The business study indicates that Company is not
technologically mature and this could affect them and the companies that are
similar to them in the future. In the findings, it is also written that company
is using old and simplistic information systems. The company rely on few key
individuals who are with the company for a long time and they have the
experience and expertise in doing business operations, vendor relationships,
inventory control, and distribution patterns. But, the big problem that the
company is about to encounter is the retirement of these key individuals. They
don’t have the personnel or employees capable of such skills and experience to
replace these employees. Even, if they find such employees who can carry out
these operations, then still it is hard for the company to keep them in the
company for a long time. This is because, now a days, young and new
professionals like to change the environments frequently. They don’t like to be
in the same company for their whole lives. Therefore, they are struggling to
overcome this problem.

In short time, majority of the company key employees are
going to retire and company don’t have employees with the skillset to fit those
important positions. The point is that what should the company do to handle
this issue and succeed to overcome this problem. For this purpose, there are
few recommendations that would help the company. Firstly, Company should adapt
policies in which knowledge sharing across different department is encouraged.
This would help the young and inexperienced employees to learn and have deeper
understanding of how things works in other departments.

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Cross-training can be really useful in order to train young and inexperienced
individuals. Cross-training is a method in which there is a three to six month
assignment or project which allows and enables young employees to gain hands on
experience and expertise in areas of the company which are unfamiliar to them
1. Through this, these young employees will interact with experienced
professionals and this opens an opportunity for them to switch to other roles
in the company.

Moreover, Company can revise their policies regarding
retirement. When an experienced or loyal employee retires, he/she takes all the
knowledge of know-how right along with them. Instead of going into permanent
vocations, those retiring employees can do part-time or consulting roles. This
would be beneficial for both employees and the company itself. 

Through pilot program, American express have created a
process in which retiring individuals will have the option to give up some of
their day to day responsibilities. But, in return they are required to spend
some time mentoring and teaching classes to new and young employees. This would
be beneficial for both the retiring individuals and the company itself. For
employees, they will not only be able to leave gradually but also enjoy time
and portion of previous salary and regular benefits. As far as company is
concerned, this process will educate the existing workforce for future success
of the company.

Furthermore, Individuals sitting on top ranks in the company
have to make sure that while doing cross training and pilot program, older and
experienced professionals don’t feel neglected. This company should make sure
that they don’t signal to old workers that their experience is invaluable or no
longer needed. Company can help facilitate cross generational learning by
reminding that there is so much to be learned from different perspectives. This
will reduce feelings of discrimination that older and loyal employees are
starting to feel as company starts transition from older employees to young and
inexperienced employees.

In addition to that, young employees, now a days, prefer not
to stick to one employer for their whole lives. Keeping that in mind, Company
should adapt such strategies in which if an employee, in the future decides to
leave the job, then they must have certain policies in place so that they are
able to fill that position with some other employee.

Smooth transition from highly experienced retiring employees
to young and inexperienced employees is really important for a company’s
success and productivity. In today’s highly competitive market, for a small
Company, to sustain and proactively preserve the wealth of institutional
knowledge in order to drive the company’s productivity, it should consider the
above mentioned recommendations.

In today’s world, technology in business has become a
necessity. It is hard to imagine to have a business without technology.
Business breeds business and technology has paved the way for innovation so
business can’t be sustained without technology. In the recent years, technology
has tremendous amount of influence in growth of commerce and trade. Businesses
would not have evolved that much as they are today if it was not for

For businesses, investing in technology bring a number of
advantages. Computers have become more powerful and the price has decreased
significantly that even small businesses don’t hesitate to use. Technology has
automated daily tasks, thus reducing labor work and allowing the employees to
concentrate on more important tasks. Technology also brings advantages in
communication. With advent of mobile phones, employees can contact the
customers using the mobile phones without conducting the meeting.

Technology also brings a lot of advantages when it comes to
storage. Previously, Companies have to allocate space for storing documents.
But, with technology, we only need to scan the documents and store it in the
database. It not only increases the productivity but also reduce cost and
resources. There are plenty of information tools that technology provides that
enable business analysts to quickly identify trends and find areas where a
company can make profits and succeed.

In the Study case, this small distribution company have
simplistic information systems and the technology used in the Company is not
mature. This means that they are still using old methods and processes for
their routine tasks. There are lot of hidden risks and dangers of using aging
and outdated technology. There is a big chance that someday this old technology
will stop working and all of precious data is lost. This can cost the business
a lot. As this Company is in a transition phase of replacing old retiring
employees with young and inexperienced employees, technology can play a huge
part in doing it smoothly with much reduced cost, time and resources.

There are plenty of ways in which technology can be used to
train employees. One of the ways is to train them through interactive learning
program. There are lot of software that have been developed by the Companies
for this sole purpose. Instead of assigning a person to train an employee, new
employees can use the software by reading e-books and handouts. Company can add
Instructional videos or tutorials to the software for better understanding.
This will not only reduce company’s resources and cost but also help new
employees to better understand the business and their responsibilities.

