There were many various factors which led and contributed towards Canada’s nationalism. The battle of Vimy Ridge was a very important battle for Canada because it brought both world recognition, and a profound sense of loyalty. Canada has accomplished a lot ever since the First World War broke out for example, becoming  their own country. When the ridge was taken, it was seen as an enormous victory for the Canadian forces as it showed many countries canada’s strength and bravery. Many people say that the national identity of Canada was born during this battle. We need to remember Vimy Ridge because it was, in many ways represents the moment when Canada unofficially became its own country. We also need to recognize the many soldiers who didn’t return home and Canada’s strategic planning skills allowing them to win the war.Vimy Ridge was a very dominating feature of the landscape. It was the prime position to spot enemy positions to the west and provided extra defensive capabilities on the slope. Several attempts were made to capture this critical strong point, but it was the Canadians that finally managed to do it.The Canadian achievement in capturing Vimy Ridge owed its success to a range of technical and tactical innovations, very powerful artillery preparation, sound, meticulous planning and thorough preparation. The Canadian commanders learned well from their prior experiences, and they utilized their knowledge and intelligence to devise an innovative battle plan, executed to near-perfection. Canada’s strategic planning skills allowed them to win the battle, bringing many awards and world recognition. The battle tactic was called “The Creeping Barrage”. This is when artillery would start bombarding no man’s land and gradually advance their salvos towards the German trenches. Infantry would follow this creeping barrage forward, moving as close as possible to enemy positions before starting their attack. The success of using this tactic allowed the other countries to recognize that Canadians are able to learn from their past and improve. The genius plan was the notable thing which recognized Canadians to win the battle. To defeat a nation as strong as Germany who already was fortifying Vimy Ridge obviously conveyed a profound sense of patriotism towards Canadians. Four Victoria Crosses were awarded, along with many other rewards. It also compelled the Germans to fear the Canadian troops the most out of any allied force. This is all because of Canada’s strategic planning skills allowing them to win the war. This is essential because it conveyed Canadians a strong sense of patriotism.The victory over Vimy Ridge was a major turning point for Canada. However, the glory Canada won on that day was not without a price. By the fourth day, April 12, Canadians controlled the entire ridge. But they suffered more than 10,000 casualties. Of those, 3,598 were lost forever. These many soldiers never made it home to there families and we can omit them, that is why we need to remember the soldiers, without them we would not have won that battle and since this was also one of the factors which contributed to Canada becoming its own country, who knows what would have happened if that didn’t happen. It is essential to recognize the soldiers because they risked their lives for all canadians.The battle was an important factor that overall contributed to Canada’s independence from Britain. As one can also see here, this battle was very significant in bringing pride towards the Canadians, and it brought world recognition. The battle showed that Canadians can achieve everything and they became a proud, strong independent nation. The battle became known after as “the birth of a nation” because for the first time Canadians had all fought all together, and acquired what no other had. This proved that Canada was strong, independent, and could eventually become its own country. At Vimy Ridge, regiments from coast to coast witnessed action together in a distinctly Canadian triumph, helping establish a new and more profound sense of national identity. Canada’s military achievements during the war raised our international stature and helped earn us a separate signature on the Treaty of Versailles that formally ended the war.Although the battle of Vimy ridge resulted in many deaths, the accomplishment of winning the battle was very significant for the canadians. The battle brought world recognition and a keen sense of patriotism for the Canadians. The Genius plan, “The Creeping Barrage”, that the Canadians developed were nearly perfect and mesmerized all the other countries. Germany was a strong country but young Canada fought hard and defeated them, which is another factor that brought a profound sense of pride among the Canadians. Lastly, although they paid an enormous price for the victory with 3,598 canadian deaths at the battle of Vimy Ridge, Canadians believed they could conquer anything. They became a young, strong, independent nation, who will soon, in the future, become their own country.

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