Virtue is non something abstract. detached from life. but. on the contrary. it has deep “roots” in life itself. it springs from the latter signifiers it. Virtue has an impact on man’s life itself. on his actions and behaviour. It follows that in all these contemplations of ours. we are talking non so much of the virtuousness of adult male as a life and moving “virtuously” ; we are talking of the prudent. merely and brave adult male. and eventually. exactly today. we are talking of the “temperate” ( or “sober” ) adult male.

The term “temperance” itself seems in a certain manner to mention to what is “outside man” . We say. in fact. that a temperate adult male is one who does non mistreat nutrient. drinks. pleasances. who does non imbibe intoxicant to extra. who does non strip himself of consciousness by the usage of drugs. etc. This mention to elements external to adult male has its footing. nevertheless. within adult male. It is as if there existed in each of us a “higher self” and a lower self” . In our “lower self” . our “body” and everything that belongs to it is expressed: its demands. its desires. its passions of a animal nature peculiarly.

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The virtuousness of moderation warrants every adult male command of the “lower self” by the “higher self” . Is this humiliation of our organic structure? Or a disablement? On the contrary. this command gives higher value to the organic structure. As a consequence of the virtuousness of moderation. the organic structure and our senses find the right topographic point which pertains to them in our human status.

A temperate adult male is one who is maestro of himself. One in whom passions do non predominate over ground. will and even the “heart” . A adult male who can command himself. If this is so. we can easy recognize what a cardinal and extremist value the virtuousness of moderation has. It is even indispensable. in order that adult male may be to the full adult male. It is adequate to look at person who. carried off by his passions. becomes a “victim” of them-renouncing of his ain agreement the usage of ground ( such as. for illustration. an alcoholic. a drug nut ) – to see. clearly that: to be a adult male “means esteeming one’s ain self-respect. and hence. among others things. allowing oneself be guided by the virtuousness of moderation.

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