Communication is a transactional procedure and in a wellness context it is an of import portion of wellness and societal attention.

Communication is an indispensable. instrumental and purposeful procedure. The communicating dealing is one of sharing information utilizing a set of common regulations.

In wellness and societal attention communicating is a planned procedure the effectivity of this planned procedure comes to fruition when the audience has achieved. acted on or responded to a message. The basic representative theoretical account of communicating is normally conceptualised as a one-way flow procedure of transmitter. message and receiving system.

In add-on to this 4th and 5th variables must be added: complete apprehension by the receiving system and feedback to the communicator. The last two variables are of import because they imply bipartisan communicating. therefore traveling off from the traditional construct of one-way communicating and towards multi-way communicating. It is besides of import to retrieve that communicating is a cyclic procedure affecting a series of actions therefore a theoretical account can be represented as handbill.

The Argyle Theory is based on one-to-one communicating. It follows the communicating rhythm and it is a manner of guaranting communicating is effectual. The Argyle theory when followed helps us to get the better of communicating barriers. for illustration: slang. misunderstood signals and issues associating to the scene such as noise and lighting. Argyle’s claim was that human communicating is basically a bipartisan procedure that involves people directing. receiving and reacting to each other’s verbal and non-verbal messages.

In the instance of pass oning with a dementedness patient. Argyle’s theory can be helpful as an assistance to the communicating between the staff member and the service user. Talking clearly and calmly and doing sentences short and simple do it easier for the service user to understand the message delivered to them and to react to it. A individual with dementedness will read your organic structure linguistic communication and your tone of voice. Agitated motions or a tense facial look may upset them.

and do communicating more hard. Equally. it can assist to read the facial look of the dementedness patient if they are happening it hard to pass on decently.The Maslow’s hierarchy of demands is a theory proposed by Abraham Harold Maslow.

Maslow. a celebrated psychologist tried to understand human motive. Harmonizing to Maslow. each individual had a different set of demands at different point of clip in his life. He said that all demands of worlds could be arranged in a hierarchy. Each individual is said to travel through the hierarchy by carry throughing each degree of demands. Some people may hold dominant demands at a peculiar degree and therefore ne’er move through the full hierarchy.Maslow’s hierarchy lists the undermentioned five degrees of demands:Physiological demands: This degree of needs trades with the basic necessities of human endurance like nutrient.

vesture and shelter. If a individual does non carry through these demands he will discontinue to map.Safety: Once the first degree demands are met. a individual feels the demand to hold a life of security where safety in all facets of life is ensured.

Social demands: This deals with the innate demand to experience as if one belongs in a chosen societal group and in assorted other relationships that are a portion of human life. There is a demand to be accepted or otherwise people are prone to negative effects like depression & A ; solitariness.Esteem: Deals with the demand to experience good about oneself and acquiring acknowledgment from others. A deficiency of these demands will ensue in an lower status composite and weakness.Self-actualization: Becoming the best one can be.

Here the demand is to maximise 1s possible.The degrees are presented in the signifier of a trigon or a pyramid with the largest and most cardinal degrees of demands at the bottom grade. and the demand for self-actualization at the top. The restrictions with this theory prevarication in the fact that different civilizations may do people to hold different hierarchies of demands.

Peoples needfully may non fulfill one degree after another and may hold other demands non mentioned in the list and may be ready to give some demands.In the instance of pass oning between a hospital staff member in a senior place and their staff the senior member should give the employees appropriate wages to buy the basic necessities of life. Breaks and eating chances should be given to employees.

They should supply the employees occupation security. safe and hygienic work environment. and retirement benefits so as to retain them.

The senior member should promote teamwork and form societal events. They can appreciate and honor employees on carry throughing and transcending their marks. The senior member can give the deserved employee higher occupation rank / place in the organisation. They can besides give the employees disputing occupations in which the employees’ accomplishments and competences are to the full utilised. Furthermore. growing chances can be given to them so that they can make the extremum.Carl Rogers agrees with most of what Maslow believed.

but added that for a individual to turn they need an environment that requires person to be congruous. have unconditioned positive respect for the service user every bit good as demoing empathetic apprehension. Congruity on the portion of the attention worker refers to their ability to be wholly echt whatever the ego of the minute. While it is necessary they are non expected to be a wholly congruous individual all the clip. as such flawlessness is impossible. Empathy refers to understanding the service user’s feelings and personal significances as they are experient and pass oning this dorsum to the individual. While unconditioned positive respect involves associating from attention worker to serve user. Rogers believed that every individual can accomplish their ends.

wants and desires in life. When or instead if they did so. self-actualisation took topographic point.Rogers believed in a largely person-centred attack to care and that our self-image. how we see ourselves. can impact how effectual the service user responds to care and the individuals working in the attention sector. Self-image includes our perceptual experience of our visual aspect or our interior personality. such as whether we perceive ourselves to be good or bad people.

at its lowest degree. We frequently have an thought of an ideal ego. person we aspire to be in our lives and may good work towards going. Rogers’ strong belief in the positive nature of human existences is based on his many old ages of clinical experience. working with a broad assortment of persons. The theory of person-centred therapy suggests any service user. no affair what the job.

can better without being taught anything specific by the healer. one time he/she accepts and respects themselves. The resources all lie within the service user.In the instance of seeking to rehabilitate a young person wrongdoer.

Rogers’ theory would work good as the service user would necessitate to be in an environment where those working with him were congruent. they would non keep his past actions against him or justice him for them. Rather they would have him openly and with understanding when seeking to assist him.

They would besides necessitate empathy in order to look past his offenses and to see if there were any internal or external factors that contributed to his state of affairs now. Does he endure from behavioral jobs? Did he hold a negative upbringing? What is his socio-economic position? And utilize that to associate to the service user and supply him with the best possible attention. Positive respect would besides be needed in order to assist construct up the service user’s self-prides so they can make a place where he wouldn’t be tempted to re-offend once more at any point.

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