The movie Risen is about the first forty days following the resurrection
of Jesus Christ. It is is seen through the eyes of a Roman soldier who was not
a believer of Jesus. He was chosen to explore the areas surrounding him to
find the body of Jesus that miraculously disappeared.

The movie begins with Clavius who is our protagonist. Pontius Pilate
summons Clavius so that he can explain himself for having to crucify Jesus of
Nazareth. They then attend the crucifixion. Jesus is held on a cross with a
crown of thorns upon his head. There are two other thieves who are being
crucified on their own crosses at the same time as Jesus. There are many
people in attendance at the crucifixion. After a while, Clavius orders a soldier
to end the suffering of those being crucified. The soldier pierces the side of
Jesus as he does this, the entire Earth shakes. Clavius looks up at Jesus after
the chaos comes to an end and there is a single bloody tear falling from his
eye. Jesus’ body is then brought and placed into a tomb made of stone. There
are two men who are instructed to guard the tomb but decide to drink wine
instead. Closely after, the sealed tomb was tampered with and the boulder
that was closing the tomb was moved. Upon going into the tomb, Jesus’ body
was gone. Upon hearing the news, Pontus Pilate has Clavius begin an
expedition to find Jesus’ body. Lucius is given the task of being Clavius’ right
hand man and being his partner for this expedition. The search for Jesus’
body begins with Clavius seeking out and interviewing people who were both
close to and knew Jesus. They have no information on the location of his body
and tell him to find Mary Magdalene. This turns into a chase and ends with
her not having any answers for them. The search for his body continues when
they seek out the guards who were supposed to be guarding the tomb. One of
the guards admits to drinking while guarding. He also tells Clavius that he
saw a blinding light that emerged from the tomb. Clavius believes that it is a
hallucination due to the fact that they were drinking. Lucius and Clavius then
go to observe the bodies of those who recently passed away. They find a body
that is not recognizable and returned it to Pontus Pilate. They claimed it was
Jesus. As the movie goes on, Clavius finds himself at a house with Mary
Magdalene, the Disciples, and Jesus himself. Jesus suddenly disappears like a
ghost. The Disciples leave to begin their journey to Galilee- Clavius joins them.
During the night, Clavius sees Jesus and sits to speak with him. Clavius breaks

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off from the Disciples and returns to home. He is asked if he actually believes
in what he saw and in Jesus Christ. Clavius confirms that he actually believes
in Jesus and that something changed in him. 

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