Secondly, Company can either hire software engineer to build
a software or purchase it for communication in the Company. This will be the
software where new employees within specific departments can ask questions and
post some problems or issues they might have experienced and the senior
employees can answer them. It will become much easier for the new employees to
tap into the experience and expertise of their peers to fill gaps in their
training. This will save theirs and manger’s a lot of time and they can utilize
that time for some other more productive tasks.

Since, now everyone has mobile devices and they are connected
to internet so if a new employee wants immediate help or assistance in some
task without having to wait or submit a help ticket, he/she can connect to live
trainer through mobile application or computer software. There are lot of
software out in the market which provides this kind of facility. These software
provides facility to share their computer screen with other person. These handy
software simplifies a lot when it comes to technical and diagnostic issues.

Moreover, there can be a situation in a company in which
manager wants to hold a meeting with his new employees and allocate tasks
without connecting to them one by one and the manager or an employee is not
available. In this case, technology comes into place and does this task
efficiently. There are variety of software which allows to hold meeting over
the internet. A manager can connect with all the employees and can give
instructions. This is a great facility and is now vastly used by majority of
the companies.

After having gone through the transition phase successfully,
Company should replace old and simplistic information systems with more modern,
reliable and powerful technology to improve the efficiency and productivity of
the business. In order to use this technology for the benefits, Company is
going to need the skilled professionals for doing this job.


Hiring of these professionals is going to cost Company a lot.
As size of the Company is not big, therefore it is not recommended to hire new
people. Instead, existing IT people could be trained by academic training
programs. There are lot of educational websites which offers courses online
like Coursera and Udemy. The courses are being taught by professors from top
universities and it is an excellent way to get knowledge.

The key factors in product distribution are business
operations, vendor relationships, inventory control, and distribution patterns
and currently this Company have experienced employees who are dealing these
matters. But, as they will be replaced shortly with new employees, these gaps
need to be filled. Technology can help in this regard. It is the driving force
to any business that exists in this technology world. It will not only
facilitate doing these jobs efficiently but will also increase productivity.

A Company to have good and trustworthy vendors is considered
as highly valuable. But in the beginning, Company needs to find suitable
vendors. Searching vendors manually is a very painful and difficult process if
the Company don’t have appropriate E-Sourcing tools. E-Sourcing tools allows
companies to search and compare different vendors. Through it, Selection of the
vendors become more efficient and effective. In the past, Companies have to
post advertisements and have to rely on old contracts for this purpose. But now
with the evolution of technology, Companies can find appropriate vendors in one

Once Company have settled agreement with the vendor, it is
crucial for a Company to have strong Communication with its vendor in order to
avoid any conflicts. Without technology, it was really difficult for a Company
to have that kind of Communication. But, now it is a no big issue.
Communication has become fast and reliable especially with the advent of mobile

Payment process between the company and the vendor was a
complicated thing. Technology brings much relief in this regard. Technology
optimizes and ease the stress of this payment process by tracking invoices and
storing payment information. Both parties can look up invoices and records
instead of initiating unnecessary communication with each other 2. Therefore,
Technology plays a vital role in Vendor relationships. The Distribution Company
should consider these recommendations if they want to compete in the market. It
would harm them if they continue to use simple and old information systems.

In product distribution, Managing and controlling inventory
is a very important job. For a small product distribution company as in this
case, using mechanized system is not mandatory. However, it is also not recommended
to control inventory manually as it requires intense labor work and
continuously monitoring of transactions. The chance of human error is also
significantly high. Sharing of inventory information across different
departments is itself a difficult task because the lack of computerization
makes accessing inventory records a more cumbersome process. On the contrary,
using technology doesn’t bring any harm but provides efficiency and increase

Inventory Control Systems is a set of hardware and software
which automates tracking of goods and products. These systems uses barcode
technology to track the items. The working of these systems is also simple. Any
Company can implement it with a little bit of effort. The system has two main
components. One is the barcode scanner and the other is the software installed
on a Computer System. To record the transaction, an item with a barcode is
scanned through a barcode scanner and the information is sent wirelessly to a
Computer system where it gets stored.


Inventory Control Systems have a lot of advantages over
controlling the inventory manually. Inventory control systems provides a lot of
useful functions. It help the workers to locate a particular item in a
warehouse. Without it, it would take a great effort to locate an item. The
other benefit it provides is the security. It can encode shipping information
as well as the addresses. If a Company is running out of stock of a certain
item, the system will provide alert that it is time to reorder. With the
benefits discussed, it is quite evident that technology provides great relief
to the Company when it comes to inventory Control. It saves a lot of time and
resources for the Company. Therefore, for the product distribution company to
succeed and keep pace with the market, it should consider replacing the old
methods for inventory control with the new ones.

To conclude, for every company whether it is small or big, a time comes
when it has to make strong radical changes in order to maintain its reputation
in a market. As the product distribution company is about to face transition
from experienced employees to new employees, Company needs to make some policy
changes. Some recommendations are listed above for this company to successfully
make this transition smoothly. I have also discussed that how technology can
assist through the transition and also in performing day to day tasks. These
recommendations and suggestions can greatly help this Company and the other
distribution Companies in order to prevent harmful effects in the future.

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