1. 0 Sociology TheorySociological position provide us with a alone position point on a certain societal issues nevertheless the demands to hold sociology theory is to hold a proper accounts or linkage as to the observation made. There are three most used theory used by sociologist and research workers today in analyzing the form that exist in society and to explicate how society influences people and frailty versa. Structural functional attack or besides known as functionalism. detect society in a much bigger image.

Each portion or establishment of the society are trusting on one another in contributes to the society as a whole. In this position. society is seen as the human organic structure with every portion of the variety meats need to work hand in glove in order to prolong the wellness or in this affair to prolong the well-balanced society system. During 1940’s and 1950’s.

functionalism achieves great support by American sociologist of that clip. Among these American functionalist sociologists is Robert Merton who categorizes the maps of human behavior into two types.
Manifest maps which are knowing and made obvious while latent maps are unwilled and non obvious. ( 1 ) Second theory is the social-conflict attack which originated out of Karl Max’s composing on category battle. This theory is by and large about competition for scarce resources.

This theory points out how the elect control the hapless and weak in today’s societal system. Social alterations are determine by all the struggles that can happen in a society when there is inequality sing gender. societal position.

race. faith. etc. Third theory is the symbolic interactionist theory besides known as symbolic interactionism. Unlike the two old theories. this attack is focused more into microscopic point of position and the spotlight displacement from the society into understanding single.

Harmonizing to this theory’s position. people attach intending to each symbols and symbolic interactionists give serious idea to how people act. and so seek to find what meanings persons assign to their ain actions and symbols. every bit good as to those of others.

2. 1 Prostitution“Nobody truly wants to be sold” . Buying or leasing people for sex is a batch like another establishment we abolished ( Farley. 2009 ) .

Prostitution is the act of supplying sex service to one and received payment for it. I believe it is in women’s nature to loved and be loved. No adult females would desire to be treated like sex slave by heartless work forces despite money being the motive to prostitute themselves. Prostitution despite being illegal is many states.

has today became a calling or profession to some adult female to back up themselves and their household. Prostitution is a societal issue that occur since ages ago and be in about every cultural society background. Research says cocotte suffers Post Traumatic Stress Disorder the most as the consequence from sexual force.
This societal issue does agitate the positive societal system we frequently try to construct in our society. Prostitute in the community are seen as a different degree type on their ain and really frequently they do non proudly denote their profession is to present sex service because as a society we are brought up to look down on such hapless calling pick.

We leave them non being accepted into our societal system non cognizing the ground behind their action sometimes such as was being sex trafficked. 98 % of the adult females were presently or antecedently stateless while 92 % wanted to get away harlotry but did non hold other options ( Farley. Matthews. Deer. Lopez. Stark & A ; Hudon. 2011 ) . In this topic of affair.

3rd theory seems most applicable into explicating their action because alternatively looking at society as a whole. we narrow down into detecting an person as a individual. Symbols in this instance could be sex and how the cocottes interpret the topic of sex wholly vary than how society interprets sex. Some see sex as a sacred thing to be done merely with the one you love and some see sex as method of amusement while some such as in this affair see sex as profession to back up life. When common term or symbol no longer portion the same common significance into different people populating in society. that is when struggle arises within societal system.Mention1.

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