There are countless factors that may influence an individual’s
view on abortion. The main factor that this study focused on was education
level. In order to be able to effectively conduct this research I used data
from the 2014 GSS general Social Survey (2014 GSS). GSS is a national survey of
non-institutionalized adult Americans, 18 years of age and older.  Using a sample of 2,127 females and 1,715 males acquired from the 2014
General Social Survey with a response rate of 64%, respondents were asked of
their highest educational degree and approval of abortion. The hypothesis of this study was to prove, the higher the
education of an individual, the more likely that individual agrees with
abortion. In conducting this study we also used eight controlled variables.

After various correlation and logistic regression tests, we
concluded that education have an effect on views of abortion. We concluded that
our hypothesis was correct and the higher one’s level of education, the more
likely he or she is to be supportive of abortion for any reason. We also
concluded that gender and race has no significant effect on abortion support.

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While variables such is gun law support, party affiliation and religious
tendency has some effect on how people feel about abortion. The effects of religion
on the relationship between education and abortion attitudes are not
surprising, but particularly the manner in which religion and education may
interact is an interesting topic for future research. Abortion is a very sensitive subject and people have strong
views on this topic. Research studies such as this study and many others
provide only an insight to this sensitive subject. The more people get educated
the more they view abortion as a choice and understand that pro-abortion people
are not really pro-abortion but they are pro-choice.



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