The secret is out; digital is the new rule of business.  People and businesses who understand this rule are trying to constantly take advantage of the micro moments where a person searches for ‘restaurant near me’ or ‘legal practitioner in my city’ to make sure that they come up first in search results and have a chance to convert a visitor into a client.

Acting as an impartial umpire in the race for who comes up tops in search results is the complex body of algorithms and processes known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is a summary of wide ranging actions that allow you to improve your position in organic or unpaid search results so that a person in need of goods or services sees you first.

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The race to pop up first, increase brand awareness and raise revenue has been powered by many things but none is as effective as good content. If you truly want to stand out and raise your SEO game, we explore how good content can prove cost effective and help you achieve your aim in no time.

It speaks their language

The most important quality of good content that makes it a cost effective approach for SEO is that it speaks the language of potential customers.

You do not need to know a variety of buzz words or corporate jargon to create content that works. All you need to do is put yourself in the shoes of a person looking for a product or service that you offer and answer their queries honestly.

Answer questions on how to install your product, which of your services are ideal for different occasions, the price range of different products in the market or the pros and cons of offered products.

You can also be location specific and provide precise solutions for people in a particular geographical zone.

It forms a community 

Good content when done right takes the conversation out of your hands and puts it in the hands of your customers.

They can write testimonials, get referral codes to bring you new business or share videos of them using your product or service.

This way, the cost and pressure of generating content is out of your hands. Your customers are doing the work for you and driving positive conversation inspired by your initial content.

It has a ripple effect

Good content that was prepared with the customer in mind is always loaded with the potential to go viral.

When you push out content that aims to solve a problem, offering simple and effective solutions, you are creating an opportunity for people to take ownership of it. They start to share across their social media platforms, increasing awareness and driving engagement for you.

In a world, where people routinely come up with quick fixes to SEO with short term gains, the power of content created with intent to interest the customer continues to win in the SEO marketing game.

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