house is unfastened to the populace. All members of staff including the director are prepared for the first busiest portion of the afternoon “ lunch clip ” , this location seem to a really productive one based on the fact a commercial environment surrounds it.

Tropical Chinese Cuisine seems to provide to high cliental of upper category individual and concern topographic points, nevertheless concern began to decelerate down and picks up back five-six o’clock that is when dinner started functioning until its stopping points at 10 p.m. When asked Mr. Chai the caput main how does he managed the day-to-day map of the concern and cook at the same clip, he sigh he says at times it can be boring but because of the squad work it makes it a batch easier, they would take footings to cook and to make the books and supplies.


Mr. Chai states that Satisfaction, quality and consistence is their figure one precedence, the clients is taken in consideration at all times and he besides that the attempt to installations to particular demands and the fact that the nutrient is done to order this put them is comfy place cognizing that they has a opportunity of doing it right.

“ Yes we do hold rivals ” he said, this country is a competitory one but that ‘s the ground why they have big bill of fare option and good trained staff this will assist cut down waiting clip, he besides states that the atmosphere is besides appealing along with efficient and quality service keeps clients coming back for more.

When asked Christopher Chai his sentiment on the competition he says that even though there are a batch of eating house including Chinese every bit good the competition is non truly a tight one due to the fact that hold their evidences

Features needed to prolong in the industry such as this 1 he says, is the desire and motive to make what you do each twenty-four hours, the vision for betterment, being self-asserting, confident and non afraid to take hazard, the desire to go a better individual to make the ultimate finish.

Form what observed while shadowing the Chai household constructing good relationships with the employees helps to better the quality of service and it increases the degree of honestness and trueness between him and employees.


His position on the fiscal portion of the concern is that for the most portion concern in non bad, even though it has its season as good, concern could boom more if the operating expense cost is “ cut down ” . The addition of electricity measure and sliding of the dollars does hold its negative consequence. However is says they are thankful for place at which they are, when the state hit recession it had a major impact both straight and indirectly. He besides stated that in their slow season late August and January, when individual are concentrating more on school disbursal they accumulate gross about 1.5 million dollars per month, when the season is regulated they earned an estimation of 2.5 million or a small over per month. He said that they offer providing service of parties and other maps particularly when it is coming on to the gay season, which plays a major function in gross in return.

The position of individual go forthing some preparation plans and secondary high school are frequently clip low in footings of quality service, he said that most younger individual tends non to desire to work hard, and the age group falls between 18-25 old ages of age. However whenever they employ any one, they normally do the preparation in order to run into the standards that suits the company ‘s civilization. His ideas are that the cordial reception industry is merely a stage in your life which can gives the person the chance and assist you to market yourself and do yourself known. It helps them to go more accurate on how to delight others in footings of client service and besides helps you to go more focussed and settled persons, and by the clip that stage ends you would hold an thought of what it is that you really want to make with your life. His position is that this industry is for a short term and non a long-run period, so you should “ acquire involved when you ‘re immature and merely when you ‘re immature. ” He said it calls for concerns that much accent is non placed on cordial reception and quality of service on which the state rely on Os much, cognizing that touristry is Jamaica ‘s chief foreign exchange earner


“ We are looking at a bright programs for enlargement of a another eating house which is already on its ways, he sounded aroused, the new eating house is intended to be a five star, that will hold more chefs and utilize a server merely service.

He said that is chief duties of the trough and a chef is guarantee that client are satisfied externally and to do certain the concern disbursal and demands are meet along with the personal businesss of the staff are besides meet internally.

What the best thing he liked about the occupation

“ Of class a satisfied client ” he chuckles, after fixing for big group or a individual and take a walk to the dining floor and see every one ‘s eating it truly makes me happy. That is why I placed much accent on consistence it truly creates a dependable merchandise.


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