Motorcycle is a popular agencies of conveyance in United States of America. It is used either for athleticss or strictly as a agency of travel. In Law footings bike is defined as a motor vehicle that has rider’s saddle designed to be moved on the land by less than three wheels.Merely like any motor vehicle. bike has devices that are meant to protect a rider from: strong air current.

falling objects and hurts in instance of an accident. Protective devices include jackets. particular bloomerss.

helmets among others. Helmets are really of import devices that protect the rider by cut downing the impact in instance of an accident. It protects the caput. one of most of import parts of the organic structure that houses the encephalon.

eyes. nose and other critical variety meats.Surveies have shown that in instance of an accident most of the riders who had helmets had none or had less serious hurts. This shows how critical this protective cogwheel is. it’s a affair of life and decease. It is non adequate to merely have on a helmet a rider should merely utilize a cogwheel that meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards to guarantee maximal protection.United States bike Torahs require that riders wear helmet but there are exclusions when it come to the age of a rider.

States Torahs have the same exclusion clause for illustration in Florida if a rider is over 21 old ages of age one is exempted every bit long as he or she has a at least a medical insurance screen of 10. 000 dollars while in Louisiana the jurisprudence makes it optional for those who are over 18 old ages and has a cogent evidence of a medical screen of a at least 10. 000. Some provinces such as Iowa and Illinois have no limitation every bit far as helmets are concerned. It is non compulsory to have on this protective device in these provinces. They leave it to the rider’s discretion to take on whether a helmet will be portion of their safety devices or non.

( Adams J. G. . 1983 )In the September 1979 issue of Institute of Transportation Engineers journal Chang C. S states that Torahs recognize the importance of have oning helmets in protecting the riders against serious caput hurts. but when it exempts some groups of people. their lives which it purports to protect are exposed from danger of their ain devising. These exclusions relaxes the jurisprudence doing it less effectual in footings of safeguarding our safety at the same clip entertaining misdemeanors since it is impossible to cognize whether one has fulfilled the conditions of age and personal accident screen unless thorough examination is employed and in some instances an accident and likely decease will hold occurred.

[ 34-8 ]In malice of the fact that jurisprudence requires people of minority age wear helmets. this age group is known to go against these regulations and when an accident occurs they suffer serious caput hurts which are in some instances fatal. At the same clip accident knows no age boundary. riders who are over 18 old ages and in some provinces over 21 are prone to accidents. Therefore holding exclusions on premise that a individual of bulk age is either responsible or will sit carefully is groundless.Some of the motorcyclists who cruise on our main roads at unsafe velocities are inexperienced and careless they non merely put the lives of others in danger but theirs besides.

Since most of them are nescient of their safety and so much in haste. protective device will be the last thing in their head but if some rigorous regulations are put in topographic point holding no freedoms. the rider will halt and believe about a helmet if non for protection to avoid rubbing the jurisprudence enforcers the incorrect manner. This will travel along manner in cut downing human deaths and lasting disablements in our main roads doing them safer.Hurtunian N.

S. et Al [ 1983 ] in their article The economic of safety deregulating. noted that there are 1000000s of motorcyclists in United States. this is adequate to take some pressing steps and do our Torahs to safeguard their lives and do 1000000s of others who straight depend on them have a peace of head. [ 14 ]These policies were supposed to be in topographic point yesterday significance clip is of kernel. farther hold indicates that many Americans will go on to decease due to causes which are preventable. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study shows that more than 4000 motor riders died in United States roads in 2004.

this figure represented an eight per centum addition. Fatalities as consequence of bikes accidents account for five per centum of all accidents in United States. If this is non adequate to do our lawgivers take a measure and put the necessary steps in topographic point this figure can merely travel due norths.Dare. C.

E. et Al [ 1979 ] argues that since it is compulsory for every car mobile utilizing roads in United States to hold safety belts. It is non stated that those who are of certain age are exempted from this regulation. since bikes use the same highways it leaves no uncertainty in my head that the same – no exclusion regulation should be applied to motorcyclist.

Applying Torahs selectively merely makes execution hard. Motorcyclist in Illinois and Iowa are at the same hazard of hurt and likely decease as those in Texas. Harmonization of policies necessitating usage of helmets for all will do this adult male made machine a safe vehicle for usage regardless of age.It is common cognition that bike history for merely two per centum of all the motor vehicles that use our roads yet in footings of fatal accidents affecting them the figure is a distressing nine per centum. certainly something must be done here.

All motorcyclists should be required to hold this device whenever on drive and this should besides use to any other resident. In provinces where policies have been strengthened necessitating all rider usage helmet at that place have been a important bead in human deaths.Through execution of Torahs in California relieving no 1 in 1992 there was a decrease in human deaths by 30 six per centum. Relaxation of regulations has had serious deduction with Texas describing diminution in use of helmet and addition in serious hurts and human deaths. Luna G. k. et Al in the August 1981 edition of The Western Journal of Medicine emphasized that helmets can salvage lives and I genuinely agree with his sentiments and its high clip that our policy makes understood this and alter the Torahs in all our provinces necessitating all to have on helmets and aid cut down the motor accidents human deaths and serious caput hurts [ 135-9 ]Work citedChang. C.

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