through examples such as The Unmoved Mover and The Grand Designer. After reading the Bible passages about the creation of the Earth, we came up with many different characteristics of God, some including good, omnipotent, creative, loving, eternal, and unique. One very important concept we learned was that “Abba” is another name for God, and means “father”. And, “Yahweh”, the name God revealed to Moses at Mount Sinai, means “I am.”  Another thing that we studied last semester were the four covenants between God and humans. First, the Covenant with Abraham, then the Covenant with Noah, then the Sinai Covenant, and finally, Jesus Christ: The New Covenant. All of these important topics in the first chapter led as an introduction to God the Father, and helped us understand the basic connections and relationships we have with God.Next, in the chapter Jesus Christ: Lord and Savior, we learned about Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, and ascension. First, we studied Christ’s Incarnation, or when he became man. He became man for four reasons: to save us from sin, so we could know God’s love, to be our model of holiness, and to make us share in his divine nature. These reasons are very important in the Catholic Church because they are the second part of the Holy Trinity and help define the meaning of the Holy Trinity, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. After learning about His Incarnation, we studied the Bible, and the parts of the Bible. The Bible is Jesus’ life and teachings on paper for all to learn from, which is very important for understanding the Catholic faith. In this section, we learned about the formation of the Gospels, from Historical Jesus to Oral Tradition to The New Testament Writings. We then learned about the miracles and mysteries throughout Jesus’ life. A major focus were the miracles: healing, exorcisms, nature, and resurrection of the dead. Finally, we studied the end of Jesus’ life in the Paschal Mystery. We learned that Jesus died for our sins and acted as a sacrificial lamb, because he was the only perfect gift for God, and needed to save humanity. And since Jesus is truly and entirely God, his second coming, Parousia, will be the end of the world as

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