Throughout both challenges and thrilling experiences, my praise, admiration, and recognition for my mother, Saida Belkentaoui, have constantly grown, as her enduring and dedicated character continues to impact me incredibly.  Selecting my mother, Saida, as my constant aspiration demonstrated to be an easy decision, as she is an enduring, intellectual, and dedicated individual who has forever presented me with concern and significant advice. Throughout the interview, the keywords that stood out in my mother’s responses mainly focused on dedication, generosity, tolerance, friendship, hard-work, and the significance of family. In many ways, these words reflect the concepts that my mother has enforced in my learning and accurately summarizes the impact she has had on me. My mother’s educational successes despite living in a financially average Moroccan household persuades me to remain thankful for my personal and educational possibilities and urges me to remain dedicated and aim for similar accomplishments.

Likewise, my mother’s professional dominance and leadership in a subject mainly ordered by Moroccan males have inspired me to rely on my abilities and remain independent and informed. This, for example, meant that when I was the single girl in the CAS Math Olympiad practices, I collaborated effectively with my classmates, spoke out about various mathematical strategies, and provided helpful answers. Furthermore, I admire that despite my mother’s  buzzing lifestyle and overwhelming responsibility in her career as the CFO of the Brewery of Morocco, she still finds time to remain present, listen to my daily events at school, and help me with my assignments.

As a result, her constant dedication to maintaining both her demanding financial career and my needs has taught and encouraged me to always remain determined and tolerant in challenging moments. Thus, my mother has forever been my source of encouragement and has greatly affected my actions and personality. 

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