There are endless amounts of things which make a city great: the people, the culture, the history, and the activities it has to offer. When I think of what I value most, I know I can only find my home in a place which is bustling with city life, a love of new technology but is also cradled in nature there are very few places that truly have high-tech city experiences but also a constant reminder of the natural world. I believe that one of the few places that I could possibly call home would be England, there are countless amounts of good job opportunities ranging from an inclusion worker, security officer, Head-Teacher, and many other great things. There is a landmark in England based on Paris’s Eiffel Tower it is called the Blackpool Tower, Which is 518 feet (158 meters) tall, it is ranked #120th as the tallest freestanding tower in the world completed in 1894 when the tower first opened nearly 3,000 + customers took the first ride towards the top known as the Blackpool tire eye, it also has a ballroom used for entertainment venues, AND revamped itself so now it has a ‘Walk of Faith’ Glass Floor, I’ve seen countless videos of it on youtube and it seems rather risk-taking no matter how many saftey precautions are taken  the Skywalk, has a 4.15 tonne glass floor and floor-to-ceiling observation platform, which of course runs along an entire side of the Tower Eye, despite the risky efforts, however,  the Tower itself is a very fun, beautiful, and upbeat attraction for everybody to enjoy themselves, they even have 4D cinema experiences, and the tower is about 118+ years old! Another Landmark I would like to cover at least a tiny bit of information on is Windsor castle, Windsor Castle is very well known to be one of England’s most governing structures, built around the year 1070 by William the Conqueror. The Round Tower, otherwise known as the Keep, which stands 80 feet high, is the most Magnificent structure, According to tradition, King Arthur sat with the Knights of the Round Table within this tower, a fascinating, detail about it is that it was also used as a Prison until the year of 1660 completely Surrounded by a moat, The castle back then was intended to defend the western approaches to the capital. the castle is of course inhabited, as one of The Queen’s official residences, and is a very beautiful Historical place to catch a glimpse of.

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