Abraham Lincoln is considered today. to be one of the best presidents of the United States. However he was despised by many at the clip of his election. When he was elected a figure of provinces in the South insisted that they would non be governed by him and wanted to splinter. By the clip he of his startup seven provinces had already seceded with four more following shortly after. The Confederates seceded because they feared that bondage would be ended. and they felt it was excessively of import to their economic system. Their actions are still considered to be excessively terrible because although Lincoln was against bondage. he was non prepared to take any direct action to halt it. He believed that if he stopped to distribute of bondage so it would decease out in the far hereafter. He besides believed the slaves did non believe to go American citizen and should be shipped back to Africa after they gained freedom.

Abraham Lincoln said he merely cared about continuing the United States of America and fall ining the Confederacy back to the Union. Lincoln saw Fort Sumter as the perfect chance to tease the Confederates into war. Fort Sumter was a Union garrison in South Carolina. and President Lincoln decided to direct supplies at that place. cognizing it would upset the Confederates because it shows that the brotherhood had no programs of giving it up. The Confederates respond by firing on the garrison for 33 hours and wholly destroyed it. but non killing anyone. This is considered the first conflict in the Civil War and what started the combat. The Union people thought that it would be an easy win for them but the Confederates comes strong out of the gate. The Union was fighting with happening a general that could make the winning expression. The Union lost some cardinal conflicts early on ; nevertheless it filled them with passion and made them hungry for triumph. Finally Ulysses S. Grant took the reins and the Union went on to triumph.

Abraham Lincoln started his presidential term with no programs to straight stop bondage. and the war started with the exclusive purpose of reconstructing the Union. He stated “My paramount aim is to salvage the union… and is non either to salvage or destruct bondage. If I could salvage the Union without liberating any slave I would make it. and if I could salvage it by liberating all the slaves I would make it ; and if I could salvage it by liberating some and go forthing others entirely I would besides make that” ( Roark 369 ) . However as the war went on it evolved and became a battle for the freedom of the slaves. Lincoln wanted to liberate the slaves instantly. but there were still slave provinces left in the Union and if he had done anything like that they might splinter excessively. and if he lost them he knew he could lose the war. Therefore he had to wait for the right clip to declare any terminal of bondage.

On January 1st of 1863 he decided that clip was right and issued The Emancipation Proclamation which gave freedom to all the slaves in the rebelling provinces. Besides to assist maintain the slave provinces in the Union he exempted that from the announcement. Since the Confederation did non fall under the Union. the announcement depended on triumph for the Union. The Times in London was quoted stating “Where he has no power Mr. Lincoln will put the Blacks free. where retains power he will see them as slaves” ( Roark 370 ) . While it may look as if they are right the idea was that as they passed invaded Confederate lands and captured them they slaves would derive freedom. Lincoln waited before proclaiming emancipation this because he needed to turn out his worth to the Upper South. Had he passed it earlier they would hold seceded and it would hold been a major loss to the Union ground forces.

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