Life is all about pull offing clip and daring for venture.

This existence is nil merely a chief manesfactation of modus operandi and a glorious illustration of clip direction. It is said. “Coming and traveling is a portion of adult male dunderhead life but if clip oversight it will ne’er of all time come again” . “Time and tide delay for nothing” .

Islam besides makes it compulsory for it as five supplications at fix clip. It is a factor to be looked upon in order to finish shoulder to shoulder with universe. As the celebrated expression is. “today and non tomorrow” and “don’t put it till tomorrow that you can make today” .Procrastination and laziness are frailties that must be killed at their birth.

Life an undoing current the clip of life is fluxing out. All the clip is valuable but there are certain cherished minutes to be looked upon. A lost minute is lost for good. Hence. the demand of doing the best usage of every minute that is fluxing out in infinity. As William Shakespeare said. “time is wellness every bit good there is a proper period of life when wellness has to be cared for so as to forestall its lost in future. This clip is youth.

From the beginning to the terminal of instruction every attempt is made to affect upon us the supreme value of clip. it is said. ’time and tide delay for nothing” .

It is true to some extent as if it is lapsed. one can’t happen it any longer. Life on Earth is depend out. both for being and development on proper use of certain emanations and measures whether it is inherited from ascendants or given by nature. One of these is clip by which is meant the entire Spam of our life. In twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours being we are left about 8 to 10 hours of clip after suiting certain demands of our nature such as feeding and sleeping.Therefore calculated a span of life covering on an norm a length of 60 old ages is reduced to non more than 20 old ages.

if the old ages of childhood are non taken into history because we are non cognizant of making my thing. These 20 old ages should be used decently. It is said.

“Time is wealth. it is true for great extend for the money we earn is after all the return we receive for usage of our clip that we make our income hence. varies harmonizing as our clip is used or misused” .

“Those who manage clip win in every walk of life” . “Never make the clip be waste. But ne’er be in hastiness. Early to bed. Early to lift.

Makes a adult male healthy. affluent and wise. ”

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