There are key pieces of legislation in place that serve tosafeguard vulnerable individuals. For example, there are the following in place:-         Care Act 2014 – this ensures care providers aresupporting individuals to create person-centred plans that promote inclusion,social wellbeing and participation and meaningful activity.

It supports them tolive fuller lives by ensuring they are accommodated in the most appropriatehousing with any facilities and aids they require. It ensures there arepolicies and procedures are in place bycare providers to ensure individuals are safeguarded against abuse and harm aswell as neglectful care. –         The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 cameabout and ensures systems and tools such as the Disclosure and Barring Serviceis in place to protect vulnerable individuals from being supported byunsuitable people so vulnerable individuals are kept free from harm, abuse andneglect. –         There is a clear-cut different between themeaning of wilful neglect and ill treatment. Wilful neglect can be classed assupport staff who do not perform their duties to ensure vulnerable individualsunder their care are protected and safeguarded. Examples of this can be staffmembers not responding to a service user that required urgent medical attentionsuch as if they was to fall and hurt themselves and needed medical help. On theother hand, ill treatment is an offence and can be deliberately meaningful ornot intentionally  deliberate.

An examplecan include hitting a service user or even verbal abuse. –         The Care Act 2014 is in place to safeguardvulnerable individuals against being abused in any way such as financially,emotionally, physically, psychologically, and so on. It also serves to outlinepoor means of practice and poor care being delivered. In an example, if aservice was showing continued trends of medication errors, then the care teamwould need to keep third parties involved such as Care Quality Commissioners, familiesof the service user, and Adult Social Care.

This is to try and maintain goodpractice and work together to provide safer care to service users. This happensbecause any means of poor practice and poor quality care can be identified,reviewed and improved as soon as possible.  

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