Formulation jobs. In the aftermath of the fiscal crisis.

Bankss around the universe are holding to accommodate to a really different – and rapidly-changing – economic. regulative and concern environment. Ongoing displacements in client behaviour and progresss in engineering are altering non merely what clients expect of Bankss. but besides how Bankss and non-bank rivals deliver fiscal services. Banks play a critical function in the modernisation of the economic system. The figure of bank clients is continuously turning. every bit good as their demands to assorted banking merchandises and services.

With the addition of client base of the bank a fraud hazards will necessarily turn excessively. which cause non merely fiscal. but besides reputational losingss. It should besides be noted that jobs with the designation of clients can non merely make a hazard of incurring fiscal losingss by recognition establishment. but besides cause countenances used by regulators because of misdemeanor of ordinances. World experience and the activities of several universe known Bankss indicate that biometric engineering are effectual in minimising these hazards. In this research. I studied biometric hallmark methods used in different banking operations.

At last. I discuss about solutions for betterment of hallmark for Ukraine’s banking system. The function of biometries in banking were researched by such scientists as Landon B. . Ratha N.

K. . Connell G. H.

. Williams G. O. .

and others [ 1 ] . The purpose of the survey is to turn out that biometry is critical portion of banking system of the hereafter and to give practical illustrations of its execution in Ukraine. Obtained consequences: Research show us that among the world’s Bankss that use biometric engineering. 52 % are located in Asia.

The 2nd continent with the bulk of Bankss is America that includes 32 % of all. Among the Bankss in the universe that use biometric engineering. fingerprint is the most practical biometric techniques.

Approximately 48 % of the Bankss of my study usage fingerprint in different operations. The following biometric engineerings that used largely by the Bankss are finger vein form and voice biometric with approximately 12 % . Other biometric engineerings with less than 10 % are severally: manus vena.

flag. signature. manus geometry.

face. key stroke and manus scan [ 2 ] .Approximately 45 % of the Bankss in the universe usage biometries in ATM banking. and about 24 % of them benefit from this hallmark method in their entree control systems.

Analysis of biometries possibilities leads to the decision of its following benefits: – Minimization of the hazard while loan portfolio additions. Quickly and efficaciously designation and halt of efforts of fraud by clients every bit good as by the staff ; – Bettering the quality of client service and increasing their trueness ; important acceleration of client service ; – Reduction of costs of the bank. Raising labour productiveness of extremely paid specializers ; – Further strengthening of Bank image. which additions a repute as a modern hi-tech fiscal establishment and can rapidly accommodate harmonizing to new fortunes ; – Ensuring of transparence of concern procedures and the truth of direction information [ 3 ] ; Harmonizing to banking on biometries in the world’s Bankss I developed recommendation of how we can utilize an hallmark biometric theoretical account in Ukraine banking system: – Branch banking utilizing biometrics- Banks should put in biometric scanners in their subdivisions.When clients visit the bank.

they go to the counter and authenticate themselves through scanning their biometric traits. Fingerprint engineering could be a good solution to use in subdivision banking. because it easy to utilize and its scanners are low-priced [ 4 ] . – ATM banking utilizing biometrics- Banks should fit their ATMs with biometric scanners. Finger vein form is a really good biometric solution for ATM banking [ 5 ] ; – Internet banking utilizing biometrics- Since many computing machines and laptops have webcams and mikes. there is no demand to put in extra equipments for utilizing voice and face biometries in on-line banking. On the other manus. keystroke biometric can be better solution due to the fact that there is no demand to flush webcams or mikes [ 6 ] ; – Telephone banking utilizing biometrics- Minutess in this type of banking could be performed through a voice hallmark system.

Voiceprint is an acceptable biometric in about all societies. In add-on. due to presence of a mike in phones.

there is no demand to implant extra hardware into telephones. Whenever a client wants to make a dealing through telephone banking. his/her voice form will be authenticated via a voice acknowledgment system [ 7 ] . Decision: Since current hallmark methods in banking systems. such as watchwords and items.

are non perfect solutions and they don’t offer a high degree of security. the necessity for a stronger hallmark method such as biometric is clear. Besides there was no bank in Ukraine that deploys biometric engineering to authenticate its clients. while execution of such a biometric theoretical account in Ukrainian banking system will procure bank minutess. supply fast and convenient services for clients. and so the Bankss could derive the trust of clients.

It’s obvious that Ukrainian banks’ advancement will do in the economic development of the state.Mentions:1. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. infosecwriters. com/text_resources/pdf/Authentication_ Met hods_For_Banking. pdf 2.

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