There are many ways in which freedom and equality play a role in our democracy. Freedom allows the people of America to have inalienable rights of speech, religion, press, and much more as outlined in the amendments. Freedom also allows adults, not depicting on race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender, to vote for who they consider worthy of governing over them and their fellow Americans. Equality plays a role in everything but mostly in our government. Equality to the American people is the feeling of being the same with our governmental system as an equal but also look to them for answers.

Even within our government, there is separate power between 3 main branches, Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. We do this so one doesn’t receive more power than the others and dictate the decisions of our country. However not always do they have an answer because even they have constant conflict with their system.

There are also many ways in which I can explain the conflict between freedom and equality within our democracy. The explanation I believe helps me answer this question is the United States and its two main political parties and how they can co-exist. They can co-exist even though one leans towards one or the other side of the political spectrum.

The Republican party leans more towards the right side, of freedom over equality, while the Democrats, who lean left, believe in equality over freedom. With these two seemingly different sides, it’s hard to depict if they even can co-exist and govern a nation. I have learned that through looking at the conflict between the two, freedom or equality, left or right, Republican or Democrat, that they can co-exist and that they already do. These two, such opposing sides, are both extreme sides of the same system.

They each play a role in one big democratic society. These are two extremes that constantly question the other, these two work together to help create more of a perfect union. 

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