In “At the Galleria Shopping Mall. ” Tony Hoagland expresses anxiousness about and fear the impact of modern American traditions and criterions at the beginning of the new millenary. In the 2nd line of the verse form. he says “there are some 49-dollar Chinese made TVs. ” This shows how America imports a batch of electronic devices from China. merely about everything from TVs to iPhones to computing machines. Chinese labour is cheaper and quicker. doing more sense to make concern overseas. This is a blunt contrast from 50 to even every bit small as 30 old ages ago.

Since the goods are being manufactured overseas. that means many American fabrication occupations went overseas every bit good. “Who is nine and a true girl of Texas… singing a recognition card like a scythe” ( 7 and 11 ) provinces that Americans are expected. encouraged. even required to cognize how to shop at such a immature age. Lucinda ( who is nine ) may non cognize what a recognition card is really for ; all she likely knows is that she can acquire about anything she wants with it. It besides shows how we are expected to turn up at a faster rate.

The verse form shows how mercenary America has become. so much that the Puritans. Transcendentalists. and Establishing Fathers would be turn overing in their Gravess. From “comparing the chest size of an actress from Hollywood” ( 4 ) to “her favourite athletics is shopping” ( 9 ) . the American manner is good expressions over good ethical motives. “And allow us watch. As the Gods in olden narratives turned persons into laurel trees and crows to learn them some sort of lesson” ( 18-22 ) implies that faith no longer comes foremost in the United States. and a spiritual individual may believe that their Lord will penalize this state for their wickednesss.

Meanwhile. from an economic and political point-of-view. it foreshadows how America’s disjunction from world will take to its ruin. Once the state does prostration. it’s traveling to be a chilling bead. “So we were turned into Americans to larn something about loneliness” ( 24 ) . America is the first and best at being mercenary and its accent on consumerism has spread around the universe. As a state professing individuality. and hence single consumer picks in the market place. Hoagland’s anxiousness rises from our freedom to purchase whatever we want. Our picks progressively isolate us in America. For that. she genuinely is a alone state.

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