Thousands of children are in the system because their birth parents have neglected them. Adoption is all about a kid needing a stabled, loving family. When it comes down is choosing the most responsible people. The government does take it serious, you’re releasing a child under someone else hand. It’s one of the most controversial topic to most people eyes. It should also depend if the child feels safe with the people who is about to adopt. For years, these kids struggle on finding a home. In society many kids grow up with opposite sex parents rather than same sex. The idea of single parent or opposite sex adopting being to adopt a child is different. Yes, single/ gay couple should be able to adopt children because a child is need of a home and we can’t forever leave them in the system. Does the same sex make a difference or single parent ?. In my view, people need to understand it doesn’t matter the structure of the family, but how the child is being raised in a mature matter with values. A child in need of a home and theirs actual people wanting to adopt, but single/ gay is one of the hardest through the government. People claim that opposite sex household helps a child gain more of understanding of behavioral skills with both parents who are opposite sex. In the article, “…clear consensus in the social science literature indicating that American children living within same-sex parent households fare just, as well as those children residing within different-sex parent households”, authors Manning, Fettro, and Lamidi. This simple state helps the people view that it gay people are allowed to adopt. It’s an understanding kids will still develop mentally and physically fine living with same sex family. People need to understand the fact it shouldn’t matter whether a kid lives in a household of same sex, but in a home where their welcomed. Having same sex couples can teach the child many different things than a normal parent of opposite sex would. As long the couple is emotionally and financially stable the child will be okay. People don’t seem to recognize the fact same sex couple can be good parents as well. Someone can’t be biased by the structure of the family, but interest of the child. “is influenced most profoundly by a parent’s ability to create a loving and nurturing home — an ability that does not depend on whether a parent is gay or straight.” by Carole Jenny.   What should matter ? A kid who is in need of a home or a child only having a single parent. A kid is allowed to be adopted by a single parent because it’s still getting the loving compassion from one parent. In reality, a single parents does more than two parents. You can rule a single parent from adoption because their missing a spouse. In a article, “Some children find it easier to relate to just one parent or prefer not to relate closely to a mother or father figure…” , by  Tim Ross. A child might connect more with a child more with one parent than two parents. A child who sees a single parent devoting their time to that child would see the values of the single parent and would follow its path. Having both parents can cause a child to be tramtazing because the parents can be arguing in front of them all they time. However, being a adopt by single parent or opposite sex couple can be an issue. It will be harder for a child to have financial and emotionally support from  a single parent. “When single men and woman adopt, they are usually well aware that they need to plan for unhappy contingency of becoming ill” by Sandbox Networks. A single parent can expected the unexpected when it comes to their health. If the single parent is very ill and no longer take care of the kid, what would happen to the child? It might benefit if a child grows up with a two parents to have financially and emotionally stability just in case. Having them would help them figure out how to function in society well . A single male wanting to adopt can be a little strange because through the eyes of the law he can be a pedophile. Face the fact, a child growing up with a single parent can be difficult because child won’t be brought up with the same values as you would with both parents. For a gay couple trying to adopt a child may bring some concerns as well. This child may grow up to be gay as well because the child grew up with a different moral value. Most people would see it as if the child was forced to be gay. What if the child is or becomes religious involve ? It is forbid for a gay couple to be together in the eyes of the lord. “problems endemic to the homosexual lifestyle make these relationships inherently unstable, and thus unsuitable for the raising of children.” by William Saletan. Growing up the kid can be bullied, be rejected by society and by church. At the end of the day a single parent or a gay couple does whatever it needs for that child in need. A child can connect more with a single parent. It shouldn’t matter because this child is in need of someone a family who cares and loves for them. Being single or gay couple shouldn’t be stopped from adopting. A child is going to grow up the same way as with parents who are opposite sex household. Does the sezx really matter ? Whether it is a same sex or single parent or opposite sex, the child needs guidance. The only factor to be considered is the fact of whether the child is going to get the love and support it needs.  Whichever the family structure it is, the child would grow up mature with strong values and someday pass on to its own family.

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