The transformation of energy from one form to another plays
the most important role in our everyday work. The development of science and
civilization is closely linked to the availability of energy in useful forms.
Earth would be crippled without energy. We use different forms of energy here
on earth, but all of them directly or indirectly originate with the sun. Every
morning it rises bringing light and heat to the earth and sets in the evening.

The energy coming from the sun is known as solar energy. We
get it in the form of light and heat. By the process of photosynthesis plants
converts it into chemical energy which remains kept in the food. That is why
life on earth still exists.

Solar energy is produced by collecting sunlight and
transforming it into other energy forms like electrical or mechanical energy.
The sun sends more energy to the earth in only one hour than the whole planet
needs in a year. So the scientists are trying to improve the process of
capturing it. Photovoltaic cells, also known as solar cells converts sunlight
into electricity. Then this electricity can be converted to other energies very

The benefits of solar power beyond description. The lifespan
of the sun is of billions of years. So as long as the sun exists, solar power
exists. It is the most available renewable energy in the world. On addition, it
causes no harm to the environment since it is pollution-less. In rural areas
many families use this energy for their household purposes. Even in Sajek
Valley, a renowned tourist spot of Bangladesh is totally dependent on the
energy coming from the sun.

The uses of solar power are increasing & the process of
using it at its best is developing day by day. Other sources of energy in the world
might fade away, but solar energy is everlasting. So the future of the world
slightly relies on how we use this unbounded energy for the sake of mankind.

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