Time Doctor is time management and time tracking software. It gives a lot more that you have done. This is a solution for users that provides screenshot recording, time tracking, computer work session monitoring, reporting tools, invoicing, integration and much more. It able you maintain transparency with your clients. A time doctor provides assistance to rack your hours and provides work’s documented poof which enables my clients to see how I do and complete my tasks. It also gives me facility to manage my time better. Time doctor is easy to use, straightforward and, saves your time while working.
Time doctor provides us the facility to look at your freelancers which increase the productivity of your business. The feature of time track is so exciting in use, when you start the work you have to click ‘GO’ and when you want to take the break you have to click on ‘Break’ when you have to do some other work which is not your official work. If you just forget to click ‘Break’ you will get a notification after the 3 minutes on the display about it. Time doctors also monitors the applications and websites which you use while you’re working, It gives you notifications on your display to confirm you are working or not?Time doctor is the time tracking tool and it was launched by the Staff.com in 2012. It has mobile and web based components and desktop software. With white label capabilities and CRM, it’s multi- functional time tracking software. It gives screenshot software. It gives employee monitoring and managing virtual teams. This tool in 25 different countries has over 60 employees. In 2015 time doctor exceeded 1 million in 109 countries hours tracked per month. It avoids the distractions and gives accurate time tracking. This product helps you to ensure that everyone is working effectively. It can smoothly integrate with lead software and applications like Window, Mac Linux, workflow max, JIRA, Trello, Basecamp, Asana, Podio, and Teamwork.Time Doctor has the feature to take the screenshots after few minutes. For monitoring remote Employees teamwork is very efficient. It facilitates configurable options. All your information is safe and secure with Time Doctor. For projects and rendered services, contractors and freelancers can use it for billing their clients. It records the actual time which you spent on the tasks you have done. With Time Doctor you can switch from work to work, and also can mark the work as completed.Time Tracker and Work Reminder- Time Tracker record
the real time which you spent on your given task. A desktop component is
used to track the actual time as you click the ‘GO’ button. Users can
also take a break from the given task, by just clicking on the ‘Break’
button to do the others works which is not included in your given task.
Users can also go to other work by switching work to work, and can also
mark the task as completed.  Time tracker can identify the inactivity of
the system and also send the notification on the displays that are you
working or not? Or want to have a break.
Application and Website Monitoring- It also monitors
the websites and applications, you used while working. Users also have
the access to where can they view the websites and can enable the
features. Frequently accessed websites and applications can be seen by
users. This helps in monitoring activity and measuring statistics for
your work. For work verification business managers and owners can also
asks for the screenshots of the work doing by their outdoor employees.
Cross Platform, APIs Integrations- Tim tracking
software integrates with web applications such as project management
tools and task, with complete collaboration and professional services
systems provides businesses. For iPhone, iPad and Android devices native
apps are also available. For further customization, it has an open API,
for mobile devices a GPS tracking feature is also available, payroll
feature, company, and flexible team and email report settings. Using
world- class standard encryption methods to maintain privacy and
security all these transactions are made.
Client Login- Your clients can also have the access
through Time Doctor, which costs 0. Your clients’ access appears on your
company’s Domain, can be white –labeled with your own branding. With
this your clients can view the reports and screenshots of tasks you
Flexible Configurations- Time Doctor starts work as
to your needs. It has a wide range of options which are configurable,
after the initial setup , mostly administrators will never need to
adjust many of these settings.
API- To interact directly with Time Doctor, its API
allows you own software application. From your company’s account, API
allows you to read detailed work data.
Private and Secure- With Time Doctor your
information is always safe and secure. When all information including
screen captures sent to Time Doctor is encrypted. On world servers the
uses use world class encryption methods that ensures that your
information is secure and safe.
Top –Tier Support and Easy Setup- Time doctor can be
used by every nearly internet connected system. It takes less than 5
minutes to setting up, Signup and installation multiple users. We can do
Mac, Linux and Windows with Time Doctor.

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