There are a numerous of reason why artist need to have sponsorships to have or make a career. Artist produce all the music we listen to,and we listen to our favorite songs by popular artist such as the Black Eyed Peas, or bands you listen to. They most likely have signed to one or more sponsorships in their career.

Sponsorships will most likely help you grow your career. Sponsorships will help you grow your career by, getting your songs commercials or movies and having your music on streaming apps. Although there are good things about having a sponsorship there is a down fall, shopsorships can also be harmful. Sponsorships can be a really good way to start off a career especially when you can get a song or a part of your song in a commercial.

For example, according to article 3 “The Shins… got their new single “New Slang” in a McDonalds commercial and even a few movies” After that the Shins grew in popularity. If you get you song in a movie or commercial lots of people are going to see it and most likely go and look for the song on Itunes, YouTube, Spotify, etc. They will most likely buy the song off of Itunes or listen to the song on Spotify, YouTube, or any other music streaming app. So, people will then refer the song to other people and then they spread the song and eventually lots of people will know the band and then the band rises in popularity.

On Streaming apps people listen to their favorite bands and songs. You probably have a free app, paid by advertisements. Which means as you are listening to music and then an advertisement will play. That advertisement could also be a sponsor, an artist could be saying to go check out their new song or album.

Then you go back listening to your music. For example, “The Black Eyed Peas” released a new hit single called “Hey Mama.” According to Article 3, “In 2003, when “Hey Mama” was the first of the now-famous ad campaigns for the store” That song was in ad campaigns in advertisements, which pays for your free music app. In music there are also downfalls with sponsorships.

Although there are great things about sponsorships there are also many bad things that could go wrong. For example, over exposure could harm you and your reputation. According to article two, “U2… on of the most popular rock bands who, after landing a deal with apple that had their 2014 album Songs of Innocence installed into 500 million iTunes subscribers’ libraries for free…” That caused U2 and Apple to have a bad reputation. Everyone had a negative feedback, everyone was claiming there was an over exposure of the album, and they felt like it was forced upon them to listen to the album. In conclusion, there are many good things that could happen to you as an artist, but there are also many downfalls that could hurt your career and reputation.

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