My house is located in Bien Hoa metropolis. Dong Nai state. It is merely a little house. it has no garden but there is a little plenty balcony to turn flowers. There are five suites: life room. sleeping room. dining room. kitchen and bathroom and I like most is my sleeping room. I love the feeling when I lie back in my warm bed after a long working-hard twenty-four hours. The ambiance around my house is quiet and fresh. that helps me in analyzing really much. There are three people in my household. my grandmother. my sister and me. When I was a small babe. my parents had my grandmothers take attention of me and I have lived with her until now. We live together merrily and have many interesting things to make everyday.

Home. for me. is the topographic point where I can experience the connexions and happen my roots. a topographic point where I was born and grown up. Therefore. it ever brings upon great memories ; in my childhood album. there are many exposures I was taken. My place has witnessed my first stairss every bit good felicity and unhappiness. The minute that all household members sit together to hold dinner is so cherished for me. Home is a topographic point that will ever be at that place and ne’er alteration. Home is where I can happen peace. repose. joy and most significantly is I feel safe. No 1 could state that he feels scared in his ain house. because I think no topographic point in the universe is safer than the ain house. Particularly when I moved to the residence hall. I wished how much I could be back place right so. Therefore. holding a topographic point where ever welcome you with all the joy to come back after a tired twenty-four hours is so delighted.

The of import place of the house will ne’er alter in my bosom. For me. place is a topographic point where has most find repose. a sense of belongingness. feeling of comfort and relaxation. I am nil without my place. I think place is the solid foundations to assist me wing further and acquire more successful in life.

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