The World And Wordsworth Essay, Research PaperWilliam Wordsworth wrote a verse form called The World is Too Much With Us.

In this poem Wordsworth gives a warning to his coevals. This warning is that they are losing sight of what is really of import in this universe: nature and God. To some people both of these are the same thing. As if deficient grasp for the natural gifts of God is non sin plenty, we add to it the abuse of pride for our colza of His land. With his words, Wordsworth makes this message everlasting.

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Let us look at the first four lines of the verse form: The universe is excessively much with us ; late and shortly, / Getting and disbursement, we lay waste our powers ; / Little we see in Nature that is ours ; / We have given our Black Marias off, a seamy blessing! As I read this, four things come to my head: philistinism, thriftlessness, selfishness, and the deficiency of regard for life ( i.e. harlotry, slaying, abortion ) .

If you think about the clip period that this was written and today, are these things non truer today than they were when they were written. In today s civilization are we non a society of usage what you want and waste what you don t consume. When reading the third line of this poem the thought that we are raised in a society that says I am non a portion of nature and that all my demands do non blend with the thought of nature comes to my head.In the undermentioned versus organize The World Wordsworth gives life to nature through his words and explains to us nature s torment and hurting. The air currents that will be ululating at all hours, / And are up-gathered now like kiping flowers, / For this, for everything, we are out of melody ; / It moves us non. -Great God! We do non listen, for we are non in melody with nature. We are non in melody because we are excessively of import to ourselves that we may non listen to set down, weave, rain, or sea. Between the following two thoughts I do non cognize which would be the greatest wickedness: the loot of the Earth s natural beauty or adult male s agonizing inhumaneness toward his fellow brother.

If I were given a pick I would hold to take the later.One can state that this verse form is a Romantic verse form because of the fact that it is filled with the love of natural things and the usage of the imaginativeness and emotion. These are merely a few of the many things that are used in a Romantic verse form but for Wordsworth it was plenty.

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