This pair figures represent Yuny and his wife,
Renenutet seated with rigidly formal posture next to him. This seated figure statue
depicts a strong couple with a frontal pose and blank eyes widely open. The smoothness
of their skin and the shape of their features make them feel obvious from the viewer
and that indicates their power and authority. Their oval shaped face and Almond
shaped eyes are carved smoothly. Renenutet holds a heavy metal necklace in her
left hand as well as attach her right hand around her husband shoulder. There is
a little difference of their sitting position and that is Yuny spread his feet
more than Renenutet. The statue shows that Yuny is taller than Renenutet. This powerful
couple use a fancy wigs and fashionable fine linen costume. The male figure
statue (Yuny) wear a pleated skirt that cover his legs. Also, Renenutet wear a long
ear ring that lay down on her hair. She wears a wide collar necklace which
could be gold. Her nipples are visible. Not only her nipples are visible but
also their belly button is noticeable. In addition, the couple sit on a bench
which is stylish carved on lion-paw feet. It is carved out of limestone and the
statue has some broken parts. Yuny’s nose and lips are missing and the finger
she uses to hold her necklace is also broken. The big toe of Yuny’s left feet
and the both feet of his wife’s big toe are broken. Furthermore, the male
figure (Yuny) hands are also broken. On the back of the chair and in the upper
register, Yuny and his wife sit in front of a laden offering table. In the
lower register, Renenutet is giving food and drink to her parents. While looking
at the whole statue, at first what was grab my eyes was their hair. It was
fashionable and attracted. Renenutet hair is much longer than his husband. Renenutet’s
hair ends up just above her bust and Yuny’s hair end up just below his chin.
After observing this statue, I can tell that the sculptor did an exceptional
job. Every part in detail and carving the statue that viewer can easily
understand their outfits and jewelry. In conclusion, after analyzing this
perfect couple (Yuny and Renenutet) statue, one thing I realized that in
ancient Egypt, their artworks are optically and symbolically powerful by

Description of Akhenaten and his family:

The limestone stele represents
Akhenaten and his Holy family. Akhenaten was a pharaoh in Egypt of the 18 Dynasty.
He modified his name for himself after his conversion to the cult of Aten.
Before to this conversion, he was recognized as Amenhotep IV. His territory is well
known as Amarna period because he moved to the capital of Egypt to the city he
founded, Akhenaten, that get to be known as Amarna. Also, I read in the book
that says in Egyptian history, the Amarna period is the most contentious and
has been written, studied and debated more than any other period. This stele is
viewed to be an idol and intended to be retain in a private church of an Amarna
house. Moreover, the stele is decorated with the view of a warm moment from
everyday life of the royal family under the shade of Aten. This Royal couple make
their position on stools and interfacing each other. Their elder daughter is
seen on Akhenaten’s lap while the younger daughters are seen on their mother’s
lap. The king(Akhenaten) who is portrayed with his characteristic features and
deformed with a white crown with ribbons, face, belly, breast, leg, large
pelvis and belly. He wears a long-plaited kilt, while his wife wears a
transparent long mantel and a headdress. She is shown wearing her
characteristic high crown. In addition, the sculpture used lines to emphasize
that the sun was shining down on Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti with their
three children. The curved in their neck shows that the happy couple are
influenced by the wind. In conclusion, we can strongly feel that generally
Egyptian art and culture experienced little change than others; Amarna period
is exceptional.

Compare between Fig.1 and Fig.2:

Fig. 1 and Fig. 2, both are human couple
figure, expressing feelings and emotions through their face and body. Fig.1 and
Fig.2 are more naturalistic figure with royal or elite workshops. Also, both
sculpture is highly stylized and symbolic. So, all of this considered, I can
tell that these couple statue are Egyptian art. The both statue are seated
figure with strong intimacy between them are showing up. Furthermore, the
medium of Fig.1 and Fig. 2 are limestone. 

Contrast between Fig.1 and Fig.2:

In one hand, Fig.1 is just the
couple themselves but on the other hand, Fig.2 couple are with their three
children. There is difference between their period, Fig.1 is on New kingdom,
Remesside and fig.2 is on Amarna period. Fig.2 pair statue has high neck but
Fig.1 has medium round neck. In addition, Fig.1 has no crown in their head but
on the other hand, fig.2 wearing a crown on their head. Fig. 1 female figure
wear a long ear ring, showing her breast and holding her husband right shoulder
but fig.2 female figure has nothing in her ear, cover her breast and holding
her younger daughter in her hand. Fig 1. Statue is frontal but the Fig.2 statue
couple are facing each other. Moreover, fig. 1 sit on lion’s paw feet but fig 2
sit on a stool. There is also some difference between their outfits. Not only
that but also, fig.1 has some broken parts where fig.2 doesn’t have any broken


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