J. Prufrock Essay, Research PaperIn The Love Song of J.

Alfred Prufrock, T.S. Eliot uses allusions every bit good as imagination to develop his subject that life is excessively short to let fright s vacillation to halt us from populating true to dreams of felicity because we will all be judged in the terminal. This multi-layered verse form is the internal soliloquy of the character J. Alfred Prufrock.

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Prufrock is a adult male who has let his daydreams cripple him with diffidence and semblances of failure. He is a character who can non accommodate his ideas and understanding with his feelings and will. He allows his frights of being labeled to paralyse his actions.

Prufrock s character seems excessively pathetic to be tragic. Eliot does non straight say what the character Prufrock is experiencing ; alternatively he utilizes the plants of others, such as Dante, to clear up his ideas and his existence.The beginning of the verse form is from Dante s Inferno. The original work describes a beastly topographic point where liquors are in the signifiers of fires and the character is asked to depict his life.

He tells his narrative merely because he believes no 1 will hear it. By touching to Dante s Inferno, Eliot has accomplished two things. The first was to put the anguished and lacerate tone of Prufrock s head every bit good as the verse form. The second was to suggest at the subject ; unrecorded true to 1s self because we will non return to this Earth.

Eliot chooses to portray Prufrock as holding a delicate self-image. He does non experience that he deserves a lover. His self-image is show in lines 41 and 45 when he imagines that the adult females are noting about how barefaced and thin he is. Lines 55 and 56 shown that he is being judged. I have known the eyes The eyes that fix you in a formulate phrase. He can state that he is being labeled by the manner people look at him. The idea of being labeled frightens him. This is further expressed by the imagination of him pinned and writhing on the wall.

He feels that he is being labeled a bug and being studied under the examination of a microscope. The perennial line, adult females come and go speaking of Michelangelo besides indicates that he is being compared to person that he has no hope of viing. The repeat of this line indicates that Prufrock finds this boring because he has experienced it so frequently.

Therefore, three words Among the porcelain addsa deeper bed to Prufrock s character. It besides furthers to develop the subject that we must populate true to ourselves because we are all judged Oklahoman or subsequently.Time is of an kernel in this verse form every bit good. Prufrock realizes that clip has caught up with him. He does nevertheless repent and accept the fact that he is a frightened old adult male. He tries to be optimistic by stating, there will be clip, but he knows he can non get away his sad destiny of solitariness.

This thought is best expressed by the line But at my dorsum I ever hear Time s winged chariot speed near. This sentiment compliments the mention from Dante s Inferno. He is populating in his ain snake pit. It farther expands the subject that life is excessively short to let the fright of being judged to forestall us from populating true to ourselves.Eliot besides uses sea imagination to arouse significances that add to Prufrock s character every bit good as set up his last subject.

The oyster shells, evoke the sense of an overpowering many. The claws scurrying across the floors of soundless seas & # 8221 ; can be interpreted as Prufrock s feelings of insignificance among the many. The walk upon the beach suggest that he has given up his pursuit for love. He is content to linger entirely. Till human voices wake us, and we drown refers to Prufrock s world. He copes by populating in a reverie, so when he is forced to cover with world he is lost. The mermaids symbolize Prufrock s reveries.

They are excessive, romantic, and enrapturing. He speaks of the mermaids singing to each other. This helps convey the message that this dream universe does non affect Prufrock.

The line I do non believe they will sing to me proves Prufrock does non believe he will of all time be apart of this universe. He accepts and realizes his fate to populate and to decease entirely. In Prufrock s head adult females have become the fabulous, unapproachable mermaids. It is an dry tantrum because Prufrock ne’er attempted to trail his dreams nevertheless it does finalized the subject.As in line 104, It is impossible to state merely what I mean! , words can non show all the feelings and thought s that Eliot s poem evokes.

Like the charming lantern each allusion and image radiances a new bed of visible radiation on the emerging subject that life is excessively short to let fright s vacillation to halt us from populating true to dreams of felicity because we will all be judged in the terminal.

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